Historia de una gaviota y del gato ue le enseñó a volar

Historia de una gaviota y del gato ue le enseñó a volar [PDF / EPUB] Historia de una gaviota y del gato ue le enseñó a volar A cat A seagull An impossible taskA worldwide bestseller and the subject of a feature film THE STORY OF A SEAGULL is finally out in paperbackHer wings burdened by an oil slick a seagull struggles to t A cat una gaviota Kindle Ò A seagull An impossible taskA worldwide bestseller and the subject of a feature film THE STORY OF A SEAGULL is finally out in paperbackHer wings burdened by an oil slick a seagull struggles to the nearest Historia de PDF/EPUB or port to lay her final egg Exhausted she lands on a balcony where Zorba the cat is sunning himself She extracts three extraordinary promises from him that he will watch over the egg that he will not EAT the de una gaviota Kindle Õ egg and that when it's time he will teach the baby gull to fly The first two promises are hard enough but the third one is surely impossible Isn't it.

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Historia de una gaviota y del gato ue le enseñó a volar
  • Luis Sepúlveda
  • English
  • 24 January 2015
  • 9780439401876

About the Author: Luis Sepúlveda

Luis Sepúlveda una gaviota Kindle Ò was a Chilean writer film director journalist and political activistHe studied theatre production at the National University In Sepúlveda was given a five year scholarship to continue his drama studies at the Moscow University but Historia de PDF/EPUB or it was withdrawn after five months on account of 'misconduct' he attended a party with a Politburo Officer's Wife which was considered high o.

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    i love this symbolic storythis is a wonderful novel for children and for every one has many wonderful meaningsthe catZORBA who has a principle in his life that he should keep his promisethe other cats who support their friend in fulfilling his missionand the most beautiful value is that u can accept the other who is different from u and love him and take him as your familythe one chosen to solve the problem was a sensitive person who love reading poetrythe solution for the problem was in one of the poems he has readso funny has a lot of comedy scenes would be perfect as a movie animation

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    Now I originally read Luis Sepúlveda's 1996 The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly titled Historia de una gaviota y el gato ue le enseñó a volar in its original Spanish translated by Margaret Sayers Peden with Chris Sheban providing the accompanying illustrations in August 2010 for a Children's Literature Group read And yes indeed considering that the summer of 2010 was also the time of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill tragedy and fiasco perusing The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly then was both a timely and also a very important admonishment to not only children but really to everyone both young and old that we do need to absolutely guard against oil spills and oil slicks in the ocean and other bodies of water and the environmental havoc and terror these tend to wreak and cause and especially for sea and shorebirds with for example at the beginning of The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly Chris Sheban's absolutely terrifying pictorial image of Kenach the seagull being totally and utterly overwhelmed and inundated in the North Sea by a massive flood of black and oily ooze being both aesthetically frightening and yes even if perhaps a bit overly empathetic and moralistic in scope also in all ways necessary and meaningfulHowever in retrospect I personally really do also wish that The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly were a bit realistic and less fantastical with regard to in particular cats and birds as animal species For while the account of Zorba the Hamburg feline promising a dying and oil drenched Kenach that he would both take care of her egg and then also teach her young offspring to fly once the time is right for this has been sweet encouraging and engaging enough in and of itself frankly considering that in reality that in the real world cats usually hunt and eat birds that they see birds as potential prey I really do have to wonder a trifle whether post Lucky the seagull having been taken care of succoured and taught how to fly by Zorba if she would still posses the natural instincts to view and approach cats in general as dangerous as probable enemies and not as potential allies and companions In other words while I have found Zorba and Lucky's relationship tender and encouraging I guess I also was kind of looking for Zorba teaching his charge making Lucky aware of the fact and truth that while he and many of the Hamburg port cats certainly have been friends and companions to her that once she is on her own flying and living as a typical seagull cats should not automatically be considered friendly just because he and the port cats of Hamburg have been friendly that cats usually do hunt kill and eat birds and that Lucky should therefore generally be frightened or at the very least wary of cats as a species something that I do not think every really seems to occur to any major extent in The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly and something that I for one definitely have found rather problematic at best a totally missed opportunity so to speak and certainly too fantastical and fairy tale like for me And therefore while in August of 2010 I had originally considered four star ranking for The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly in 2019 I am indeed now only willing and able to consider but a rather low three star ranking at best for a tale with important environmental ecological messages even if perhaps a bit overtly didactic at times and a cute and sweet depiction of an unusual avianfeline friendship that while readable and yes in many ways just lovely also and nevertheless is truly just a wee trifle too unrealistic too unbelievable and too one sidedly rose coloured glasses positive for my personal tastes

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    Great story but at least half the fun is created by illustrations All the editions compared Lithuanian ones are the best ha All respect goes to Lina Dūdaitė because probably for the first time in my life I see cats that have been drawn by someone with such love and detail

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    Zorba a fat black cat will be alone this summer while his boy’s family go on holiday – convenient given the adventure that’s about to befall him Kengah an exhausted and oil drenched seagull lands on his balcony and lays a final precious egg She makes Zorba promise he will not eat the egg but will look after her baby and teach it to fly He enlists his motley group of friends fellow cats at the port of Hamburg to help him figure out how to raise a chick Sepúlveda a Chilean author was jailed under the Pinochet regime and was later on the crew of a Greenpeace ship The environmental message in this novella is noticeable but not overpowering The translation gives each cat a distinctive voice and the line drawings are a nice bonus of this new edition Geared towards confident nine to eleven year old readers this might also be read aloud with younger childrenSee my full review at Nudge

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    35 STARS I really appreciate some things about this story I loved the camaraderie and the distinct characters of the port cats I thought it was great how they are so honorable especially Zorba who goes above and beyond to honor the dying wishes of a gull help raise her baby seagull until the baby is able to fly The conversations between the cats are so much fun especially when the Col and SevenSeas are in the mix Great fun and well realized characters especially for such a short book Too I really liked the ending I can't really say why without giving things away but it was both surprising and satisfactory I also love some of the things we learn about in the story like DaVinci's flying machine A great way to introduce kids to the wide world of wonder that is the Encyclopedia Now a few things I was not so keen about The tale seemed too didactic for my taste It really hits over the head with how bad humans are when they pollute the ocean and when they exploit animals Not that I want to support pollution or keeping animals in cages but I don't want a sermon about it and I don't think kids do either I wish there could have been a few good humans featured in the story to help kids see that there are things they can do to help The messages could have been even stronger if they were conveyed subtly I feel Also a few things just felt really weird and not necessary to me like the monkey drinking beer all the time And mentioning that the human likes to smoke and contemplate life I didn't really feel these are necessary to a children's story though perhaps it is a cultural thing as I believe smoking and drinking are generally acceptable and the norm in Germany compared to CaliforniaOverall I think this is a worthwhile story especially for cat lovers I think some of the messages were really beautiful—I love how the chick feels so at home with the cats so well loved and accepted yet also feels her inner gull yearning to stretch her wings and fly Parents should know though that it contains some very sad scenes such as an oil spill which covers a gull and eventually kills her and also the instances of drinkingThe illustrations are generally charming though the one of the monkey was kinda creepy and the one of the gull in the oil slick is so sad and I just love Zorba I could practically feel his fluffy black fur and feel him purring What an awesome Mommy and a very special honorable cat

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    This is a short story about friendship trust love languages dreaming flying alliances books and probably some I was having mixed feelings during the first half it felt maybe a little too childish not a bad thing I think it was mainly intended for younger readers but I enjoyed it actually uite much and I recommend itAlso the French translation is so beautifulFeat a cat named Bouboulina please I had to laughThe author is was unfortunately one of the victims of this year's pandemic s

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    This was a really cute little book about a baby seagull who is entrusted to a fat black cat by a dying mother seagull oil spill The mama seagull makes the cat promise to 1 watch over the egg she has just hatched 2 not eat the egg and 3 teach the baby gull to fly when it's timeIt was super adorable how to fat cat Zorba consulted with his cat friends to figure out how to take care of the egg and baby gull how they figured out that the seagull was a little girl bird and named her and finally how Zorba finally motivates Lucky to take a leap of faith and fly The cats were so nice and the moral of the story was lovely Plus I loved how each of the cats was a different nationality That was funI also REALLY REALLY LOVED the font the book was printed in Maybe that sounds stupid but it's true 12 point Bancroft Book It was fabulous

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    The first and as far as I am aware only children's book from Luis Sepúlveda expatriate Chilean author and political dissident The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly is a brief allegorical animal fantasy touching upon themes such as humanity's impact on and abuse of the environment the importance of keeping one's word whatever the challenges and the nature of love in a diverse world It begins with two separate narratives that of Kengah a seagull who becomes separated from her flock when she is caught in an oil slick; and that of Zorba a big fat black cat who watches as his human boy departs for vacation When a dying Kengah collapses onto Zorba's balcony and extracts three promises that he will watch over her egg that he will not eat it and that when it hatches he will teach the new baby to fly Zorba finds himself embarking on a journey he never expected to take cross species parentingI enjoyed this tale of an unlikely adoption which given the current crisis in the Gulf of Mexico couldn't be any topical if it tried Zorba's cat friends from the gruff Colonel to the long suffering Secretario not to mention the encyclopedia loving Einstein were charming and the idea that cats are than able to communicate with humans if they so chose was very appealing I do find Sepúlveda's narrative a little didactic at times but given the gravity of the situation the environmental trauma caused by oil spills large and small I'm inclined to cut him a little slack especially since I never felt that the didacticism overwhelmed the story All in all a lovely little tale one that will appeal on different levels depending on how the reader approaches it Younger children looking for a simple animal adventure will find a tale that is by turns poignant and heart warming while older readers with a philosophical bent will enjoy the clever little details like the fact that the only human the cats can trust is a poet

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    loved it

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    This is a sweet story of a cat who promises a dying seagull that he will take care of her egg care for the baby gull and teach it to fly He is an honorable cat and keeps his word along with the other cats of the port Great tale of friendship I loved Einstein and his encyclopedias Agreed with others who wished the criticism of humans for pollution had not been uite so direct and repeated Could have gotten the message across in a subtle less distracting way But other than that I really enjoyed this story

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