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    I've never had a book disappoint me in this way The first half was pure 5 stars I couldn't put it down I loved the writing style the story everything You know an author is good when you know the outcome but still find yourself at the edge of your seat This started with the famous and gruesome murder at The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore Then enters Girolamo Savonarola the fanatical monk who turned Florence upside down I found the author kept close to the facts about the Medici's and Savonarola I was loving it I loved learning about the artists and how Lorenzo took them under his wing and helped them flourish What went wrong? Lisa Gherardini The author wrote in the reader's guide how she didn't change known facts Hmmmm I get most of Lisa's life was fuzzy but there were known facts and Kalogridis obviously ignored them I know I know it's fiction but she did make that comment instead of saying she was simply going for a possible maybe Not wanting to ruin it for you but Lisa was not an only child Lisa focuses that she was Lisa was supposed to be happily married to Francesco del Giocondo who historians believe commissioned her famous painting I know some things we will never know but half way through the author went overboard and into major story telling I had just read Sharon Penman's article called Ten Commandments For Writing Historical Fiction Rule 2 You should not defame real people Well this is where Kalogridis makes Lisa's husband into an evilraping blackmailer All I kept thinking was this poor man is turning in his grave If there was some known fact that he wasn't a good person then I could see this but all I could find is how happily married they were There is a blurb on Wikipedia that she was lovers with Giuliano but we don't know if that was before or after her marriage She turned this into a mystery novel about a deep dark secret and an odd connection between Lisa and Leonardo and a third mystery man who killed a Medici The author simply kept losing me with the ridiculous twists and turns My final review The first half was 5 stars The second half 1 I recommend this to anyone who wants to know about Florence in the 15th century The Medici's Savonarola and anyone who loves Renaissance art but understand the Lisa part is pure fiction

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    IMona Lisa takes the readers back in time in the 15th century Florence during the last years of rule of Lorenzo de' Medici and the raise of the Dominican monk and religious fanatic Girolamo Savonarola who preaches against any kind of display of art even comfort against the Medici and the popeWe are introduced to this world through the eyes of young Lisa Lisa is the daughter of a successful wool merchant and his mysterious aristocratic wifeHistorical noteThere seem to be some evidences which point that Giuliano and Lisa were lovers in real life and when he went in exile in 1494she was pregnantAnd so some believe that the portrait was commissioned by Giuliano HimselfIt is said that da Vinci mentioned a painting of a certain Florentine lady done from life at the reuest of the magnificent Giuliano de' Mediciview spoilerOhand love the fact that the author included the information about Leonardo being vegetarian and about the birdssince according to sources he often bought birds and then he would free them hide spoiler

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    In her follow up to 2005's The Borgia Bride Ms Kalogridis brings to life the woman behind the enigmatic smile of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting Lisa di Antonio Gheradini is born the daughter of a successful cloth merchant in 15th century Florence a city dominated by the Medici and rife with dangerous intrigue and treachery since the assassination attempt known as the Pazzi Conspiracy during which the Medici overlord Lorenzo Il Magnifico lost his brother and nearly his own life Lisa grows into womanhood overshadowed by these traumatic events which lead to the popular rise of the fanatic monk Salvonarola whose rabid crusade against the Medici resulted in a dark period of fear and persecution Unbeknownst to her Lisa also carries a secret one which binds her to the Medici cause and brings her to the attention of Leonardo Ms Kalogridis vividly recreates the Pazzi Conspiracy through the eyes of one of its conspirators and details of life in Renaissance Florence pepper the narrative with realism Likewise the Medici's magnetic appeal and passion for power and the arts offer a fascinating contrast to Salvonarola's brimstone condemnation and the inclusion of a slave in Lisa's household underscores the deep division between social classes while Lisa's personal trials drive a mystery laden relationship with the exceptional artist who will eventually paint her into immortality I MONA LISA offers readers a well researched captivating foray into a turbulent episode in Italian history

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    This book starts with a bang; it is very exciting You are drawn in immediately but then it goes down hill unless you enjoy fictitious murder mysteries If you know me you know this genre is not one of my favorites Far from it What I did enjoy was reading about Renaissance Florence peopled with the likes of Savonarola and the Medici family Michelangelo and Leonardo de Vinci have to be included too The author has not twisted the historical dates and events What she has done is bind together the Medici family with Mona Lisa Lisa di Antonio Gherardini the model of De Vinci’s famed portrait I never bought this nor some other family connections that were thrown in As you read the story if you know a little about the history of the Medici family you will also immediately know something is wrong with the story being fed us To explain would be a spoiler I repeat this book is at heart a fictional murder mystery woven around known historical events I never found the fictional mystery believable Very little is known about Mona Lisa so it is her family and relations that are imagined These are the aspects of the story that are fictional I wanted to know about Mona Lisa It was my error to choose this book I thought I could learn about her but I can’t because practically nothing is known What is known is that she married Francesco del Giocondo Here the book has played with the historical facts No mention is made of this There is no author’s note only a “conversation with the author” at the end of the book Francesco’s fictional portrait is truly evil I find this disturbing given that a man that did live albeit years ago has been misrepresented In summary the author never succeeded in making me believe in the fictional aspects of the story A good author can do this A good author can make the imaginary feel real Many others enjoy Jeanne Kalogridis’ writing It is best you go read their reviews

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    I Mona Lisa takes you into the heart of Florence when the monk Savanarola was preaching his messages of hell fire and brimstone against the Borgia pope's decadence and lust the evilness of sodomy and what was going to happen to the rich of Florence if they did not repent and change their ways; in the middle of all this you meet you Madonna Lisa her sick Mother her faithful yet beautiful slave her deceitful Father and the hateful and demanding world which she is tossed into From the first page of the novel the reader is tossed into a world of cathedrals filled with murderers intrigue affairs and people who are loyal to causes that will ultimately get them killed or out them on the wrong side of an executioner's axe Young Lisa must negotiate her way through a world that is both unkind and dangerous while meeting some of the most famous people that we revere today such as Michelangelo Da Vinci Lorenzo the Magnificent and so on the world's most famous painting is started and the girl behind it is transformed into a flesh and blood character who fights increasingly overwhelming odds to live her life and save the lives of those she loves this was an amazing book and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction

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    I am a big fan of historical fiction and love Cecelia Holland Kate Horsley please write and was thankful to discover Jeanne Kalogridis This is a read I devoured to get to the next gripping development I will read anything this author writes Her style is rich and her characters feel real and felt by the reader A visually and emotionally satisfying read Set against the drama of 15th Century Florence I Mona Lisa is painted in many layers of fact and fiction with each intricately drawn twist told through the captivating voice of Mona Lisa herself Hard to put down when it was time for lights out Gets my five star rating

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    This is the story of Lisa Gherardini supposedly painted by Leonardo da Vinci and known as Mona Lisa She was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo In this story before she marries him she is married to the youngest son of Lorenzo de Medici Giuliano just for a few days before tragedy strikes This part is fiction which I assume author did this to introduce the family of Lorenzo de Medici through Giuliano I’m always looking forward to author’s note to learn about the author’s choices but there is no author’s note in this bookIn the late 15th century the city of Florence is technically ruled by Lorenzo de Medici A powerful banker family Their rival Pazzi arranges to murder both brothers Guliano and Lorenzo de Medici One dies one survives This part is too drawn outI credit author for skillfully introducing Leonardo da Vinci Instead of just giving out his name she makes known him as an eager artist studying human anatomy writing differently than the rest in a style of mirror image with rustic Vinci dialectLisa is a daughter of a wealthy wool merchant and as her father delivers goods to the household of Lorenzo de Medici she sometimes accompanies him This is where she meets Leonardo da Vinci Medici patron of many arts commissions da Vinci to paint young Lisa At the same visit she meets Lorenzo’s youngest son GiulianoThere are moments where the story is absorbing but for most of the time whatever is happening is written in a drawn out style If you liked her first book The Borgia Bride then you may like this book It’s the same style of writing which I don’t like

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    After reading her Diaries of the Family Dracul I decided to look into her historical fiction novel The Borgia Bride and I loved every single word of it I Mona Lisa takes place in the same time frame of The Borgia Bride has some in depth scenes of characters that were only mentioned in the Borgia Bride and is every bit as goodI really enjoy how Kalogridis writes historical fiction She uses real events and people from history and 'fills in the blanks' as it were in regards to what she thinks would have happened to the people involved behind the scenes of historyThis book is told from the perspective of the woman who was the subject of DaVinci's great work The Mona Lisa Little is really known about the true person but Kalogridis fleshes her out so completely that you feel as if you know her as if her personality were captured in the memories of historyAs with the Borgia Bride and because of the tumultuous times that were the mainstay of this part of history in Italy betrayal twists turns and secrets fill up the majority of the book I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see who would betray whom next what secret from each of the characters' histories would be revealed next and what the conseuences would be for each one in turnGREAT book and I look forward to anything else that Kalogridis writes She's that good and I'm hooked

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    I started this book on Wednesday and it's now Saturday night and I just finished I'm slightly embarrassed by how much time I devoted to reading this book It truly was a fantastic read The storyline was very captivating and held your interest literally until the last line of the Epilogue There were only 2 things about it that kept me from giving it 5 stars 1 There was a little bit of uestionable language It wasn't very much and it didn't even occur until almost 23 of the way through but it was enough to make me a little uncomfortable The language probably would only give it a PG rating if this were a movie though 2 There was a little bit of sexual innuendo that again made me uncomfortable Again nothing big and by the time I began to wonder if I should uit reading it was over Like maybe a total of 10 lines in the entire book For me I'm sensitive to these things so it was enough to hold back a star Also because of these things I would hesitate to recommend this book without the disclaimer of those items above But the storyline and characters and intrigue were AMAZING

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    I found this book surprisingly engrossing albeit in a sort of way but betterThe story centers around a murder that of Giuliano de Medici in the late 15th century in Florence and the subseuent solving of that murder Another good book on this subject is also one I mailed out for bookmooch called April Blood but that book was dry and less entertaining that this one though the fictional details closely resemble the actual onesThe plot has a decent pace the characters are effective and well drawn Overall an enjoyable not too deep historical read that sweep you off to parts unknown for a few hours or days

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I Mona Lisa [PDF / EPUB] I Mona Lisa My name is Lisa di Antonio Gherardini Giocondo though to acuaintances I am known simply as Madonna Lisa My story begins not with my birth but a murder committed the year before I was bornFlorence Apri My name is Lisa di Antonio Gherardini Giocondo though to acuaintances I am known simply as Madonna Lisa I Mona MOBI :ß My story begins not with my birth but a murder committed the year before I was bornFlorence April The handsome Giuliano de' Medici is brutally assassinated in Florence's magnificent Duomo The shock of the murder ripples throughout the great city from the most renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to a wealthy wool merchant and his extraordinarily beautiful daughter Madonna LisaMore than a decade later Florence falls under the dark spell of the preacher Savonarola a fanatic who burns paintings and books as easily as he sends men to their deaths Lisa now grown into an alluring woman captures the heart of Giuliano's nephew and namesake But when Guiliano her love meets a tragic end Lisa must gather all her courage and cunning to untangle a sinister web of illicit love treachery and dangerous secrets that threatens her lifeSet against the drama of th Century Florence I Mona Lisa is painted in many layers of fact and fiction with each intricately drawn twist told through the captivating voice of Mona Lisa herself.