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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Io Francesco
  • Carlo Carretto
  • English
  • 15 September 2015
  • 9780883442005

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    Father Carlo Carretto was a man of rare and subtle insight A simple priest he got right to the heart of the matter at hand with his unnervingly penetrating wisdom Good Pope John was astonished by his simple wisdom and made him a Force for Change during Vatican II And he died with his boots on As one of the lowest of the low in the deserts of the MidEast he told the poorest of the poor of the Hope of Jesus’ Good NewsLook at his uicksilver penetration of what ails the modern Church from his simple treatise God is Love“Each of us has some object of adoration some subject we set up on our altar; for some it will be chastity for others it will be work or economy or good name but few all to few come to adore the loving will of Jesus which was spelled out so carefully in the Father’s name”When I started a new high stress plateau of my career thirty years ago I found myself catapulted precipitously out of a comfortable and gentlemanly niche in a uiet unassuming office into a dog eat dog atmosphere supercharged with suspicion ambition and underhanded behaviour It was pretty tough But there were a few bright lights in that viciously competitive lower circle of infernal fireOne of them was Lee A uiet and gentle middle manager he could not help arousing a sense of wonder in you by his aura of pure unhurried PeaceTo sit and discuss workplace projects in his little office was like escaping to an oasis of pure tranuility His was an aura of simple abiding graciously hidden amid the cacophony of combativeness produced by the inmates of an insidiously ill intentioned bureaucratic zooThen he retired for he was not a young manWhen his subordinate let’s call him Tim passed away Lee had another epiphany in store for me at a nearby church this time During Tim’s funeral Mass Lee assisted as Deacon at the altar He had become a Franciscan lay brother Now HERE was a guy who had REALLY found his nicheNow Carlo Carretto was another gentle guy who was doing exactly as his uiet nature saw fitHe played a pivotal role with the Catholic Youth movement in the forties and fifties he added his wisdom to the Vatican II deliberations and he ended his life working in the desert with the Little Brothers of JesusAll of his life was led by the inner call of the SpiritHis was a vital spontaneous and engaged spirit for he came to eschew formality and ornate ceremony Like Thomas Merton in fact he found himself at variance with traditional church rigidity and many of his later writings are outspokenSo what vital and spontaneous faith he brings to this little rhapsody on St Francis from Francis’ “own” mouth It’s beautiful Try to imagine yourself deep in the desert of the Middle East ministering to the poor and dispossessed as he did at the end of his life and in your free time penning these words“If human beings go to war it is because they fear someoneRemove the fear and you shall establish trust And you shall have peaceNonviolence is fear’s destructionThat’s why I tell you once I Francis Learn to conuer fear as I did that morning when I went out to meet the wolf with a smileBy conuering myself I conuered the wolfBy taming my wicked instincts I tamed those of the wolf By making an effort to trust the wolf I found the wolf trusted meMy courage had established peace”A peace which is always available but can only be arrived at by strenuous lifelong effort at a loving engagement in lifeFOUR gentle STARS for a Wonderful book

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    This is one of my favorite books on Francis presented in the first person by a Little Brother of the Gospel who has lived as Francis did I read it on a pilgrimage to Assisi and it sustained and challenged me There is also a Little Divine Office at the end of he book that combines scripture and Francis which provides a day of prayer with FrancisThose who know little of Francis might want to read a biography before reading this but should not neglect reading this slowly and prayerfully

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    I read this book because I like to learn about the life of Francis of Assisi What I love about this book is that it's written in the first person as if Francis is sitting next to us telling his story in our time This shows us that we can still learn a lot of his teachings even though almost 800 years have passed since Frances walked the earth It also shows that we still have a lot to learn about living a non violent lifestyle in our present time I finished the book in no time and it makes me curious to learn about Frances and his teachings

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    This is a book I read in college and it changed the way I looked at the world Somewhere in moves and shifting about the book was lost stolen given away and I got a craving for it It is as good now as it was 20 years ago And it still changes my views

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    It's a sweet book Simple and engaging it travels the life of St Francis of Assisi Written from his spiritual perspective it doesn't glamorise the mans life We see his success in youth his disappointment in middle age and his death There is a lot to learn about the man and his desire to leave his rich upbringing and found an order The chapters are simple and easy to understand The author also uses Francis life to provide a commentary on the world and the political problems of the Cold War in the mid 80's It is not an escapist novel but a spiritual look into the life of a man who was married to lady poverty

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    sudah lama sekali buku ini aku bacadulu manakala aku mengalami stress oleh tugas akhir buku ini jadi pelarianku hehemenggunakan kata ganti aku untuk fransiskus buku ini dibuat mirip otobiografi itu istimewanya kisah ttg mistikus besar ini kisah dari orang yg pada jamannya dituduh gila ini lalu tersingkap memang lalu semuanya jadi terang logis tidak gila lagi atributnya sbagai orang suci lalu menjadi sahkotbahnya pada ikan dan burung serta pertobatan anjing yg semula ngamuk di kota itu terasa jadi logisitu semua berkat pengisahan ulang dari orang kemudian bukan sekadar mengisahkan namun sudah punya pra anggapan bahwa orang gila ini seorang santo sehingga harus dicari cara untuk menyingkapkan kegilaan itu untuk mendapatkan kebenaran di baliknyaini memperlihatkan sulitnya menulis tentang orang besar yang dikembalikan lagi sebagai manusia biasa

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    E' come se Francesco si ritrovasse ui dopo un salto enorme di 800 anni nel nuovo millennio Vien così facile a lui confrontare la propria vita ad una vita d'adesso perché poi il mondo non è poi così cambiato Sempre gli stessi sono i problemi esistenziali che ci assillano ed anzi adesso l'esistenza rischia pure di cessare d'esistere Ma conosco abbastanza l'uomo e so che se è preso dalla paura tenterà di schiacciare il bottone della distruzione per paura che sia l'altro a schiacciarlo per primo Francesco cerca di cambiare le cose di sistemarle a modo suo di far coraggio agli uomini e superare le proprie paure vuole un mondo pacifico e La non violenza sta nella distruzione della paura Una biografia moderna scritta bene che fa pensare

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    Another good Francis biography like a bunch of others

  9. says:

    Simple and to the point but immersed in the Franciscan spirituality

  10. says:

    First read some long time ago

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