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Sinister Shorts [PDF / EPUB] Sinister Shorts The New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Nina Reilly thrillers brings her prodigious storytelling gifts to this first ever collection of short crime fiction From desperate housewives to The New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Nina Reilly thrillers brings her prodigious storytelling gifts to this first ever collection of short crime fiction From desperate housewives to hard boiled PIs to an appearance by Nina Reilly herself these chilling short mysteries–many appearing in print for the very first time–set the mood and ratchet up the suspense as only Perri O’Shaughnessy can Here are tales of love and betrayal rage and revenge–nineteen sizzling stories that run the gamut from classic whodunits to winding thrillers to an unusual cozy that casts Gertrude Stein as an unlikely Miss Marple And here Perri O’Shaughnessy has created some of her most sinister and compelling characters yet a college student who devises an ingenious method for getting her sexy teacher’s attention a haunted ex—homicide cop who takes a long walk into his blood shadowed past in a twisting tale of brutal murder and escalating violence a model wife who surprises both herself and a bothersome furnace man when she is confronted with an unacceptable ultimatum a lemon tree that plays a pivotal role in the tale of a woman who at long last asserts her independence From a blood soaked scheme that’s born at a slot machine in Vegas to the violence that ensues when the fat lady stops singing Sinister Shorts shows us life at its most menacing murderous and unbearably suspenseful And it proves once again the uniue and captivating genius of Perri O’Shaughnessy From the Hardcover edition.

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    This book by Perri O'Shaughnessy was very different than their others This book is a book of short stories written by Pamela and Mary individually rather than together The authors even encourage the readers to guess which of them wrote each short story As for me I have no idea which one wrote which one While I enjoyed several of the stories the others not so much it was like they left you wondering were the rest of the story was I do love their ability to shock us right up till the end They are awesome authors Nina Reilly the lawyer in many of their legal books show up in one of these short stories and Paul van Wagoner even blows in through one of the short stories It was neat seeing both characters in these short stories I love both characters Thanks again ladies for all the great stories Success Without college a good story About a working class family who can not afford for the son to go to College events happen and Pal van Wagoner comes in Loved Juggernaut About a wife who is tired of her husband drinking and gambling their money awayher husband figures out a way to get some money so his wife is satisfied and still drink and gamble The only thing is things do not always turn out the way we plan or do they ? One of my favorite story was To Still the beating of her Heart an accident changes their lives forever but he says he will always love her For the most part loved them except not the ones that just seem to end abruptly with no real ending

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    I really loved almost all of these stories and even the ones that weren't my favorites were still good enough to keep me reading through to the end In most short story collections I find myself skipping a story or two that just don't grab me after the first few pages I found myself not wanting to miss anything in this collection The stories had some great twists but were not hard to follow with the exception of one Gertrude Stein Solves A Mystery This story was full of a lot of odd references and half the time I didn't know what the author was talking about But even with all of that considered I still enjoyed the premise of the story and the interesting twist of having a lesbian couple as the central characters I loved Juggernaut Sandstorm Chocolate Milkshake The Young Lady and The Couple Behind The Curtain But after reading many of the stories in the collection the endings became a teeny bit too predictable Oh it was an intense and great ending for a story the first time or two I read it but then it just didn't vary uite enough This authors write such incredible believable characters that I think they can be a little clever and vary up their endings This was my first experience with a Perri O'Shaughnessy bookbut I will be back for

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    I love love story compilationsanthologies I read this in November while visiting Dad's grave in the cemetery It was rainy the air cold the sky a dull gray And me reading stories this sinister I liked the plot of the nineteen short stories and enjoyed the twists How the bad guys turn out to be good how seemingly good guys have skeletons in their closets or murderous tendencies My faves in this collection are Dead Money House Afire The Furnace Man Chocolate Milkshake The Young Lady The Couple Behind the Curtain Sandstorm To Still the Beating of Her Heart and Lemons

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    It's not fair to use my ratings because I am not a fan of short stories I picked this book up in the library because I've read all the other books she they have written Some of the stories were good and some weren't I have books of short stories all over the house by some of my favorite authors like Stephen King that have never been finished Since this one has a due date I can't leave it sitting to collect dust for the next 10 years

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    Good collection of stories with some good twists and closure at the end I like short stories that have a good ending and not leave me hanging There were several I really liked and noticed a lot of disgruntled wife stories I liked trying to guess which sister wrote which story and could definitely tell the story they wrote together Juggernaut which was probably my favorite of the whole bunch

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    Two sisters Pamela Mary write under the name of Peri These stories are written by both or by either one individually They do not tell who wrote most of them Interesting insight into their individual personalities if we only knew who was whom Their joint mysteries benefit from their shared writing techniue

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    Even though I have all of Perri O'Shaunessey books to date this one is not a Nina Reilly novel so I actually didn't like it as muchif you like short stories read them anywaythey're still good

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    I have trouble giving a short story collection than 3 stars This one came very close to 4 One Nina Reilly story one involving a character from the Nina Reilly books and the rest were uncharted territory for me Most of them uite good

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    A great going to sleep book weird enough to keep your attention and short enough to last just long enough to fall asleep

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    Book of Mystery short stories Interesting although the themes seemed a bit time worn

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