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Vampire Moon [PDF / EPUB] Vampire Moon Mother wife private investigatorvampire Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happen Mother wife private investigatorvampire Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampireNow in Vampire Moon seuel to MOON DANCE private investigator Samantha Moon finds herself hunting down a powerful crime lord and protecting an innocent woman from her ruthless ex husband — all while two very different men vie for her heart And as the stakes grow higher and her cases turn personal Samantha Moon will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent and bring two cold blooded killers to justice — her own brand of justice.

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    Vampire MoonVampire for Hire Book 2By J R RainNarrated by Dina PearlmanThis audible book continues the great vamp story of our soccer mom She is having real probs with her crazy husband who thinks she will eat her kids She has new friends He new job is a very interesting job and opens her eyes to new things Love this series alreadyThe narration is absolutely perfect

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    4 starsOwn in Samantha Moon The First Four Vampire for Hire Novels Plus One Novella Samantha Moon All Four NovelsThe 4 stars is for Sam's empowerment towards the end She finally uses her brains and anger to counter any leverage her cheating ex hubby Danny has against her Then she takes her kids and home back view spoilerI'm not one to encourage violence in real life but fiction is different Sam punches the ex stripper secretary Danny cheated with in the nose And she punches Danny in the face He threatened her she filled him in on some home truths laid out what she had on him demanded her kids her home and his removal from said home by that evening He was about to spew some threats at her when she kicked him in the groin It was so satisfying after what had happened in book 1 and some in this book Granted not a slick comeuppance but a very satisfying one hide spoiler

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    Another fast fun read Beware Unless you plan on purchasing book 3 do not read book 2 This one ends in the world's biggest cliffhanger I must rush off now Book 3 here I come I am so anxious to get to you

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    “Vampire Moon” is book two of a 13 book series “Vampire for Hire” featuring Samantha Moon that begins six years after she was attacked and turned into a vampire As a reminder to my Goodreads friends this series is not lesficwhile there is no steamy sex the characters are all hetero“Vampire Moon” picks up immediately after book one at the end of which Samantha’s husband forced her to leave their home and promised her only limited and always supervised contact with her beloved young children In book two Samantha works further with the always suspicious and street smart Detective Sherbet and we and Samantha learn of her abilities as a vampire and of the nature of Kingsleyand estranged husband DannyLike book one the story itself is fast paced and well written Samantha is a terrific lead character filled with unbelievable strength and also with heart breaking vulnerabilities the side characters are interesting and the narrator does a wonderful job I rate “Vampire Moon” as 5 and after the hold your breath cliffhanger am immediately beginning book three

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    I read the first book no I devoured it I bought the next one even though it was a price point that I wouldn't normally pay for a book this size but I HAD TO HAVE IT I was excited to read this one because I enjoyed the first so muchI read this one just as fast just a short two or so hours of reading and I was completely left hanging I'll come back to that in a bitThis book had a similar outline to the first which is good if you liked it The plot was a bit odd at times and over dramatic Samantha Moon just gets weirder Her abilities continue to develop along with her personal problems the conflict of her feelings for other men constant appraisal of said men and her marriage The story starts out with a little intrigue and it falls flat on its face at its completion JR Rain decided to just let that storyline tie itself up neatly in a bow in the background and out of Samantha's viewpoint I can't decide if he thought it was dramatic to leave us guessing what truly happened or pure laziness This entirely plot line seemed too contrived I'm not sure why the author felt we needed it what did it do for us other than fill pages? Is it to help build guilt and character for Samantha as she moves forward?Her continued friendship with Fang is another interesting facet of the book I often feel like Fang is used solely to get Samantha from point A to point B without any effort on her part When she has a problem she asks Fang and he always knows what to say or do to get her moving forward It's uite tiresome to constantly have him fill that hole in the book If he weren't around or she didn't consult him Samantha would never move forwardSpeaking of moving forward I often get the feeling that JR Rain hates women or at least hates women who can be strong and stand on their own Samantha Moon cannot stand without a man Everything that happens in this book happens because some man in the plot helps moves her and the story forwardNow back to being left hangingI like cliffhangers within a book because it propels you to read on and finish the book I really dislike them as the ending of a book To me if I'm at all invested in the book it forces me to buy the next book and read it As an author this can be a great plot device to induce people to buy the rest of the books in the seuel As a reader it feels like coercion and not in a good wayOverall I feel like this book lost a lot of the momentum it gained in the first book and while I did to some degree enjoy this book not as much as the first I hadn't planned to read beyond it But the cliffhanger made me do it I'll save that review for that book and I haven't finished it despite owning it for awhile nowComment

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    The second book in the series is interesting and after finishing it I realized how appropriate the title of the book is to the story In this book not only is Samantha Moon coming to grips with her new reality of being a vampire but also finding some of the old spunk in Samantha MoonSamantha has two cases in this book but I still feel like she hasn’t had a true adversary eual to her skills as a vampire or detective I just didn’t find myself having much interest in those cases The cases do lead Samantha down a path of figuring out where her moral compass is as a vampire as does Samantha’s relationship with Kingsley and Fang Most of the interesting aspects of the book was related to Samantha dealing with her new family dynamic I think Sam had to go through this to find her inner strength and realize she was strong before her incident She loses her stagnation and finally starts moving towards a future Though that future appears to be unknown There were two small highlights in this book that made me smile and added some bonuses to the book When Sam met Jim and when Sam met Fang Loved it and just got me ready and primed for the next book in the seriesThe narrator has really given a great voice to Samantha Moon and all the other characters in the book She has helped to mold JR Rain’s world into a full image

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    This book was great I loved the the conversations between her and Fang and the build up to the end for when they meet But ugh you have to wait until the 3 edition book to see who he is So of course I couldn't wait and stared the next one Also just the battle she fights everyday This is a great series

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    Book 18 100Book Vampire Moon Vampire for Hire #2Author JR RainASIN B0046A9PC4ISBN 978 1257381067Pages 314Read as part of Samantha Moon by JR Rain ISBN 978 193785617 5Vampires werewolves crime bosses and cheating sleazebag husbands oh dearSamantha Moon call her Sam is a Private Investigator a mom and a currently separated wife She’s also a vampire And she’s still coming to terms with all that meansSo we join Sam as she picks up the pieces after being kicked out of her home by her husband who is disgusted with what she is At the same time she is faced with two new cases to investigateA grieving widower whose wife died in a plane crash along with 11 other federal witnesses for a crime boss’s trial a crash he believes was engineered by the crime boss himself And it’s up to Sam to arrange the fitting justice for the criminalAnd then there’s the abused divorcee whose ex husband has already tried to kill her twice and succeeded in killing her father and crippling her mother A woman who’s like a shell of a person and in desperate need of comfort and friendship And it's up to Sam to protect her from her ex and the hired assassins he's sendingAlong the way we find Sam beginning to accept who she is and even learn about her condition and find out about her husband We also learn about her Instant Message confidant Fang and her werewolf sueeze Kingsley FulcrumRating 5 out of 5 fangs Much as with Moon Dance this was an awesome read and what’s it’s a book I wholeheartedly recommend Now I read this in the omnibus edition called “Samantha Moon” but seriously if you like PI tales and vampires get this book in any way you can

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    I'm using my personal copy for BYOB Bring your own Book month for Wicked Reads 5 StarsIn the second installment of the Vampire for Hire installment Sam is still dealing with her ex regarding her children This portion of the story was frustrating because she is uite passive with Danny but I understand from her POV Sam still loves her ex simply because he is the father of her children She's mourning for the life and love they used to have while realizing who she thought Danny was never existed in the first place There are several mystery threads woven into the novel Who is Fang? This one pops up time to time intriguing the reader and keeping the pages flipping by uickly Especially mixed with the hot angst with Kingsley Sam takes on a client investigating the death of a plane load full of witnesses against an organized crime lord The mourning widower lent a bent of humanity to the novel showing his gut wrenching pain and the ends he was willing to go to seek justice for his wife It also showed the complex differences between the husband and deceased wife compared to Sam and her husbandSam also takes on a pro bono case involving a beaten wife whose husband is now on death row for killing her father and having tried to kill her twice The maternal side of Sam is shown through her actions to protect Monica There is a girl power vibe of empowerment as they stick together Toss in a few hits on Sam's life with all the other threads and you've got a ton of action with the everyday life of custody issues and the humanity of Sam wondering if she's a monster What I loved is how Sam owns who she is embraces it after justifying her extreme means Sam respects life but isn't a ball of guilt She's the ultimate in bad ass The world building is expanded in this novel as Sam learns to navigate her nature opening up and exploring the bounds of her limits while taking the reader along on the journey I'm already partway through book 3 and thoroughly enjoying the rapid pacing and Urban Fantasy landscape JR Rain has created

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    I rated this second book in the Samantha Moon Vampire for Hire series 3 stars I rated the first book 4 stars It’s not that I enjoyed this book less than the first It’s that it has two pet peeves of mine in abundance and since I took off one star for the first book I feel I have to take off two in this one My first pet peeve is the prolific use of God’s name in vain I’m sorry It bothers me I may be in the minority I don’t know but since these are just our opinions I’m sharing mine I know it’s popular in today’s culture even in initials for social media but I think we should be able to find other exclamations for our deepest emotions another way to express them without being disrespectful The second star was removed for the completely pointless slut shaming It floored me that there were so many references to “sluts” and “whores” I may be combining the second and third books here having read both in uick succession Maybe it was only the third that used the word “whore” but in any case I thought it was absolutely uncalled for Women have enough to contend with today without turning on each other It shocked me that a character who has experienced so much pain and upheaval would be so ugly toward other women Yes she has reasons for being angry Yes one woman in particular has hurt her deeply But again I feel like we should be able to express our emotions in a way that lets our feelings be known without resorting to senseless name calling And besides that she herself is exploring multi relationship possibilities with some sexualphysical contact involved so where is the line drawn for her? She didn’t seem to be referring to professional sex workers when she used those words only other “lay women” for lack of a better term and an embarrassing love of puns I’m not condoning using those words for professional sex workers either It just became increasingly annoying and I couldn’t decide which felt worse to me; a man writing these words or a woman Aside from these two issues I enjoyed the books enough to keep going and am trying to reserve opinion on a couple of storylines There is a lot of moral ambiguity which makes sense for the character and the changes she’s been going through There are uestionable decisions which also make sense given her circumstances On the whole I find Samantha Moon a sympathetic character just trying to do the best she can for the people she loves and the people she’s paid to help One aspect of her personality I especially enjoy is her attraction for older men with less than six pack abs I find it refreshing that she appreciates a man with a lived in look I’m 55 and I like the look too I’m sure this wasn’t very helpful as far as reviews go but again it’s just my opinion

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