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Allie McGregors True Colours [PDF / EPUB] Allie McGregors True Colours Allie McGregor's list of problems is longer than movie credits House renovations have forced Allie to share her room with mouse loving little sister Sarah Her dad Will calls Allie 'The Hormonal One' d Allie McGregor's list of problems is longer than movie credits House renovations have forced Allie to share her room with mouse loving little sister Sarah Her dad Will calls Allie 'The Hormonal One' during his popular radio program Her brother Riley is just plain gross Her best friend Lou is fighting with Allie's new Allie McGregors MOBI :ß friend Romy Oh and Allie's mum has cancer.

  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • Allie McGregors True Colours
  • Sue Lawson
  • English
  • 25 May 2014

About the Author: Sue Lawson

Sue Lawson is an award winning young adult and junior fiction author with a passion foryoung people writing and reading Her books are recognized for the sensitive way theyexplore the exciting and heartbreaking complexities of adolescenceA former teacher Sue has also worked for both ABC and commercial stations and currentlyworks part time for Geelong's Allie McGregors MOBI :ß BAY FMHer book Pan’s Whisper was shortli.

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    After reading Allie McGregor’s True Colours I was instantly reminded why Sue Lawson is one of my favourite writers of all timePlease don’t let the three star fool you; this book is placed a lot higher than other books of the same rating But I couldn’t bring myself to give than three stars because I didn’t find as much interest in this book as Sue Lawson’s “After” Or my all time favourite book Pan’s Whisper Maybe it’s because the concept of “Mean Girls” has been done so many times I know exactly where it’s going to end That said I think Lawson did an exceptional job as always of teaching the main character lessons in a subtle effective way None of it seemed forcefulThe book’s also sad but full of hope I know if I was thirteen and under peer pressure which I actually was back then come to think of it this would’ve been my favourite book I would’ve connected to Allie so easily And even without these problems currently I still love Allie –strong angry but knowing right from wrong Allie who’s one of the better leads I’ve read in literatureBut because of the lack of personal connection I had to give it a 5 –it just didn’t compare to how strongly I loved Pan’s WhisperAfter A book I recommend to 10 12 year old girls

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    Best book I have ever read

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    Allie is finding life tough at the moment trying to fit into high school share her bedroom with her younger sister and deal with her mother's cancer Unfortunately Allie is always in a bad mood and I found this extremely irritating I know she felt scared and confused but there were times I wanted to shake her and her behaviour to her mother at times was unforgivable I found myself struggling to feel any empathy towards her and even at the end when Allie showed her true colours all I could think of was would this last? There are other books by Sue Lawson that I have enjoyed than this one

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    Allie McGregor’s True Colours is a book of family struggles Allie just wants all her problems to go away especially her Mum’s cancer But as Allie watches on her mum just seems to get worse and worse When things finally seem to be getting better Allie is sure it’s a misconception but then she learns that just maybe things really are getting better and it’s her faith that needs a fixing

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    I now cannot listen to the song 'True Colours' without thinking about this book so thank goodness it isn't a terrible read I love this book I spotted it in my school library when I was in high school and continued to renew it until I could buy my own copy I love how realistic the story is Allie is such a sweet and beautiful character and I am so glad I got to follow her life for that period of time even though it did get a bit sad here and there

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    this was a very easy read It is an interesting story in which Ally finds courage in troublesome times For about the ages of 12 15

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    Sue Lawson is fantastic at writing about families

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    really intersting and easy to relate to

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    i love this book its so good but its based around reality and i have a good attchment to the song true colour based on the title but it has the sing in the book i love it

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    What a beautiful book

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