I Think, Therefore I Am: All the Philosophy You Need to

I Think, Therefore I Am: All the Philosophy You Need to Know [PDF / EPUB] I Think, Therefore I Am: All the Philosophy You Need to Know Philosophers certainly like to make life sound awfully complicated But is philosophy really so complicated And is it really as irrelevant as it sometimes seems I Think Therefore I Am is the ideal way Philosophers certainly like to make life Therefore I PDF º sound awfully complicated But is philosophy really so complicated And is it really as irrelevant as it sometimes seems I Think Therefore I Am is I Think, ePUB Ñ the ideal way to take the fear out of philosophy Written in an accessible and highly entertaining style it explains how and why philosophy began and how from Greek democracy to Communism Think, Therefore I Kindle ´ the ways in which we live learn argue vote and even spend our money have their origins in philosophical thought.

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    This was a fantastic little read The world of philosophy is a dauntingly enormous and complex place to dwell let alone enter This book gives you a great historical breakdown of philosophical thought highlighting significant seasons of the study and figureheads of different thought worlds along the way If you're looking to read some philosophy but don't know where to start or who to read considering picking up Levene's book Thoroughly enjoyable

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    While it is informative and a good reference point to remind yourself of who a philosopher is or to look well read to t 314s it isn't at all 'All the Philosphy You Need to Know' For anyone who is truly interested in getting to know the work and life of Philosophers I reccomend Betrand Russel's 'A Brief History of Western Philosophy'

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    When I picked up this book in the British Museum I liked what the blurb readDoes a falling tree make a sound if nobody's around to hear it?Are the limits of your language the limits of your world?Is the unexamined life worth living?Shedding light on these uestions and many this book uncovers the origins of philosophical thought and the thinkers and movements that have used it in brilliant sometimes frightening waysSounds promising right? Well that's what I thought I started reading this and uickly found out the pattern of this book What this book basically is is a short resume of all big philosophers Each description some of which start with a uote is a short biography followed by their greatest works Then some light is shed on their biggest thoughts and theories After that we start with the next one from ancient Greece to the modern timesTo be fair I was hoping to get answers to the uestions on the back of the cover but instead I found all of the information to be uite to the point and shallowThe good thing about this little book is that it's a fast read because of Lesley Levene's writing style It's also a good book that you can use for reference or inspiration if you want to read about a certain philosopher or school of philosophy because there is a ton of titles of works in here That is also about the only thing I'll be using this book for if I'm out of inspiration and my to read list has run out of philosophical worksI wouldn't recommend this book if you want answers to the uestions that were posed on its back I would recommend it as a reference guide for future philosophy reading

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    A very convenient and revealing handbook that offered a basic insight into the life's of all the prominent philosophers up into the post modernist era Its recommended for anyone who would like a brief introduction to philosophy as an academic subject this uality is recognised by the author Lesley Levene with the addition of a word reference page at the rear I did however only discover this page when I finished the book

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    the perfect introduction to the field of philosophy and precisely it's history concise while not losing its comprehensive nature chapters are written in chronological order and begin with an introduction to the time period to give you the much needed historical context under which these ideas were produced it provides you with information you use to continue learning in your area of preference as well as regularly including fun tidbits such as where the word Academy came from and Immanuel Kant's precise daily routine which provides a levity and humanisation these discussions funnily enough often gloss over the language is very accessible and the oftentimes very complicated theories of the various philosophers Levene writes about are broken down in such a way that even someone starting from suare one can wrap their head around these esoteric concepts

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    The version I read was titled Philosophy in Bite Sized Chunks but it's the same book I think it would have been better organized by idea rather than chronologically I mostly read it because of The Good Place

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    A good book to introduce one to the world of philosophy However it doesnt reach the necessary depths of philosophy and is limited in the views about how one chooses to interpret the world It is a summarised version of different outlooks

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    This was a great overview As a lover of history I particularly enjoyed the introduction of each time period and the overview of what was going on in the world at the time

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    Full review on my blog Imagination BubbleIt wasn't exactly what I expected The short description at the back of the book is uite misleading It says that the book will shed light on uestions such as Does a falling tree make a sound if nobody's around to hear it? or Is the unexamined life worth living? I didn't feel like it has even come close to doing any of thatWhat this book really is is a short summary of life and works of many philosophers ranging from Presocratic to modern times There is a variety of thinkers and their philosophical works so the book can act as a good point of reference out of many topics in this read if you find one of interest to you you can always explore it in details in your own free time with additional reading I Think Therefore I Am can act as an introduction into philosophy but I found it to ramp up too uickly in terms of complexity While the first half of the book or so was easy enough to follow the second half had me confused multiple times

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    This was a challenging but worthwhile read for me Philosophy is something I’ve become interested in since studying my undergraduate degree and I found myself revisiting a lot of theories that were taught to me back then It is a lot to take in though Despite these philosophers and their achievements being organized into different time periods I still found it uite convoluted and had to take many breaks to finish the book even though it’s only 180 pages Socrates was the philosopher that stood out to me the most as I found I could attribute this theories and dynamics of argumentative rhetoric to some people I know today If you’re looking to push yourself outside of your comfort zone whilst also learning about the fundamentals of thought and reason then maybe give this book a go Just take it slow and don’t read when distracted otherwise it becomes a punish

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