Self Coached Climber The Guide to Movement Training

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    This is a must read for any rock climber desiring to advance hisher climbing skills The author lays out a program that builds on basic yet necessary skills and introduces concepts that many climbers may not have ever thought about Although I have not yet practiced the skills in a deliberate fashion just having read the book has given my climbing a boost The stuff about body positioning using the legs to begin movement and controlling the center of gravity is very useful I would have liked a longer chapter about the mental game but as a friend of mine said that's what the book The Rock Warrior's Way is for

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    Awesome book Just reading gives you 05 grade if you are below 511 Reading attentively gives 1 And finally if you really understood some bits it will boost you up to 15 %

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    The Self Coached Climber is a thorough and extensive book with a rich variety of practical exercises and drills for climbers In addition the authors include facts and reference peer reviewed studies as they progress through each chapter This raised my confidence that what was being shared wasn’t hearsay or purposive but rather the extensively studied and confirmed in the field And if the authors broached a topic on the edge of our understanding such as the utility of campus boards and system walls in training they said exactly that The book includes sample training plans and a training DVD I expect this book now that I’ve finished it to turn into a reference I consult time and time again as my climbing competency and my needs change

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    This book was recommended by a climbing friend and I can see why Coming from a dance heavy background the balance based approach the authors take is easy to follow and understand and is encouraging for new climbers who have minimal upper body strength I'll be implementing at least most of the exercises as soon as I can

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    Essential guide to self improvement

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    too hard

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    No mention of any crack climbing techniue in the entire book 3 's because of the mental advice and trainingpyramids and exercises Still would not recommend to any but the most novice

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    the exercises really helped me become a mindful and motivated climber

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    Like most techniue and training books the worth is in the utility of the exercises and how effective they are This book presents a model of climbing movement that is both technical in it's treatment of physiology and practical in a relatively simple model of balance and efficiency of motionFirst the author describes what he considers the main components of climbing beginning from the simple concepts of balance force space and time From this beginning he increasingly becomes specific leading to a discussion of specific movements a climber will preform on the rock His main tool for visualizing climbing motion is the climbers center of gravity relative to a base of support formed by the other contact points with the wall To the degree you can keep you center of gravity low and base of support large you will feel increased stability and less demand on the hands to pull your body into balanceThe base of support metaphor is pretty good and does suggest the forces acting on a climber What makes the model practical is that it can be felt by a climber by paying attention to the direction of force on their body and thus learn to precisely that control of force to move in the direction they want as efficiently as possible The book presents specific activities a climber can to do become aware of their movement Further activities for training as also discussedOverall I'd very much recommend this as a climbing techniue book Also try to get the DVD to help visualize the content

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    A really good training book I've read Dave Mcleod's 9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes which is also good However it is a book for someone who's in a rut and needs motivation This book however excels at giving pratical advise on how a climber can improve there training This is done through than 30 activities that focus on all aspects of training from movement skills endurance both anerobic and aerobic strength and power The authors also offer a method of constructing a basis of current conditioning and schedule for training thatThe writing is well researched and well written I can feel the knowledge of the authors and the authority of there ideas Diffently a keeper to reference and great for climber looking for useful activities for individual weaknesses they've discovered but still wondering how to correct them as there is bound to be something in here to assist in thatVery recommeneded

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Self Coached Climber The Guide to Movement Training Performance [PDF / EPUB] Self Coached Climber The Guide to Movement Training Performance A dynamic package of training material from a pair of expert coaches The Self Coached Climber offers comprehensive instruction from the basics of gripping holds to specific guidelines for developing a A dynamic package of training material Climber The PDF Í from a pair of expert coaches The Self Coached Climber offers comprehensive instruction from the basics of gripping holds to specific guidelines for developing a customized improvement plan Hague and Hunter base their methods on the four fundamental components of all human movement balance force time and space and explain how to apply these principles to Self Coached MOBI :ß achieve efficient results The DVD presents live demonstrations of training exercises and features an original documentary of a ab redpoint attempt by Adam Stack and Chris Lindner Includes practical training exercises designed to advance techniue detailed anatomical illustrations that explain climbing physiology and an minute DVD that shows concepts in action.