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Rakes and Rogues [PDF / EPUB] Rakes and Rogues WHEN THEY'RE BAD THEY'RE BETTEROpen the pages of this superb book and enter the world of the bad boys of romance Make a date with a bevy of colorful rakes and devilish rogues in five exuisitely sexy s WHEN THEY'RE BAD THEY'RE BETTEROpen the pages of this superb book and enter the world of the bad boys of romance Make a date with a bevy of Rakes and ePUB Ñ colorful rakes and devilish rogues in five exuisitely sexy stories by some of the most beloved highly acclaimed authors of romantic fiction Here are men who are mad bad and dangerous to know sly Romeos devious dandies sexy scoundrels and darkly forbidding heroes all outlaws of the heart who are used to getting their way until true love steps in Let these five extraordinary talents introduce you to some of the most exciting and infuriating passionate and unpredictable men ever to take your breath away IncludesThe Wrong Door by Mary BaloghHide and Seek by Melinda McRaeHighway Robbery by Anita MillsMad Bad and Dangerous to Know by Mary Jo PutneyCats Paw by Maura Seger.

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    The Wrong DoorA short story in ways than one as it all happens within 24 36 hoursBut utterly sweet and endearing The H compromises the h when he mistakenly enters her room and gets in bed with her thinking her to be the flirtatious ow He proposes she disposes and somehow they end up wagering on making the other fall in love within a dayA bit anachronistic too like the scene on the beach building castles fooling around in the sea and kissing underwater etc If I didn't know better I'd think I was reading a modern story

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    Typical historical romance anthology Mary Balogh's story was my favorite by far My rating 3 Stars

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    I read two of the five Mary Balogh's and Mary Jo Putney's Mary Jo's Mad Bad and dangerous to know is my fav of the lot

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    Story 1 Hide and Seek was kinda cute Very short so it mad for a nice uick read Kinda rushed but im just used to full books but I still enjoyed the story Can't wait to see how story 2 turns outStory 2 Mad Bad and Dangerous To Know was not my usual romance story I normally stick to anything that isn't American related Like Ireland Scotland England etc Story was ok Im glad it turned out with a happy ending It was sad that she had to lose the baby to get the end she needed But it really would have been terrible had she lived there with the in laws foreverStory 3 The Wrong Door reminded me of a similar book I read not long ago It was cute and funny I liked how she was already hooked on him before he even came to her room in the night I would love to have seen this story alot longer and a whole book on it's ownStory 4 Cat's Paw had really good hopes of being a great story It was way too short and could have stood on it's own as a full bookStory 5 Highway Robbery has some good points that could have made for a very good story Evil dad who doesn't claim his bastard son who turned thief Overall since the book was short stories I was left with wanting from each story and of course there isn't any If I read any books like this i'll stick to ones with fewer stories and written longer

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    Hide and Seek McRae Rake keeping his illegitimate children together in a house wil staff including governess Governess is in love with him He obsesses about her after masuerade party Happily ever afterMad Bad and Dangerous to Know Putney Western gambler in jail falls in love with widow She sends judge to his rescue Happily ever after at ranch in ColoradoThe Wrong Door Balogh Rake chooses wrong door compromises innocent She has been in love with him from afar They both have tempers and try to trick each other Happily ever afterCat's PawSeger Irish immigrants try to make good living in poverty in NYC Rake falls for heroine Story seems to be cut short heavily editedHighway Robbery Mills Illegitimate son irritates his father by robbing visitors near father's estate He assists neighboring woman in trying to establish her siblings' paternity in order to regain their fortune Both go off to America happily ever after

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    Read Mary Balogh’s The wrong door Cute story but kind of rushed

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    Fun anthology of romances The Mary Balogh and Mary Jo Putney's were my favorites

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    Balogh The Wrong Door

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    I am currently reading this anthology but have decided to review each story as I read it So many times here on Goodreads I see folks who only read one or maybe two of the storiesI feel if you pick up a book you should be willing to read it in its entirety but that's just my own opinion So first story was Hide and Seek by Melinda McRae and I would give it 4 stars It's what I'd call a true Regency read and I was impressed with the amount of character development even in such a short story 50 pages or so I liked both the male and female leads and thoroughly enjoyed the story I finished the second story night before lastMad Bad and Dangerous To Know by Mary Jo Putney Once again I was impressed with the character development and I'd have to say this was my favorite of the two stories simply because it sort of combined two favorite genres historical western with an Englishman of the Regency era as the herojust loved this one giving it 5 stars I have just finished 'The Wrong Door' by Mary Balogh So I admit to being an incurable romantic and I loved this one as much as the second story Several chuckles as well and once again good character development for such a short readI'd give this one 5 stars Will review the other two stories as soon as I've finished themI've just finished 'Cat's Paw' by Maura Seger which was another excellent story I'd give this one 4 stars only because a couple of times I thought it felt a bit rushed but certainly not enough to spoil the story and you have to cover a lot of ground in a few pages in an anthology I liked both the hero and the heroine and the villain was portrayed as uite evil enough to make you dislike him intensely One story left to readI have now finished the last story in this anthology 'Highway Robbery' by Anita Mills I really enjoyed this story up until the last couple of pages when it all got very rushed This was unfortunate because the story line was fine I liked the hero heroine and felt the character development was very good again for the length allotted in one of these anthologies However it was as if all of a sudden the author realized in the last few pages that she was running out of space and had to wrap things up in a hurry For all of that I am still giving this one 4 stars because I enjoyed most of the story a great dealOverall this was a great book would recommend to anyone who enjoys historical short romances

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    I've given it one star for each story I enjoyed One for hide and seek another for mad bad and dangerous to know and the last for the wrong door which I particularly enjoyed very much It was short but it had everything you neee to enjoy a romance Loved it The ones I didn't like were cat's paw and highway robbery which I couldn't even finish

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