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Space Cat [PDF / EPUB] Space Cat Everyone goes to the moon in stories these days why not a cat So we have the ambitious young cat Flyball going off in a rocket and having extraordinary adventures He is a delight in his space suit a d Everyone goes to the moon in stories these days why not a cat So we have the ambitious young cat Flyball going off in a rocket and having extraordinary adventures He is a delight in his space suit a descendant perhaps of that famous adventurer Puss in BootsOn the moon he becomes of course a super cat rescuing his master and finding surprising things in a cave Children will love Flyball's story grown ups reading it aloud will see in it a slight take off on the popular science fiction thread.

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    Greatest book about a cat in space ever written

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    Totally charming text and illos of how Flyball the cat went to the Moon in 1951 Reading the 1952 HB likely a first edChapter One Little Gray Kitten sneaks on board a jetliner this is written in 1951 mind Takeoff His snug sleeping spot tilts He meows A friendly man picks him up hands him to the stewardess No one claims him Man adopts him names him FlyballChap 2 Call from the Colonel Late from your leave again Stone? Flyball takes over the Rocket base with his super cat powers Ground duty was fine for those who liked it Not for Flyball Purr Purr I go up in a jet And I fly far faster than sound the little cat hammock Even if it looks pretty precarious for Kitty's acceleration couchFlyball has fun on the Moon and explores a hidden cave filled with strange Moon life Captain Fred sueezes in takes a fall cracks his helmet Flyball patches the leak and saves the dayThe Moon is only the start Says Flyball the FlierOh no one ever can guess How far we can flyNeed I say if you love cats and love SF this is the book for you ?Thanks to Montzalee for the reco

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    This edition was published in 1991 but I read it literally my lifetime ago It was my favorite book at age 6 or 7 Was already hooked on sci fi and cats of course Wonderful illustrations The respect shown Space Cat by the humans in the story puts humans in a wonderful light Also loved Space Cat Meets Mars as well as Space Cat Visits Venus Ruthven Todd by the way also wrote an excellent essay on William Blake which I read about 40 years later

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    I loved this book as a child and the prospect of re reading it as adult delights me Off to make an Inter Library Loan reuest right nowUPDATEStill awesome My cats prefer The Dream uest of Unknown Kadath though

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    I absolutely loved these books as a kid They were part of my early intro to scifi I still loved them when I read them to my sons The cat stows away with his astronaut owner on a trip on his rocket ship Priceless

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    I read this book at age 7 after checking it out from the school library This book with its 3 companions Space Cat Visits Venus etc are the first science fiction books I ever read and I can trace my love of that genre to this series

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    One of the defining books of my life Read it during the Johnson administration Named one of our pet cats Flyball after it

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    Princess Fuzzypants here Space Cat was written and published back in 1952 It tells the story of a kitten named Flyball who manages to adopt an astronaut still called rocketeers back then and ends up going to the moon with his human Flyball is a kitty I can love He is very adventurous and determined Even when the humans want to stop him from doing something he finds a way He like me in my palace rules the roost He knows he is in charge and his human would not be able to exist without him In fact Flyball does save his human’s life Some humans accept the inevitable uicker than others but he wins over all of themIt is fascinating reading this 60 plus years after it was written This was long before any living creature was shot into space and nearly twenty years before the moon landing Naturally since it is a fantasy there are lots of elements that are whimsical However on other things it gets close to the markOverall it is simply a charming story with lovely characters and delightful artwork It would be a welcome addition for readers young and old I give it a hearty five purrs and two paws up

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    Truly delightful children's science fiction book that was a tremendous influence on me when I read it as a child Tells the story of a stray young cat adopted by an astronaut given the clever name Flyball his adventures at the space center and on an exciting journey to the moon The Moon is only the startSays Flyball the flierWe'll reach the stars yetGoing higher and higherWe'll voyage right round spaceTo the ends of the skyOh no one ever can guessHow far we will fly

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    Half of the idea is 1950s futurist science fiction conceivable though now known to be wrong and half is ridiculous fantasy inconceivable even then

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