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Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow [PDF / EPUB] Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow Twelve years ago for 12 days straight the town of Widowsbury suffered a terrible storm which tore open a gate through which escaped all sorts of foul rotten things Strange things and strange people we Twelve years ago for and the ePUB ¹ days straight the town of Widowsbury suffered a terrible storm which tore open a gate through which escaped all sorts of foul rotten things Strange things and strange people were no longer welcomed in Widowsbury for one could never be sure of what secrets waited under the surface Adelaide Foss Maggie Borland and Beatrice Alfred are known by their classmates at Widowsbury's Madame Gertrude's School for Girls as scary children Unfairly targeted because Skary Childrin PDF or of their peculiarities—Adelaide has an uncanny resemblance to a werewolf Maggie is abnormally strong and Beatrice claims to be able to see ghosts—the girls spend a good deal of time isolated in the school's inhospitable library facing detention But when a number of people mysteriously begin to disappear in Widowsbury the girls work together along with Steffen Weller son of the cook at Rudyard School for Boys to find out who is behind the abductions Will they be able Childrin and the PDF/EPUB ½ to save Widowsbury from a year old curse.

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    From August 2011 SLJGr 4 6–Twelve years ago a ferocious storm tore through the town of Widowsbury unleashing evil forces Now the residents view any strangers with distrust And so when Mr Zoethout arrives in town on the storm’s anniversary it is no surprise that his vending cart full of sweets is ignored by the local children At Madame Gertrude’s School for Girls Adelaide Maggie and Beatrice have their own problems the new librarian the first person to ever extend a hand in friendship to them has disappeared The headmistress who leads her other students in ridiculing the outcasts insists that the girls scared her off Certainly Adelaide’s lupine sense of hearing and smell raises uestions and Maggie’s physical strength is well beyond that of most typical adolescent girls And Beatrice’s ability to commune with dead animals is disconcerting But the girls certain that Miss Delia has not left of her own accord are determined to find her aided by the son of the cook at the neighboring boys’ school They realize that the sudden appearance of a carousel in the woods has something to do with the evil forces at work and that they must do something before the town is destroyed Towell has a loyal following of teens and adults with her “Childrin R Skary” website which features illustrations and short films Sadly her attempt to bring the same element of creepiness to a younger audience in text format falls flat Characters and dialogue are wooden and the plot grows increasingly convoluted Students with a taste for dark fantasy are better directed to books by Neil Gaiman or to Elizabeth Cody Kimmel’s “Suddenly Supernatural” series Little Brown–Kim Dare Fairfax County Public Schools VA

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    Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow by Katy Towell is the story of three unusual girls classmates at Widowsbury's Madame Gertrude's School for Girls and their efforts to save the town of Widowsbury and its inhabitants from a 12 year old curseTwelve years ago for 12 days straight the town of Widowsbury suffered a terrible storm which tore open a gate through which escaped all sorts of foul rotten things Strange things and strange people were no longer welcomed in Widowsbury for one could never be sure of what secrets waited under the surface In this unfriendly atmosphere three misfit students at Widowsbury's Madame Gertrude's School for Girls Beatrice Adelaide and Maggie are unwelcome and are teased and bullied as a result When townspeople and the friendly new school librarian disappear these three and a new friend must work together to save the town and themselves from an evil threatTowell creates an atmospheric scary story with three unusual and interesting heroines and one small hero The villain is tricky though a bit easy to predict The townspeople are portrayed as rather annoying but that fits the small town frightened keep your head down suspect everyone scenario Descriptions of the carousel and the traps laid for even suspicious townspeople are well doneThe illustrations including the cover are a highlight and I would have preferred to have had even The cover illustration was the reason I checked this out and I would love to see this story as a graphic novel or animated filmThe school aspect will please some as well as the scariness of the story As a former teacher and librarian I found the meaness of the headmistress and the former librarians to be annoyingly stereotypical and exaggerated as was the sweetness and overly positive attitude of Miss Delia There is some violence involving cruel punishments and bullying There are also paranormal occurences unpleasant ghosts and monsters I uite enjoyed the characters of Beatrice Adelaide Maggie and Steffen and would read further adventures featuring them I particularly enjoyed Steffen and his inventions I would rate this as a 35 if that was an optionFor ages 10 and up school adventure fantasy horror paranormal friendship and fans of Katy Towell

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    The characters were brilliant Anyone who reads this book even if they didn't like reading would agree that they're fantastic Maggie for example does the thing we always want to do; beat up the bullies We feel sorry for Adelaide because it really isn't fair the way they treat her I don't know about the rest of you but I would have comforted Beatrice And Mrs Merryweather was believable; they'll deny it but there are teachers who just hate you for no reasonIt's good for all ages; kids because it's alternately interesting and thrilling enough to keep their attention while the details and the characters are enough to captivate other audiences The scary parts are thrilling the jokes are funny and the villain was perfect for the situation Last but not least where most endings fail for me this one was enough to make me read it again

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    This was cute A good middle grade horror book Not too scary but lots of intrigue And as most middle grade books do it had a good moral at the end I enjoyed it

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    This book reminded me somewhat of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children but I liked this book much The scary children are Adelaide Maggie and Beatrice They have been isolated from the rest of their peers at the Madame Gertrude's School for girls by the headmistress Mrs Merryweather She blames the three girls for just about anything that goes wrong so that they are in a constant state of punishment When the twelfth librarian to work with the girls reaches the school she is a breath of fresh air and kindness Her name is Miss Delia She likes the girls but mysteriously disappears on the very next day after her arrival at the school The girls begin an investigation of her disappearance while simultaneously befriending a town boy named SteffenIt turns out there have been several unexplained disappearances recently Coincidentally a carousel has landed in Widowsbury and that is just a complete anomaly in this town where everything runs the same way all the time I liked how we found out that each of the three girls had special abilities but those were not highlighted In fact it seemed like the skills might even be imagined Even though the girls are excluded that does not mean they are friends with each other from the get go either I really liked that I enjoyed watching their friendship grow and the culmination of the three working as a team to achieve some remarkable rescuing was very cool The concept of what was happening in the town and why evil needed to be satiated actually was very deep The way it was described by the keeper of the carousel was so sad and far reaching It made you think deeply about bullying and the scars of that and also how some people do cope unsatisfactorily with bullying through revenge It was at this point in the book that I flipped it over to make sure it was young adult because I felt you would need some higher ordered thinking and emotions to grapple with the content This I think was another plus As the reader you are taking in the information but wow what a carefully crafted climax and lesson

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    I'm confused as to whom the audience for this was supposed to be It's rather dark for children but too juvenile for adults maybe YA? Well one thing is certain with the title Skary Childrin it definitely isn't a book you want to give your children if your goal is to increase their spelling skills This novel has a wonderfully eerie cover but it offers than it has to give I mean before Skary Childrin there was and and and and so many countless other creepy little books for kids The trouble with Skary Childrin is that it has very little originality instead it piggybacks off of the ideas from earlier novels and makes it easily predictableThe writing style itself looked like Towell was trying her best to impersonate Lemony Snicket but failing miserably I realize that this style is used for dramatic effect but it just came across as silly and kind of lameThis is one of those books that's come out in the recent trend of morbid and gothy type kid's books but it's lacking in character depth imagery or originality I did like Towell's drawings; I think she should stick to drawing and animation because the illustrations were the best part of this book

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    This was good It took me a long time to slog through despite it being middle grade The story was interesting enough and the illustrations were great a couple were super creepy which was awesome I just felt like I had to force myself to read it because I still hadn't finished it But it did go much uicker through the second half once I sat myself down and dedicated real time to it One gripe I have is that the only boy the girls interact with ends up being the most active character in that he bails them out of things he is the one with the plans and has the things they need in his backpack it just felt like it drove home the idea that girls can't solve problems and save the town without the help of boysmales I understand that it is set in the late 1800's or early 1900's but still I think girls arewere actually resourceful than that even then

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    I enjoyed this book a lot I think that some of the illustrations for the age demographic were pretty scary but would work for the higher juvenile ages in like 8th9th grade Towell creates a wonderful story full of messages about right and wrong as well as a guide to bullies in a kids everyday life It has a dark feel that I think would really spark middle school kids interest and maintain their attention I am glad to see that Katy Towell has a published book out as I am an avid YouTube fan of hers

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    I love Katy Towell please check out her website childrin r skary and watch the awesome videos and this is a pretty good freshman attempt at a novel but there are too many places where it feels like she's making it up as she goes along for this to be a really effective plotting The characters are wonderful as is the moral of the story and the illustrations are freakin' amazing I wanted of them Maybe though Towell should write graphic novels

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