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Mutation (The Phoenix Files, #3) [PDF / EPUB] Mutation (The Phoenix Files, #3) Jordan s world is falling apart She s a prisoner in her own skin, trapped by an enemy who can paralyse her at the touch of a button.And the questions in Phoenix keep piling higher.Why is Jordan starti Jordan s world is falling apart She s a prisoner in her own skin, trapped by an enemy who can paralyse her at the touch of a buttonAnd the questions in Phoenix keep piling higherWhy is Jordan starting to see things before they happen What s wrong with her mother s pregnancy And why do Peter s old friends suddenly want to talk to him again The clock is still tickingThere are days until the end of the world.

    EPUB is an ebook file format is Jordan starting to see things before they happen What s wrong with her mother s pregnancy And why do Peter s old friends suddenly want to talk to him again The clock is still tickingThere are days until the end of the world."/>
  • Paperback
  • 311 pages
  • Mutation (The Phoenix Files, #3)
  • Chris Morphew
  • English
  • 15 August 2019

About the Author: Chris Morphew

Author of The Phoenix Files Writer, reader, primary school teacher, Jesus follower, coffee enthusiast.

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    I loved the first two novels in this series, however I didn t enjoy this one as much Each book tells the story from one of the three main characters points of view The first two novels were from the perspectives of Luke and Peter and this one was from Jordan s perspective I have found it a little bit confusing to adjust to the different perspective in each book It tends to take me a bit of time before I remember which character s point of view I am reading from The storyline in mutation was ok and things around Phoenix just keep getting stranger and stranger I can t really pin point why I didn t like this one as much as the others Maybe it is because things are just getting a little bit too weird for me The story was left on a cliff hanger again and I will read the next one to see what happens.

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    Some spoilers follow I was asked to review this series a month ago for a school library just the day after I d finished five of the books.This necessitated me having to read them again because I couldn t remember what had happened in each book individually since basically they form one story unit which counts down the 100 days to the end of the world I ve not only enjoyed reading them again but feel I picked up on the major significant clue I overlooked the first time around.There was always a feel about the first couple of books in the series that it might turn from a pre dystopian adventure thriller into hardcore sf and this is exactly what happens by the end of the fourth book At this stage it s clear there s time travelling in the air.The storyline revolves around fifteen year old Luke who arrives with his newly divorced mum in the spooky town of Phoenix with its brand new cookie cutter houses She s been offered an amazingly well paid job by the Shackletown Corporation Little does Luke realise as he makes friends with Jordan and Peter that his arrival was a signal to begin a countdown for the destruction of the outside world in exactly 100 days Behind Shackleton s fa ade of a kindly old man lurks the mind of a genocidal megalomanic who wants to rid the world of the human plague and start again with some specially selected genetically suitable candidates Which, as it turns out, Luke and his mum are not.As the countdown ticks away, Luke and his friends become aware of the plot They become wary of enlisting adult help because Shackleton murders the adults in front of them to teach them a lesson Meanwhile strange things are happening Peter s crush on Jordan turns into a monumental obsession, Jordan s visions of the past and future are becoming brief visitations to those times Their school friends are developing strange talents Amy can run hyper fast Jeremy is starting to leave skin prints on anyone he touches.The security men in Phoenix find the desire of their head, Calvin, to murder Jordan and Luke just a little too much One of them is killed refusing to be involved As Miller fights Calvin, Jordan and Luke get away as per Jordan s vision.In an underground room, Jordan and Luke discover someone has been watching them and Peter from the time they were born.The cliffhangers at the end of the later stories in the series are amazing I just hope the last book in the series lives up to its promise.

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    All the books in this series are constant action Never boring There s not a lot of character development, so I didn t really get sucked in emotionally, but I never wanted to put the books down because I just had to know what happened next.

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    As I guessed, this third instalment of The Phoenix Files is from Jordan s perspective It takes a while to adjust to the different voice I find myself reading some narrative near the start and thinking That s not something Peter would say, and then realising Of course, it s Jordan narrating now But overall, I really like this idea of getting into the head of each main character at a time I ve been enjoying it because with this obviously comes the ability to see into the homes of each character We don t just learn about Luke, Peter and Jordan, but also slowly discover things about their families and how other characters interact with them.This story is just as mysterious and sinister as the previous books and as the plot unfolds I start to grow suspicious of characters who previously looked trustworthy, and start to wonder about previously suspicious characters being perhaps on the good side I love this constant speculating Morphew causes me to do He continually throws in these little bits of dialogue or events that make you stop and wonder and suspectHe maintains a nice level of action it s not too action filled and over the top, and again, it s all about the mystery I find it easy to follow what s happening in the action scenes The descriptions are detailed enough but not so much that the narrative becomes wordy and tiring.There s a new mystery unfolding during this book and it makes me second guess everything I thought I understood or presumed from clues given earlier in the series Morphew is very skilled at keeping us guessing It s very interesting and I ll certainly be quick to start the next one.

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    Nothing is going right in Jordan s life ever since Luke appeared in Phoenix Her life has been thrown into turmoil, enemies out to kill her, her mother s pregnancy, but now there s a fear that grips her Her baby sister is displaying signs similar to herself and the danger for them all is growing Can Jordan save her family and protect her friends or is she fighting a battle that will claim her life and those she loves I m not going to lie Jordan annoys me when it comes to Peter Peter has tried so hard to help protect her, even placing his own father on the line, and she continues to write him off Hardly even giving him a glance that contains anything but anger or annoyance Poor Peter. But Jordan does have a strong sense of loyalty to her family and friends All her actions can be traced back to her desperation to get her family out of there At the same time she worries that her parents are starting to understand that something isn t just wrong about the town but that someone is out to get their daughter Jordan isn t lacking in her loyalty to her family But maybe she can stop getting her friends almost killed Jordan is plagued by an oddity view spoiler An ability to see things of the past and future hide spoiler

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    This was the third book out of six, and so far they continue to get better This book had the suspense and action continue to build all the way to the end I had trouble putting the book down Can t wait to start the next book.

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    This book was hanging excitement and I cod not put it down Jordan, Luke and Peter find their selves trapped underground with two people that they have know idea who or why they are living down here.

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    This one starts out a bit slow, but the ending doesn t disappoint The book ends with a major cliffhanger and new twists and turns, I can t wait to start the fourth book

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    I read The Phoenix Files Book 3 Mutation by Chris Morphew I liked this book a lot All of the books in the series switch from each main characters perspective and its really cool to see how all of the people in the book think I like the books that are on Luke s perspective , sadly this one was on Jordan, I really like her character, she is great I just like Luke a little bit My favorite character in this book was also Luke I really like that he is the only one that can pull Jordan out of her visions He is also a peacemaker and doesn t want anything bad to happen to anyone, even if it is one of his enemies My least favorite character is either Peter or Soren I can t really decide I really don t like Peter because he won t leave Jordan alone, even when she tells him that she doesn t feel the same way that he feels about her I also don t like Soren because he is just a maniac that looks like he wants everything to go wrong This was an amazing book and I can t wait to finish the series.

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    I really enjoyed the first two books of this series The characters are great, especially Peter with his sarcasm and the storyline is very interesting It kinda reminds me of the maze runner meets with tomorrow when the war began However, I didn t enjoy this one as much, mainly because I prefer Jordan as a semi main character in the other two books Her story just doesn t interest me as much as the other two characters But overall, it s great to see how the rest of the series will play out.

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