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Snow Play [PDF / EPUB] Snow Play DIY goes outdoors giving winter enthusiasts than 25 new ways to play in the snow Calling all snow lovers—young and old alike When you’re surrounded by the white stuff it’s time for Snow Play Wit DIY goes outdoors giving winter enthusiasts than new ways to play in the snow Calling all snow lovers—young and old alike When you’re surrounded by the white stuff it’s time for Snow Play With crazy creatures to build challenging games to play and outrageous spaces to sculpt author Birgitta Ralston a Europe based designer has imagined the most creative ways to play in the snow From a looming Loch Ness monster to a slippery Ice Slide from a Snowball Lantern to brighten a yard to Curious Footprints to mark freshly fallen snow the book includes projects and games to draw you outdoors on a snow filled day Celebrate a winter birthday by building a giant Frosted Cake and use food coloring to dye the snow or light your walkway with the flickering flames from a set of snowy Glow Cones  You’ll find hours of entertainment to brighten even the coldest winter days and nights Snow Play is filled with projects and games for any age ability and number of people Each entry includes complete step by step text instructions plus explanatory line drawings The full color photographs show how each project is finished in all its frozen glory.

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    Snow Play is a creative and fun book for adults and children with the help of adults Winter time and white stuff seem to go hand in hand for many of us and this book just begs for us to get outdoors and have some fun enjoying the snow instead of complaining about it The projects are so awesome and every project lists the time frame to complete; level of difficulty the type of snow project the number of people needed and tools neededThere are 25 projects and games such as a snow cave ice slide snow castle crystal bar ice charms to hang from the trees nature projects in ice a snow frosted cake glowing eye sculpture mutated snowmen pixel man frozen critters or an upside down man my favorite Each project gives detailed instructions and wonderful color photos of what the finished project should look like These projects are not something that a small child could complete without adult assistance Snow safety is also discussed as some of these projects like a snow cave could be dangerous and should not be attempted aloneIn addition to the snow projects the book includes several pages listing all Snow Festival locations locales featuring snow and igloo hotels both here in the US and abroad Whatever you choose you will likely find something perfect in this book that will entertain and please everyone HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    1st Ignore the cover photos This is not an early elementary nonfiction picture book It's for ALL ages including teens and adults2nd Enjoy this terrific little handbook of appealing and doable snow creations Written with clarity intelligence and humor You'll even start to get enthused about snow3rd Get out and have fun in the snow with some of these projects

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    While we never get snow like this where I now live I remember enormous uantities of snow falling as a child in the snowbelt that is New England These projects are delightful I especially like the snowmanzombies with glowing eyes and the person who fell in a snowdrift The DIY information is helpful Alas it will be nearly a year before I can try any of these projects out

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    SO FUN

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    Great ideas will try some this winter

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    I really liked this book With all the snow around the country time to get our families out to play in the snow Let's get out kids outside this winter

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    This book has wonderful fun ideas for things to make with snow and not just snowmen Can't wait to try some out

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