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Terror in the Name of God Why Religious Militants Kill [PDF / EPUB] Terror in the Name of God Why Religious Militants Kill For five years Jessica Stern interviewed extremist members of three religions around the world Christians Jews and Muslims She traveled extensively to refugee camps in Lebanon to religious schools in For five years Jessica the Name Kindle Ø Stern interviewed extremist members of three religions around the world Christians Jews and Muslims She traveled extensively to refugee camps in Lebanon to religious schools in Pakistan to prisons in Amman Ashelon and Pensacola and discovered that the Islamic jihadi in the mountains of Pakistan and the Christian fundamentalist bomber in Oklahoma have much in commonBased on her vast research Stern lucidly explains Terror in Kindle - how terrorist organizations are formed by opportunistic leaders who using religion as both motivation and justification recruit the disenfranchised She depicts how moral fervor is transformed into sophisticated organizations that strive for money power or attention and suggests how terrorism might most effectively be countered.

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    This is a very interesting book and it's one that I think most people should read It discusses the rationale behind terrorist behaviour and what I found particularly concerning is how rational it is All terrorists do is take their beliefs to their logical conclusion if you believe you have a duty to defend your god or unborn children or your way of life and if your value system enables you to conceive of killing as a necessary part of that duty which of course makes one think of Nazis then of course that's what you're going to do And when the concepts you're defending are things like your culture religion or beliefs then it's almost impossible to conceive of people as innocent Black and white thinking where you're either with them or against them prevails I think she makes some good recommendations on how to deal with the causes behind terrorism rather than the aftermath of successful attacks and I hope the people making those decisions are listening

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    Stern brings a carefully nuanced and thoroughly researched approach to a very difficult subject Her journalistic chops are top notch and it is evident that she has done the hard work necessary to bring a clear eyed view to the problem militant terrorists and how they are radicalized through religion As a Jewish woman she placed herself in danger by interviewing directly extremists of many types Muslim Christian white supremacists and even Jewish She breaks down 5 major categories that drive extremist thought alienation humiliation demographics history and territory and she is very careful show that the problems are not simplistic I'm not going to attempt to give a synopsis of the book since I would be unable to do justice to the power of this book but one theme I noticed that was particularly interesting was the pervasive antisemitism held by every single group except of course the Jewish extremistsZionists Apparently hatred of Jews can unite white bigots and Muslim bigots even though they hate each other in all other ways

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    If you're a Palestinian teenager without job prospects so you don't have the money to take a girl out Terrorism almost made sense after that bit

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    Good analysis of terrorism including American anti abortion terrorists Interestingly terrorists find rewards enough in the activity that they will find a reason to continue their actions even if the original reason for the terror has gone away

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    Review Terror In The Name Of God Why Religious Militants Kill Jessica Stern NY Harper Collins ECCO 20003It’s easy to underestimate the value of this important study of religious militants Although published over 15 years ago Stern’s work provides a uniue window into the motivation and organization of Jewish Christian and Muslim militants What characterizes all of them is their belief that their killing of their enemies in their minds God’s enemies rids the world of evil Stern’s method is to empathize with the terrorist however briefly during their interviews without in any way giving in to the draw of sympathyStern taught “Terrorism” at Harvard University from 1999 2015 where she conducted her first hand research into the motivations and the organizational patterns of terrorist networks That research resulted in this book She has since published other important works on this subject of compelling interest Currently she teaches at the Fredrick S Pardee School for Global Studies at Boston UniversityTerrorists derive their justification for murder in God’s name from a number of grievances as Stern explains in Part 1 of her book Leaders exploit feelings of alienation and humiliation to create their warriors Demographic shifts the selective reading of history and territorial disputes eg Kashmir also contribute to this motivation What do terrorists achieve? They receive material emotional and spiritual benefits she reports When a small group of warriors give money or take up arms others in the group benefit from this payment of a “tax” Ramzi bin al Shibh a mastermind of the September 11 attacks says “It is imperative to pay a price for Heaven for the commodity of Allah is dear very dear It is not acuired through rest but rather blood and torn off limbs must be the price” He reminds Muslims that the moral “obligation of Jihad” is as important as prayer and giving alms He warns Muslims that the punishment awaiting those who neglect to pay their “taxes” by waging jihad will be “painful and harsh” p 4 Motivation for terrorism derives from the promise of heavenly reward or the threat of heavenly retribution “All the terrorists discussed in Part 1” says Stern “claim to be motivated by religious principles but most pursue a mixture of spiritual and political goals” p 6 The Covenant the Sword and the Arm of the Lord Christian and the Jewish Underground seek eternal spiritual goals or aim to bring in the Endtimes predicted in Scripture Others like Hamas which seeks political power to control Israel and indigenous Indonesians aim to control their regional natural resources The latter group created intense religious violence in IndonesiaPart 2 describes Holy War Organizations from inspirational leadership on lone wolf avengers to loosely organized Commanders to highly organized and disciplined groups like Al aeda It explores how leaders run successful holy war operations Leaders inspire leaderless resistance individual to take individual action without communicating their plans to others Terrorist ideologies and personal grievances motivate lone wolf avengers such as those who kill abortion doctors in the name of Pro Life These are “defensive actions” against “baby butcheries” ie killing doctors their staff and bombing abortion clinics An example of this kind of leader Michael Bray pastors the Reformed Lutheran Church near his home in Bowie MD When asked if Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount doesn’t supersede teaching on violent retribution in the Old Testament Bray states “Christians tend to be opposed to violence” “Some oppose capital punishment” he continues “But there is nothing in the Scripture to support this view Violence is amoral—its moral content is determined on the purpose of the violent actThere has been a progression of understanding but there is still judgment of sin The grace of God was manifested in his sending His Son to earth But God did not change His standards” p 162 I would also want to challenge Bray with St Paul’s Old Testament uotation “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay” But like any cultist he will have another rationalizationAt the other extreme of organization stands Al aeda which Stern describes as “The Ultimate Organization” with Networks Franchises and Freelancers Chapter Nine Her summary regret “It’s too bad that the terrorists’ revelations including about the organization’s vast businesses holdings its detailed planning of operations its emplacements of sleepers and its attempts to acuire weapons of mass destruction didn’t receive attention” p 237 We continue to ignore Al aeda at our perilIn her final chapter Stern provides her summary conclusions and policy recommendations “As a result of my interviews” she says “I have come to see that apocalyptic violence intended to ‘cleanse’ the world of ‘impurities’ can create a transcendent state All the terrorist groups examined in this book believe—or at least started out believing—that they are creating a perfect worldpurifying itof injustice cruelty and all that is inhumanall of them describe themselves as responding to a spiritual calling and many report a kind of spiritual high or addiction related to its fulfillment” p 281Stern singles out the Muslim world as particularly vulnerable to terrorism She mentions the United States’ support for Israel but also how Middle Eastern regimes successfully suppress terrorism with their borders but ignore terrorist organizations as they shift focus to vulnerable targets Egypt successfully shut down Egyptian Islamic Jihad members of which are exceptionally well trained for example But the group shifted its target from its “near enemy” to its “far enemy”—the United States and the West p 286 Muslim militants humiliated by the “axis of envy” the result of our economic and military might globalization and the New World Order also respond to our hypocrisy perceived and real in our dealings with Middle Eastern nations Allowing failed states such as Afghanistan and several Latin American countries to continue creates a safe haven “for a variety of terrorist groups” p 294Terrorism is as ancient as it is modern It’s described in the history of the Ancient Near East Assyria Babylonia Persia and Greece Rome benign perhaps than the others but nevertheless extended its borders and conuer neighboring peoples National policies lead to one tribe or nation conuering another to enslave their neighbors The ancient story of Job in addition to natural disasters identifies two unprovoked attacks on Job’s holdings and murder of his servants reuiring of him a lengthy road to recovery See my Tragedy Transformed How Job’s Recovery Can Provide Hope for Yours The violence which befall its victims creates tragedy in personal and family life now as it did thenFor anyone interested to learn how terrorists today think and how they can be thwarted Jessica Stern’s Terror In The Name of God provides a valuable resource

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    Although very depressing this book gave me a lot of information about the many terrorist groups around the world The leader of Hamas says if Israelis withdraw to 1967 borders we would consider that a truce not the end of war How can we hope for resolution after a statement like that I did not know about Indonesia's conflict between Muslim and Christians I had forgotten about the Kashmir conflict The fact that Kashmir is divided into India controlled Pakistani controlled and China controlled KashmirHer conclusions are smart When we respond with violence we assist terrorists in mobilizing recruits But how do we respond? No one can answer that uestion

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    Fascinating read Believes that we can't beat terrorism until we understand it and what motivates people to do this I was engrossed as was transported to what it is like to live in Afghanistan The control lack of hope and inability to climb out of your existence How easily in that environment young people are coerced into groups like Al uaeda and the promise of great things in the afterlifefinancial security for your family if you die as a suicide bomber Easy to read gripping and easy to understand

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    Stern talks with terrorists of various kinds It is interesting sometimes a bit tedious and there are definitely instances in which it appears that she is fronting for the CIA instead of trying hard to listen to these people but overall it is an intriguing document Most valuable perhaps is a final chapter on ways to deal with this growing danger

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    Starts and ends strong but gets lost in its own details for most of the time between

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    Keep hammering that suare peg just has to fit There is no moral euivalence between Christianity and Islam It sounds so neat and tidy this idea that 'fundamentalists' of every stripe are dangerous The only problem is that if a belief system is based on loving ones enemies then a fundamentalist of such belief would be a very loving person not a terrorist Of course there are historical exceptions and a very few contemporary ones People like to mention the Spanish Inuisition but fail to mention that people are killed by Islamists in any given year than died in all 350 years of the Inuisition I am amazed by these people who search high and low far and wide to find some nerdy kooks who plan to want to were going to do some terrible thing when Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands are committing acts of terrorism large and small in 30 countries around the world And within 10 miles of most American homes there is probably a Muslim family sending his check every month to support the charityterrorist network Oh yes but what about the KKK? A few impotent bigots in Alabama and one or two lone gunmen here are there are not euivalent in severity number motive or scope to the cancer of Islamic terrorThere simply is no moral euivalence between Islam and Christianity fundamentalist or otherwise People have committed atrocities in the name of the Christian God but such acts comparatively minute in scope compared to Islamic aggression put the terrorist at odds with Christian orthodoxy You cannot be a good Christian and kill abortion doctors The act of murder is forbidden and therefore the terrorist is no better than the abortionist On the contrary a Muslim can and must participate in violent Jihad either personally or through the financial support of it according to most schools of thought within Islam If a Muslim blows up a bus full of Jews he is a hero and a martyr and a very good MuslimThe uran implores its legions make war on the infidels who dwell around you Sura 9123 Such verses are found throughout the uran while there are no such incitements to violence in the New Testament but rather admonishments to humility charity and forgiveness I know hundreds of Christian fundamentalists Even the slightest suggestion of extremist thought would not be tolerated among them The author must be a practitioner of yoga because she has twisted herself and this book into a pretzel of faulty logic and researchJust to mention the atrocities of one small drop in the river of blood that is Islam one can consider the Danish cartoons furor Estimates are that than 250 people were killed and many buildings bombed and burned as a result of the cartoons What was the Christian response to a much offensive product though eually blasphemous to Christians The Davinci Code? The result was a robust public discussion that caused millions of the faithful to read the book to see and decide for themselves It is fine to talk about the religious roots of terror They are not hard to find Open the uran and read how a Muslim will be rewarded for the horrific murder and dismemberment of innocent women men and children Make that case but leave Christians out of it

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