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Small Talk Big Results [PDF / EPUB] Small Talk Big Results This book shows you exactly what one has to say to be popular persuasive and confident in any social situation Brian Tracy—Author—The Power of CharmYour success in business first depends on your a This book shows you exactly what one has to say to be popular persuasive and confident in any social situation Brian Tracy—Author—The Power of CharmYour success in business first depends on your ability to attract prospects This book Small Talk PDF/EPUB or provides a path and a plan for getting the ear of not just prospects but the right prospects Mark LeBlanc—Author—Growing Your Business and Never be the SameDiane is on target Small talk is a big way to personally engage with your customers Dan Day—Author— Brandtender MarketingThis book gives you what you need to make meaningful connections right from the start Diane teaches it well AND lives it authentically Gaye Lindfors—Author—Find a Job The Little Book for Big SuccessIn this easy to read book you will learn simple tips and techniues to • Captivate conversation partners• Encourage people to open up to you• Navigate networking events• Remember names• Make sales by making friends• Turn small talk into BIG BUCKS.

  • ebook
  • 76 pages
  • Small Talk Big Results
  • Diane Windingland
  • 08 April 2014
  • 9780983007814

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    Sometimes if one has nothing nice to say perhaps one should say nothing at all So I will start with the nice things This book provides some nice tips for starting and keeping a conversation rolling and how to tell a story Windingland explains how to use conflict and how to limit unnecessary background to keep a story compelling Empathy and asking open ended uestions can keep a conversation fresh And Windingland also provides some handy acronyms for networking But good luck remembering them when you are in the game Most of the advice however was mundane incorrect or outright painful For example So what's the big secret to getting other people's business cards? ASK Gee thanks I think even the most introverted among us can get that far And sorry pop psychology fans but folding one's arms is not inherently a sign of defensiveness or indifference Some people just like to fold their arms Finally her advice to use the name game at networking events is just shy of outlandish Can one imagine walking into a business mixer grabbing 10 20 random people and sitting them down so that you can play the name game to memorize their names? Good luck with that The book's uick read is the main saving grace One should be able to remember a few uick tips before a networking event by browsing the book without trying too hard The book may work well in conjunction with Windingland's speaking events It seems trite and a bit shallow as a standalone effort I had high hopes but it left me wanting much

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    Extremely basic book If you have completely no idea about social skills this might help you Otherwise it's all pretty obvious

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    I skimmed through the book and just read points where I found important for me It taught me how small talks are crucial in everyday life and has led me to actively engage in small conversation with uber drivers waiters etc Most of the advice were mundane or pretty obvious I wish it gave me specific advise; eg what are the tips in order to get the conversation going in topics you do not know

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    A short read with friendly advice and tips I actually used some of the suggestions in the book at a recent blog convention in New York and they worked great Perhaps I'm not as brilliant as the reviewer who said the tips were no brainers I find a lot of wonderful books include tips that are no brainers yet being reminded of them by someone who is an expert in their field helps reaffirm what you think you know If you are someone that is a somewhat on the uiet side who tends to freeze in social settings the tips in this book can help you let go of the fear step up and make some contacts

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    I did not previously know that there is a clinical word for fear of small talk Diane Windingland's book Small Talk Big Results Chit Chat Your Way to Success sits within my reach on my office bookshelf along with a half dozen other favorites about public speaking Having struggled in the past with speaking and especially in the realm of chit chat I tend to get right to the point This book helped me take a step back and soften my approach I often give it a uick thumb through as a refresher before going to networking events It's a worthwhile and helpful read

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