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Mr Midshipman Hornblower [PDF / EPUB] Mr Midshipman Hornblower Here we meet Horatio Hornblower a young man of 17 in this Volume #1 of what becomes the 11 volume set about the career of this British Naval officer fighting against Napoleon and his tyranny of Europe Here we meet Horatio Hornblower a young man of in this Volume of what becomes the volume set about the career of this British Naval officer fighting against Napoleon and his tyranny of Europe as an inexperienced midshipman in January Bullied and forced into a duel he takes an even chance And then he has many chances to show his skills and ingenuities from sailing a ship full of wetted and swelling rice to imprisonment and saving the lives of shipwrecked sailors And along the way he fights galleys feeds cattle stays out Mr Midshipman PDF or of the way of the guillotine and makes friends with a Duchess Here Hornblower becomes a man and develops the strength of character which will make him a hero to his men and to all England.

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    When I was growing up my Mom who doubled as the village librarian URGED me to read this book I’m sure she saw in me a little Midshipman HornblowerShy standoffish and predisposed to dumb clumsiness I obviously needed the role model of a misfit like I was who would bloom under the rigours of his first commandBut I was averse to authoritarian posturingLater though I would be plunged into the thick of it as Head Boy of our new high school Popularity? Not a chance Looks? A blank on that score too I was a bit overweight and ungainly But dumb luck has doggedly plodded close behind me all my long lifeAnd besides when I was a kid I was much intent on doing what the other kids liked to do have fun and joke aroundWhen I finally picked up this book nearly 60 years later I was as unfit as ever to read it for a different reasonYou see I’ve always believed in adulthood that virtue and not swagger and a strutting attitude yields the best rewards I’ve seen too many intellectual flyweights and moral midgets assume the reins of command in my long career and through their draconian attitudes fake the whole thing passably enoughThat’s the strong and unpleasant impression I got from Hornblower’s first acts after being promoted particularly in the flintlock duel sceneSo when I reread this Horatio I decided not to Friend you DNFHowever it’s a wonderfully well written book and a good yarn and you know what? After reading Jason Koivu’s beautiful five star review here on GR I’ve decided to someday if I get the chance revisit itSo why’s that? Well back in the times when I was similarly “in command” of a group of office workers I led by intuition and not by will much like the young untried ordinary seaman HornblowerSo his embarrassing moments reminded me too much of my ownToo many folks I know have corrupted their youth early on with the strategy of power its dark secrets veiled in a “tedious argument of insidious intent” to lead their hapless victims to an “overwhelming uestion” and force their hands For what indeed is our Ingenuous Youth if not a series of embarrassments which includes a hearty helping of humiliation at the hands of these corrupt early bloomers?And what is ‘presence’ but continually weathering the storms seeded by these conniving cognoscenti ad infititum?For into such dark checkmates were the plans of the moral flyweights I knew in my early career intended to lead their victimsSo we Ingenuous Ones have no choice but to keep dancingBut I see in Jason’s review that his character develops what used to be called “presence” that same confidence in himself to which I was only a newcomer in my late middle ageAnd if Hornblower and I turn out to be dancing to the same sheet of music it will be worthwhile to revisit this bookSo dear readers Please consider this review as very much a Work in Progress

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    I’ve got really strong memories of enjoying the Hornblower TV movies of the late 90’s so seemed like another perfect book series to get started with I’d decided to read these in chronological orderWhilst there is a slight preuel feel to these adventures it’s definitely the best place to startSeeing young 17 year old Hornblower’s inexperience helps the reader to understand the nautical terms with ease and get a greater sense of the late Eighteenth Century settingI definitely could sympathise with his seasicknessThere’s a real short story collection vibe to this volume with some parts interesting than othersBut ultimately it’s seeing the young Horatio grow throughout the tales that makes this a great adventures novel

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    Mr Midshipman Hornblower begins the seafaring career of a young British officer in one of the greatest historical naval fiction series ever penned It's a heck of a fun rollick with seamen Horatio Hornblower commences his career in the Royal Navy as an inexperienced midshipman in January 1794 Through a series of challenges and adventures both in and out of combat Hornblower discovers he is actually talented in both seamanship and leadership WikipediaThis initial book in the series reads somewhat episodic with whole creating a rounded introductory The first chapter Hornblower and the Even Chance is a fantastically tense and dynamic way to begin A bit of a Mary Sue Hornblower seems to do no wrong much of the time He is given the slightest of character flaws and he occasionally fails but his fairly consistent successes and need to chastise himself for his failings could get a bit tedious for some readers On the other hand isn't it nice when the good guy wins?The funny thing about Mr Midshipman Hornblower is that it's a preuel Forester went back and began his series after he'd already brought the narrative to completion When he originally started writing these books he began Hornblower's naval career in media res After getting to the end he went back and wrote a handful of preuels sort of like what goddamned George Lucas did with Star Wars However in this case the creator's craft had improved The writing in Mr Midshipman Hornblower has a better flow to it an effortless ease The characters feel like real people I have to say it's funny to get into the middle of the entire series and encounter the old books with their stiff characters and stilted writing Regardless of any shortcomings the series is still one of my favorites and this is a great send off to a wonderful voyage A far too dashing image of Ioan Gruffudd who played Hornblower in the tv series

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    Both my oldest daughter and her husband are fans of the Hornblower series and I've thoroughly enjoyed the A E movie productions that I've seen of the Hornblower corpus; so I was motivated to read the books and decided to begin at the beginning of Hornblower's career with this novel My only previous acuaintance with Forester was from reading one of his short stories I'm glad to say it didn't disappointForester had a deft hand with maritime adventure not all of it dealing with combat characterization and easily readable Realist style The movies based on parts of this novel don't always follow the book very closely; the Hornblower revealed here is a complex character than the film version younger a teen at the beginning and callow and definitely fallible I could actually identify with him to a high degree even though I'd never be able to do some of the things he did because he's portrayed as awkward and shy and as pushing himself to the limit to do things that tax and scare him mainly because he fears other people's ridicule if he doesn't; and because he can make the same kind of absent minded mistakes like forgetting to cock his pistol when he's going into combat that I could imagine myself making One critic I've read felt that Forester is a less deep writer than his fellow maritime novelist Melville because he doesn't go in for symbolism and allegory Nonetheless his writing isn't shallow; he confronts his hero with several demands for moral decision making And on these occasions Hornblower comes through earning the reader's respect and setting a good example The writing here is vivid; you get a really powerful picture of the hard and dangerous character of naval life in that day as you experience along with the hero the palms of his hands being flayed bloody by having to slide down a rough rope from a falling mast or the winter cold and wet of the waves constantly breaking over him in an open boatAlthough this book is usually considered a novel the structure is episodic enough that it could have been billed as a collection of short stories; though the chapters are placed in chronological order they're each perfectly self contained and could stand as distinct units Since this wasn't the first Hornblower book to be written it doesn't furnish any detailed information about his life before he went to sea or why he decided on such a career; I'm assuming this would have appeared in the first book but the lack of it here made for a gap in the character development Also if Forester ever explained the basic nautical terms of a sail driven ship and its rigging and operations he doesn't do it here; technical terms are used abundantly and you glean or sometimes don't glean an approximation of the meaning from the context unless you've picked up a definition elsewhere A sailing ship entry in a good visual dictionary would be a useful accompaniment to this read But these are minor caveats; I'm looking forward to eventually reading the next two books in terms of Hornblower's life chronology of the series at least

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    My library didn't have this when I started reading the series so I wound up reading Lieutenant Hornblower the second book chronologically before this There was uite a difference in the two books Where 'Lieutenant' was pretty much one long story with a short bit tacked on to the end 'Midshipman' jumps from one short adventure to another like a frog on a hot road but I liked both Reading them out of order wasn't a huge deal although I would have preferred to read them in chronological order will do so from now on I have all 11 booksHornblower is a really interesting hero He's not physically perfect He's tough as nails but shy skinny prone to seasickness clumsiness He's fairly smart does his best thinking with real problems under life threatening circumstances but most of all he has a very rigid code of honor holds true to it He never prevaricates even to himself this series of adventures shows off the entire young manHornblower is rather offhand about the many hardships a sailor faced in the British Navy of the early 1800's I thought back to my Army days tried to put it in perspective Each man had 22 to hang his hammock Imagine that for a moment That's about shoulder width that's the room they had not only to sleep in but to get in out of the bloody thing Suddenly my WWII barracks with rows of bunk beds seemed uite spaciousWhy so little room? Forester mentions 300 men on a 'frigate' space issues in several places What's a frigate how big is it? I looked around a little guess it was about 135' long x 40' wide Tough to tell since the term seems to have covered a lot of different types sizes Figure 2 decks the math shows that each man had 36 suare feet a 6'x6' area without allowing for any superstructure bracing tapering cannon supplies or anything else which may well have eaten up a lot of the room Oh my Tight uarters indeed especially for voyages of months They might have room in a grave Even with all the fresh sea air I imagine the smell was enough to knock a vulture over Barely mentioned are the 'latrines' which weren't really as such They were an area with ropes strung off the side of the ship They swung out over the ocean with their trousers down hung on while they did their business no matter what the weather was like UghFood water are mentioned a few times Do NOT look it up It's enough to gag a maggot And there were rats Yet Hornblower likes the sea life It's beyond imagining Shore life must have been dismal indeed It makes the adventures hardships that he willingly endures far believable I'm still uite entranced by the series will continue to listen to it It's very well read a perfect mediumThe full series in Published Order1 The Happy Return 1937 aka Beat to uarters2 The Ship of the Line 19383 Flying Colours 19384 The Commodore 1945 aka Commodore Hornblower5 Lord Hornblower 19466 Mr Midshipman Hornblower 19507 Lieutenant Hornblower 19528 Hornblower and the Atropos 19539 Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies 195710 Hornblower and the Hotspur 196211 Hornblower and the Crisis 1967 aka Hornblower During the Crisis partial unfinished novel12 Hornblower Addendum 2011Hornblower One More Time contains 3 short stories Hand of Destiny Charitable Offering aka The Bad Samaritan Hornblower and His MajestyHornblower Addendum Five Stories 2011 is 5 adventures of Horatio Hornblower two as Lieutenant two as Captain and one as Admiral of the FleetThe Hornblower Companion is an atlas with brief descriptons should be read along with the booksHornblower Chronology From Wikipedia other sourcesSS Short Story1 Mr Midshipman Hornblower Jan 1794–Mar 179814 Hornblower and the Hand of Destiny SS 1798 need to find15 Hornblower and the Big Decision Temptation or Widow McCool SS 17992 Lieutenant Hornblower May 1800–Mar 18033 Hornblower and the Hotspur Apr 1803–Jul 18054 Hornblower and the Crisis aka Hornblower During the Crisis Aug 1805–Dec 1805 partial unfinished novel5 Hornblower and the Atropos Dec 1805–Jan 18086 The Happy Return aka Beat to uarters Jun 1808–Oct 18087 The Ship of the Line May 1810–Oct 181075 Hornblower's Charitable Offering aka The Bad Samaritan SS Jun 18108 Flying Colours Nov 1810–Jun 181185 Hornblower and His Majesty SS 18129 The Commodore aka Commodore Hornblower Apr 1812–Dec 181210 Lord Hornblower Oct 1813–Jun 181411 Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies May 1821–Oct 1823115 The Last Encounter SS Nov 1848The Point and the Edge is a brief outline of a storyThe Wikipedia entry for the series has a lot of good information but careful of spoilers There is a table listing all the books stories with both the UKUSA published names dates plus the chronological dates movies other stuffSee Joy's review for movies

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    Here we have a lad of seventeen a greenhorn deckhand who works his way up through the ranks with his determination grit and a dash of book learnin' poor seasick Hornblower who barely manages to escape with his life from the duel he himself orchestrated knowing his own inability and lack of experience in combat Here we have Mr Midshipman Hornblower of the HMS Indefatigable unaware of the dangers of a leaky ship with a cargo hold full of dry rice Here we have the pertinacious the temerarious the au courant the über prescient Horatio fing Hornblower foiling mutinous plots fighting baddies on sea and on land farting in the general direction of the French Spanish et cetera and basically drop kicking evil in the faceSometimes I forget that reading can be so fun I spend a lot of my reading time struggling through dense prose trying to understand philosophical jargon or in the case of my recent Ulysses failure trying to understand anything at all Which is good It's valuable But holy cow monkeys do I enjoy hearing about Horatio Hornblower's adventures on the high sea

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    So this is actually a preuel written many years after Horatio Hornblower first took the stage and even after he had become one of England’s most famous heroes But I’ve decided to read these in chronological order and I’m uite glad that I did In this book Horatio is a very young midshipman although not as young as the wealthy and titled lads who take up that position He’s been given his first commission aboard the Justinian where he immediately becomes known as the midshipman who got seasick while still anchored at port He’s introverted awkward gangly and a bit of a math nerd However what makes Horatio’s fumbles so incredibly enjoyable is the tangible affection that CS Forester so obviously feels for him You can really feel Forester’s warmth and humor as Horatio contemplates suicide with all the drama of a seventeen year old or disguises his skinny calves with a bit of wood and some plaster or gets flustered by a uestionable DuchessAnd then there are the little glimpses of Hornblower the leader the man who should not be trifled with These are even enjoyable Underneath all that skinny awkwardness lies a daring brave and rigidly honorable man I’ve listened to a few author narrated audiobooks recently and while they weren’t terrible and were also undoubtedly authentic in terms of the author’s “vision” this audiobook really reminded me of how much I love a skilled professional narrator The narrator for this audiobook is amazing with voices accents and inflections I highly recommend this on audioPerfect Musical PairingBob Dylan – When the Ship Comes InYes I know that this is a metaphorical “ship coming in” But still I think that this song is a bit about revenge but also a bit about the inevitability of social growth and changeI found myself very amused by Hornblower’s unuestioning participation in government sanctioned kidnapping “press gangs” or piracy “privateering” and the casual racism that he applies to both the French and Spanish sailors even as he looks on the practice of using galley slaves with disgust But near the end of the book he seems to become open minded and level headed So there Even in a metaphorical sense this song appliesAnd in a literal sense obviously Yay for high seas adventures

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    HEART OF OAKHeart of oak are our shipsJolly tars are our menWe'll always be ready Steady boys steady We'll fight and we'll conuerAgain and againBritish sea shanty Napoleonic eraThose French are a match for the ablest admiral boys A rollicking good tale of the Sea25% done

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    The Hornblower books by C S Forester are among the iconic novels of the English language and with good reason in my opinion I almost gave this a 4 star rating because of my stingy with the 5 star ratings rule After all 5 is the best you can givehow many can there be? Butbut decided I really do like these books to a 5 star level and they are very well writtenThis was not the first Hornblower booknot the first written that is but it is the first in chronological order in Hornblower's life This book starts out with an extremely unsure and YOUNG Midshipman Hornblower arriving at his first ship It follows him through a series of adventures from the misery of serving under a senior Midshipman who will never be promoted because he's failed the Lieutenant's test too many times This man takes his wretchedness and bitterness out on all the younger thus juniorMidshipmen The book's story continues with Hornblower's life through his promotion to Lieutenant while he's in a Spanish prison as a prisoner of war The book ends with his release from prisoner of war status and a promise of adventureThis these book books are well worth reading Patrick O'Brian's works have become very well known of late in my opinion as action and adventure stories Forester's works are far superior Just me of course

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    I enjoyed this book It is a book about a young inexperienced midshipman named Mr Hornblower He takes us on many fun and challenging sea ventures I recommend this book to all readers It is uite light and fun to readEnjoy and Be BlessedDiamond

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