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Mask of Night: A Shakespearean Murder Mystery [PDF / EPUB] Mask of Night: A Shakespearean Murder Mystery Elizabeth I approaches the end of her illustrious reign the plague is raging in London and the Privy Council has ordered the theaters closed Still author Philip Gooden's fifth novel in the popular Sha Elizabeth I approaches the end of her Night: A PDF Î illustrious reign the plague is raging in London and the Privy Council has ordered the theaters closed Still author Philip Gooden's fifth novel in the popular Shakespearean series brings us a great mystery as actor sleuth Nick Revill and the Chamberlain's Mask of PDF \ Men travel to Oxford where a local physician Dr Hugh Fern has commissioned a private performance of Romeo and Juliet While Fern's motive is obscure—an attempt to reconcile two feuding families to the prospect of a marriage perhaps; or maybe simply a ploy to get himself a role in of Night: A Kindle Ò the production—his fate is not Indeed he is decidedly dead when his body is discovered during a performance at the Golden Cross Inn No matter that the deceased lies inside a locked room or that the pestilence has followed the Chamberlain troupe from London Revill is convinced Fern has of Night: A Shakespearean Murder PDF \ not succumbed to natural causes Nor is Fern's death the only one that rouses Revill's suspicions The mysteries multiply as a strange band of men in cowls patrols the town at night a simple carter meets a baffling end and a corpse changes its shoes.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Mask of Night: A Shakespearean Murder Mystery
  • Philip Gooden
  • English
  • 19 February 2016
  • 9780786713127

7 thoughts on “Mask of Night: A Shakespearean Murder Mystery

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    Although the identity of the culprit was hidden all the way through once you find out who it is the clues leap out of the pages at you Well written and researched it is a captivating read

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    En 1603 mientras la reina Isabel agoniza y la peste comienza a hacer estragos en las barriadas de Londres Shakespeare y su compañía marchan hacia Oxford para representar Romeo y Julieta pero allí donde también luego llegará la peste hay un misterioso asesino suelto Como bien se anuncia en la portada nos encontramos con una novela la uinta perteneciente a la Saga de crímenes y misterios shakespereanosSiempre es interesante leer una obra ambientada en otra época y sobre todo vinculada a la vida y labor de uno de los más grandes y admirados autores Y es ese sentido la novela no defrauda nos permite apreciar cómo eran las representaciones teatrales y la vida de los actores y conocer más sobre el gran dramaturgo y su obraTambién hay una muy buena reconstrucción de la época como las peleas entre los estudiantes y los aldeanos o la reacción de la gente ante la pesteEl narrador y protagonista es un actor devenido en detective ; además se intercalan fragmentos también en primera persona hechos por el asesinoComo relato de misterio no está mal hay una serie de crímenes y luego los intentos de Nick Revill el protagonista de dar con el criminal y al mismo tiempo evitar ser su víctima en una especie de juego del gato y el ratón donde también el avance de la epidemia juega su parteComo punto negativo podemos mencionar ue por momentos la lectura se tornó lenta y ue a mi entender se desaprovecho la oportunidad de desarrollar una trama criminal esbozada en una parte de la trama donde el argumento de Romeo y Julieta jugaba un rol importantehttpssobrevolandolecturasblogspot

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    First I uibbled about the cover same as pictured Then I read the art credit Whoops It's a detail of the funeral procession of Elizabeth I I thought a plague costume would be appropriate and thought that was what was represented but badly Wrong again Still not sure why that funeral procession art was used The death of Elizabeth I comes parenthetically at the end This should not be a spoiler I think everyone knows she died and you can look up the date a mistake early on in this book I got totally derailed A combination of the plague and the Lenten season closes down the Globe theatre and the Chamberlain's Company moves on to Oxford for a private gig and some public shows on the side Nick is slated to play Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet and a late substitution for Friar Lawrence the sponsor of the private gig who wants to try his hand at acting is killed not much of a spoiler Nick talks about it before it happens and it's mentioned in the jacket blurb Presto it's a locked room mystery And a lovely young lady asks Nick's help to track down how her cousin is slowly being poisonedAgain the interesting part is the representation of how a play was put on in an inn yard the hostilities of Town and Gown in Oxford and other historical details Plot bits just make me cringe Oh Nick how could you think that this elaborate pretend to be dead ruse would do anything but fail? It's The Lucy Show all over again but instead of hiding behind the couch as I did as a child I had to put the book down and groan And the Great Explanatory Interview with the murderer at the end is as tedious as it is in any mystery Better is the rumination Nick does tying up loose ends with the logic provided by time and distance and discussion amongst his friendsI totally get that you have to do a howdunit on something like a locked room mystery There's a lot to explain away One hopes that is I hope that someone will find a better way to handle it

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    MASK OF NIGHT A Shakespearean Murder Mystery – VGPhilip Gooden – 5th in seriesConstable – London 2004 – HardcoverWith the coming of Lent the impending death of ueen Elizabeth and increasing deaths from the Plague the acting company The Chamberlain’s Men has traveled to Oxford where it has been commissioned by Dr Hugh Fern to stage a private performance of Romeo and Juliet However when the body of Dr Fern is found dead in a locked room actor Nick Revill doesn’t believe it’s suicide and begins linking it with other deaths which have been occurring Gooden offers a wonderful look into Shakespeare’s time I was delighted that The Bard is a secondary character rather than the investigator and that one does not need a great knowledge of Shakespeare or his plays to enjoy the book It is a classic mystery with clues and suspense along the way I loved the character of Nick Revill and didn’t feel hampered by having started the series late into it This was the first I’ve read in this series but have already ordered all the others

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    Yet another fun read Although set in Shakespeare's time and the time of plague it glosses over all of that to deliver a light murder mystery

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    Ugh I kept reading thinking something just HAD to happen Nothing Nada Nunca Zip Zero What a waste of 6 hours If I could give a zero I would

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    Great little Elizabethan mystery complete with William Shakespeare as one of the characters and many details of the period incorporated into the tale

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