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Zamper [PDF / EPUB] Zamper ‘Good morning We’re doomed Would you like a cup of tea’On the far side of a break in the fabric of space is the planet Zamper home of a secretive organization that constructs and sells the might ‘Good morning We’re doomed Would you like a cup of tea’On the far side of a break in the fabric of space is the planet Zamper home of a secretive organization that constructs and sells the mightiest warships in the galaxy It is to Zamper that the last warriors of the fallen Chelonian Empire have come in a final attempt to restore their race’s glory Separated from the TARDIS the Doctor and his companions are intrigued by the bizarre operations on Zamper Why are accidents and power failures afflicting the planet What is the true agenda of the mysterious Management And what are the strange powers of the alien shipbuilders.

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    My least favourite of Gareth Roberts' Doctor Who novelswhich means it's still extremely readable but his heart doesn't seem to be into this book as much as his other efforts There's a feeling of just going through the motions But servicable Roberts remains enjoyable Roberts despite not reaching the lofty heights of Highest Science or Romance of Crime

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    While it’s probably the Roberts NA I like the most it’s still pretty weak all round The initial setup is interesting enough and it feels like things are actually being threaded along uite nicely until about halfway through when suddenly everything’s happening all at once and none of it really feels coherent at that pointHaving a fairly small group of characters usually means we get a nice bit of development but most of the characters feel pretty flat The few that we do get some insight into feel like they don’t really contribute that much overall either beyond maybe getting some funny moments that I guess is meant to make the reader feel when the character inevitably becomes cannon fodderBut yeah it would probably have scored lower if the first half wasn’t fairly decent so credit where it’s due

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    returnreturnThe militant turtle like Chelonians are a particularly entertaining creation of Gareth Roberts' here attempting to take over the planet Zamper a building yard for warships with its own intriguing secrets of who is really in charge and how The story actually reminded me uite a lot of The Leisure Hive and that in a very good way though the settings are uite different The Doctor and companions Benny Chris and Roz get a little crowded out of the plot by the bullying Chelonians but that's all right the Tardis crew will be back in the next book

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    It's barely scraping a full three stars rating on this site which is a little harsh in my opinion Sure it doesn't want to bend your mind as the ones that came just before this one in the range and it certainly doesn't offer much complexity but I found it a charming read especially for that reason There's nothing wrong with a good old traditional story to get a bit of breath before the next NA excercise in space psychedelica comes along

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    I really enjoyed this Who story it's a good space yarn The Chelonians take a bit of getting used to being effectively Klingons who look like giant turtles It had been ages since I read any Doctor Who books and what with the upcoming new series of Bernice Summerfield I decided to go back to the series that introduced her

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    Pretty good story Okay the Chelonians are or less reptilian Sontarans and this book doesn't have the humor that Roberts book usually does but it's a damn good story and the whole concept of the Zamps is pretty ingenious The little uip about the primate in the tree of knowledge gave me a chuckle Good book Not sure why it's rated so low

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    Overall a good story with strong characterization of all the principals great aliens in both the chelonians and the zampers and a strong plot with some surprises The book's only real problem is that it takes a 100 pages to get going

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