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Waves [PDF / EPUB] Waves A major YA debut by a stunning new talent acuired in a hot auction; a LOVELY BONES for teensWhen Hal's family makes the heart wrenching decision to leave Charley their comatose daughter behind in a ho A major YA debut by a stunning new talent acuired in a hot auction; a LOVELY BONES for teensWhen Hal's family makes the heart wrenching decision to leave Charley their comatose daughter behind in a hospital ward while they spend the summer on the west coast of England Hal finds it harder than ever to shake his sister's presence What power is letting him share her memories And will they reveal the deep dark truth behind her tragic accident Set at a beach where growing up goes wrong Waves is a coming of age story about first love and first loss; about a family drowning in sorrow and the remarkable son who is struggling against the tide to save them.

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    I love hate this book I love the story I hate the repetition If you’ll do a word count I think 30% of the book will be help me Charley Hal Pete up down and breathe The sentence” someone walking on my grave” was said at least 10 times I read a lot of YA wonderful stories that had much verity in language That said I thought the story was wonderful and reminded me “The Lovely Bones”

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    WarningThis book has haunted me years after I first read it It is a heart wrenching story which makes me cry even harder everytime I read it Keep a box of tissues nearbyHal and his family spend every summer at the beach but this year is different This year his sister Charlie won't be coming with them Instead she's stuck back in the hospital in a coma that's lated about a year so far To make things worse Hal doesn't know what happened that night last summer before Charlie was found on the beach He doesn't know much about anything she did that year because for the first time they hadn't spent their time togetherNow without Charlie to keep him company Hal forces himself out on the beach as often as possible to avoid the drama of his parents in the house That's when he meets Jackie and it isn't long before he finds her completely irresistable For the first time since Charlie's accident things seem to be looking upBut then he starts hearing her voice as if she's standing next to him watching him enjoy his summer without her and she wants him to figure out exactly what happened to her Half convinced he's going insane Hal begins to unwravel the mystery that surrounded that fateful night last yearThe story switches back and forth between Hal's present endeavors to Charlie's past and present while trapped in the confines of her coma With an underlying tone of a coming of age novel we watch Hal try to find himself now that he doesn't have Charlie to guide him through the summers and the heartbreaking aftermath of a family that is steadily falling apartThis book is unforgettable and guaranteed to tug at your every heart string

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    What a slow read Not unsalvagable but I'm glad it's over

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    So the narrator has to find out what peril befell his older sister last summer that lead to her comatose state? Ok that sounds like a decent mystery set up Having his sister's spirit inhabit the narrator's body during the investigation? Not so cool I guess if she was all into the solving the mystery of my tragedy mode it'd be ok but she seems interested in reliving stupid teen moments and re hooking up with the friendsboyfriend she made Which loosely relate to the plot in the sense that they loosely redefine the word mystery to mean not a puzzle at all but another teen relationship book Yawn I certainly hope that if I am left in a comatose state through mysterious means I don't inhabit my husband's body only to make him go shopping at a bookstore or eat ice cream

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    This book takes place in England with the main characters being HalCharley Pete Am and Jack Now I know people say to never judge a book by its cover but lets be honest we all tend to do that sometimes Waves caught my eye on the shelf It looked like a summery book about surfing When I read the back I was interested in the family tragedy of Charley being in coma I wondered how the rest of her family would spend their summer and accept or reject this challenge This book was full of detail but hard to follow and a bit blan At first the book was captivating with a good hook I imagine I could open the window and be in Cornwall hearing the sea feeling the cool breeze fresh from the waves I wanted to read I was curious to know the scene and what Cornwall was To my disappointment the book was nothing like I expected I found myself confused and bored most of the time The story was repetitive No climax or turning points It was very hard to follow The story is narrated by Hal a boy hearing Charley who is in a coma in his head The story includes switching between flashbacks to the future and different narration making it difficult to follow Here Charley is now hearing Hal's voice Charley I hear his voice I hear it reaching through the darkness and fear that hold me tight and still This switching goes back and forth and makes reading a hard task Although the author uses good descriptive detail I unfortunately don't recommend this book Not the most captivating or clear story line

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    This is a fascinating and very original novel written for young adults The plot and characters are gripping and there is a sense of the supernatural about it if you enjoyed Alice Sebold's 'The Lovely Bones' then this is one for youThe story is told by two narrators Hal a fifteen year old boy whose older sister Charley was hurt in an accident last summer Hal is angry at Charley at his parents and at himself he is desperate to know what happened before Charley's accident and if anyone else was there at the time The other narrator is Charley who is laying comatose in a hospital Charley seems to be floating in an 'in between' world and somehow manages to communicate with HalThe story pieces together so well the desciptions of young love and angst are beautifully written For anyone who enjoys mystery supernatural and imaginative writing

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    When this book starts Charley is in a coma and her family is trying to cope without her Her brother Hal believes that he hears her voice in his head as though she is trying to talk to him from within her coma Told in alternating points of view from Charley and Hal we slowly begin to understand the events that lead up to the accident that put Charley in the coma and the mystery of what she was doing out in the middle of the night While I did really enjoy this book I had trouble with the idea that Charley could somehow communicate with Hal in the midst of her coma especially at the end when Charley actually speaks through Hal Charley's voice and memories come through Hal's body it's just a little than I could believe But overall very well written and well paced I really liked the way the story unraveled until the ending

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    I actually really like this one at the start It was interesting the characters were belivable It really pulled me in and kept me eager for It started to fall apart after about a hundred pages though The randomly shoved in thoughts between Charley and Hal were annoying and confusing and the story just started going all over the place It really lacked focus for the second part of the book It had potential but didn't impress me overall Also I'm not sure why they made such a big deal about the author knowing Philip Pullman He's uoted on the front cover talk about in an intro and then at the back we're told he taught her English It was just silly and I feel that a book should be able to stand on its own without relying on the name of one famous author Once would have been fine but they didn't need to mention him three times

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    This was an absolutely wonderful and pun entirely intended here haunting book It is a mystery a love story and a eulogy all at the same time I love the characters from Hal who feels so left out of his dear older sister's life in the months before she ends up in a coma that leaves her unable to tell what happened to her to Charlie the sister who is in a coma and how she comes to untangle her own ending to her boyfriend Pete and his tortured former girlfriend Am All of the characters are achingly real and will haunt you long after you finish the book I listened to this as a book on CD and the reader was just brilliant You truly felt each of the characters that he read and didn't feel that you were being read to but actually living the story I'm so sorry that it's over and I miss them all already

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    Simply great Finally an author accomplished it to write an realistic book about young adults without ruining it for everyone with an inappropriate youth language like in all the house of night novelsI was really able to identify myself with the protagonist and although he is much younger then me I wouldn't act in a different way The plot whether you like it or not is about a teenage girl namend Charley that is in a coma and communicates with her brother Hal in a telepathically way Charley was injured one year ago on a beach under suspicous circumanstances and Hal tries to find out what happened It's some kind of strange Spiritual Love Story Crime book I can recommend to everyone who likes the Gayle Forman books

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