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    This book was alright but def not my fave of the true crime genre The author did a lot of just regurgitating parts of previous Drew Peterson books And he came to a couple stupid conclusions Like that Stacy Peterson would not have brought her 7 mo old to Shedd Auarium because of all the germs and crowds this was in reference to Drew Peterson's alibi the day Kathleen Savio died Why wouldn't she? I see babies out at the auarium and other public places all the time If you want to read a really good original and accurate true crime book read any of Ann Rule's She's the best in the genre

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    Long boring and over complicatedI really just wanted to know what happened around the PSYCHOLOGY of the murderer and all the issues surrounding the marriages and police corruption but instead I'm reading about divorce proceedings and income information If I wanted to be that bored I would work as a paralegal for a divorce attorney in my free timeI see reviews from other people saying basically the same thingbored out of my mind

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    How did this book go to print? It reads as a collection of notes gathered to write a future book The author repeatedly uotes segments from other books and makes meandering speculations Don't bother

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    This was a pretty ordinary read Lots of repeated facts lots of padding and went to print before the outcome of the case was known I had to go on the web to find out what was the ultimate outcome of the case

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    An old school writer which means it was pretty well written I really liked the writing of the book and toward the end Smith really lets it rip with accuracy how shameless it is when the media comes in like a rabid buzzard and changes and directs the trajectory of these cases The facts get lost people are led to believe inaccuracies and misnomers and justice becomes a kangaroo court and the truth gets lost in all the chaos When you see it in cases with such a via media hated antagonist you know it has gotten bad but good on Carlton Smith for being real and seeing it protesting it and being turned off by the bias Read this book Most of the stuff in it is not the conventional wisdom of the case but by now we have all been told what to believe and who to hate in this tragic case Maybe many will wake up and see the media driven narrative has huge holes in it and what we believed was not what the evidence and clues illustrated Not even close When the media tries a case justice is usually DENIED

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    Overwrought and overdetailed A genuinely painful read

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    Although I enjoyed the facts on this case I had never heard if this case until I read this book there were some things I didn't like I didn't like that the author kept saying In other words several times throughout the book It made me feel as a reader that he was uestioning my inteligence I also felt some of the facts were repeated that what was necessary Such was the case when Peterson's finances were discussed I found myself skipping pages towards the end because the whole media frenzy portion was very repetetive How many pages is it necessary to descrive what all the news broadcasts were saying about this case at the time? The author at the end states that the book was not fully finished due to publishing deadlines Really?? so was the book half assed? This is something I as a reader don't like to hear It didn't seem that the author conducted his own interviews It felt like he saw a lot of recorded interviews and wrote a book on what everyone else said He even uotes other books that were written on this same case I truly hope this is not this author's writing style if so then this might be the first and last book I read of him I will give him another chance and pick up another one of his true crime books and see if his style changes I gave this book 3 stars because it was a new case I hadn't heard of and whether the author interviews people in the case himself it still gave me a good general insight on this case I did look at youtube videos on this case and its hard to say if I believe Peterson is guilty of both of his wive's deaths and dissapearance Yes it would seem obvious to point fingers at him but then again the evidence doesn't 100% stand out to show his guilt as has been the case in other casesThis one did leave me kind of puzzledLike Dr Phil said either Drew Peterson has the worst luck ever or he is guilty of the crime who knows I guess only Drew Kathleen and Stacy

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Cold as Ice [PDF / EPUB] Cold as Ice Please note This ebook edition does not contain the photos found in the print editionKathleen Savio was married to Drew Peterson for eleven years before filing for divorce in 2003 The next year she wa Please note This ebook edition does not contain the photos found in the print editionKathleen Savio was married to Drew Peterson for eleven years before filing for divorce in The next year she was found Cold as eBook ´ dead in her bathtub Her drowning appeared to be an accident—and for years no one had reason to uestion it But when Peterson's next wife Stacy—thirty years younger—went missing the tough talking and wise cracking former Illinois cop came under suspicionWith Stacy Peterson missing—and presumed dead—authorities exhumed Kathleen Savio's body looking for answers A new autopsy pointed to homicide and a letter was revealed in which Savio wrote that Drew knows how to manipulate the system and his next step is to take my children away Or kill me instead He was arrested for Kathleen's murder and is a prime suspect in Stacy's disappearance Peterson continues to protest his innocence New York Times bestselling author Carlton Smith digs deep into the mystery behind the two Peterson wives—and sheds some light on one of the most complex crime cases in modern American history.