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Knights of Bretonnia [PDF / EPUB] Knights of Bretonnia Bretonnia is a land shrouded in myth and magic under siege from the strange creatures of its shadowy forests and those fallen to the lure of the Dark Gods Against these fearsome foes stand the Knights Bretonnia is a land shrouded in myth and magic under siege from the strange creatures of its shadowy forests and those fallen to the lure of the Dark Gods Against these fearsome foes stand the Knights of Bretonnia calling upon their faith in the Lady and their guile with the sword Knights of PDF/EPUB or to repel their legions of enemies When young noble Calard starts upon the path to knighthood he soon discovers the darkness hidden within his homeland and the price that must be paid by those seeking the holiest of honours the title of Grail Knight Accompanied by his faithful manservant Chlod he must face vampires wyverns Chaos warriors and goblins but each battle brings him one step closer to becoming the legend he seeks Knights of Bretonnia collects the novels Knight Errant and Knight of the Realm plus two new novellas uesting Knight and Grail Knight completing the saga of Calard from his knightly training to his most epic of victories.

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    Big Warhammer fan here and a collector of the Bretonnian ArmyBut that alone won't make me bias with this collection of booksThis omnibus is focused around 1 particular Knight and his journey through as an Errant knight to becoming a uesting Knight doing the Lady's bidding in Hope of sipping from the Holy GrailIt's a really well balanced book with all sorts of of Characters from the talented brother old skillful teacher Evil step Mother arrogant rival and even a HeroThe build up of each character is or less on point without dragging on pointless past stories or irrelevant description With each page contributing to the progress of the StoryEverything is within scale of reality nothing is ridiculous and or unbelievable But the book makes you pray for hope in time of darknessI'm just sad that's the tales do not continue after the 5th book I am wanting for

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    Who is this book for? That's the primary uestion If you are a fan of Dickens Salinger or Card this book might not be what you have in mind This book is no stroke of literary genius it's merely a romp in the world of Bretonnia in the warhammer universe The one thing I want to mention is Beastmen Beastmen get very little love in the warhammer fluff but this book is an exception Plenty of bad ass beasts doing their dirty deeds Arrogant Knights battle vicious creatures That's what this book is No character development no life changing plot If you understand that it's a good book

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    if you like warhammer fantasy setting and knights then this book is for you it has in detail how a young knight of bretonia rises in the noble hierarchy until with luck courage determination and many personal sacrifices rises as a blessed hero the beginning of the story has too many cliches about bad nobles and poor peasants and the stories are hack and slash at a great scale but as the story progress then the real bretonia shines a place both bright and dark where evil lurks and fay powers are uncertain who they serve the book contains four stories and we watch the noble Calard and his perilous adventures as a side story we see a lowly scum of a peasant as he tries to survive in a land where only nobles have rights and destiny a bit dull and tiring but adds a certain flavor the omnibus ends with a hope for adventures to come leaving many ties undecided but i don't believe we might see anything

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    The book did seem a little slow to start but for the reader who is interested in Bretonnia and it's Knights this is a great resource and welcome escape There are a few gripes I have but that is with the 2 short stories at the end They do tie it all together but there is missed opportunity to have extended this series even further while Calard is on the uest It did seem a little slow to start off and I found myself bored with the peasant Chlod at times But stick with it and you will be left wanting in the end

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    I can't uite give this 1 star It wasn't that bad But it wasn't good either One of the weaker entries into the Warhammer universe I was hoping that the main characters would become likable through time but they never did Everyone just seemed one two dimensional at best and in most cases one You can find better Warhammer books elsewhere

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    I didn't like it Suffice it to say I'm done with shared world fiction This sounded good on the back but what I was treated to on the inside was not the mismatched duo story the back of the book promised Thats about the long and the short of it

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    What can I say I've loved the Bretonnians for a long time Even Knights in shining armour can be some very disgusting and cruel people But a great read highly recommended

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    The only words are;FUCKYES

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