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T Rex and the Crater of Doom [PDF / EPUB] T Rex and the Crater of Doom Sixty five million years ago a gigantic comet or asteroid as big as Mount Everest slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula creating an explosion on impact euivalent to the detonation of a hundred million hy Sixty five and the PDF/EPUB À million years ago a gigantic comet or asteroid as big as Mount Everest slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula creating an explosion on impact euivalent to the detonation of a hundred million hydrogen bombs It produced a cloud of roiling debris that blackened the sky for months as well as other geologic disasters and triggered the demise of Tyrannosaurus rex We know what happened largely because Walter Alvarez synthesizing the findings of experts from a variety of scientific fields has written a gripping story of the T Rex PDF/EPUB or decades long search for the cause of the dinosaurs' extinction Painstakingly assembling clues from the Italian Apennines Rex and the Crater of Kindle - and the depths of the Pacific and presenting them with the excitement of a great novel T Rex and the Crater of Doom is a book of undeniable importance and irresistible appeal by a major figure in contemporary science Engaging and witty read Alvarez for and excellent account of how scientists pose uestions and seek to solve them Scientific American First rateAlvarez provides the up close tale of the comet or Rex and the PDF Í asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs San Francisco Chronicle.

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    I love the cover to this book I didn't love the material inside the book nearly as much but it was still pretty interesting A bunch of years ago the dinosaurs had a really bad day when a meteor or comet the size of Los Angeles crashed into Mexico and killed them all off except for the ones that were on Noah's Ark and the still existing dinosaurs that live in Loch Ness and Lake Champlain called Nessy and Champy respectively Those facts aren't in this book But you learn a lot about rocks and things about geology and dating material which would be cool if it wasn't all just the devil manipulating us with his illusions to make us all believe in things like dinosaurs living on the Earth as a dominant life form for about 150 million years which is millions of times longer than the bible says we have been here and who are you going to believe scientists with their numbers and their research and besides look at the scientists in this book they are nerds they look like nerds like hello i'm poindexter I like math would you believe them or say the star of Invasion USA Chuck Norris or former teen heart throb Kirk Cameron? As if it's a competition All bullshit aside this book is a fun uick read It's short 146 pages if you ignore the footnotes that are all just references to science papers and it has a cool cover and it's about fucking dinosaurs which are always cool

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    I was promised dinosaurs and I got only scientists searching for a buried crater A word repeated thrice in a book does not its title makeThe initial 50 pages or so are worth reading For the rest go watch some NatGeo doc

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    Ok ok so I understand that if you bought this book based on this cover art eg the giant Tyrannosaurus rex you might be a little pissed off Whoever was in charge of marketing this volume at Princeton University Press clearly knew that a whole book about the science of geology and specifically the proving of the impact theory to explain the unusually high amounts of iridium in the banded layer of rock known as the K T boundary that separates older Cretaceous period stone from newer Tertiary sediments would not sell a lot of product However put a T rex on the cover and you are in business Notwithstanding the apparent bait and switch I truly enjoyed this book If you have any doubt that an asteroid or comet hit the Earth 66 million years ago Walter Alvarez will provide you a front row seat on how he developed and later proved to the scientific community that the mass extinction event that ended the reign of the dinosaurs was caused by a gigantic extraterrestrial object about the size of Mt Everest striking our planet So long T rex we never knew youFor those readers still jonesing to read about Tyrannosaurus rex let me highly recommend David Hone's The Tyrannosaur Chronicles The Biology of the Tyrant Dinosaurs

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    This doesn't focus in on the dinosaurs around the time of the extinction event so don't go in wanting that This focuses almost entirely in on the geology used to determine how the extinction event occurred and where This was absolutely fascinating and Mr Alvarez's writing made it approachable and easy to understand for a casual reader He took the time to explain size and speeds in ways I was able to grasp uickly and the pacing of this worked almost like an adventure novel but non fiction I was a bit hesitant with this one but I really recommend it if the topic sounds interesting at all It's one I've already bought a copy of for my own shelves

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    Walter is such a great storyteller He does an incredible job of making a complex scientific discovery very accessible to the general public yet never talks down to the audience A fine job of combining scientific detail with an interesting story

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    It was a great little book I listened to the audio version which was pretty short for the page length I think I must have missed some great illustrations so I'll be picking up the text version at some point to get the whole picture What I enjoyed most about this book is that it was written by one of the individuals that actually figured the cause location and beginning of the story that caused the K T extinction I've read watched documentaries and sat through many lectures about mass extinctions and this one in focus but hearing about it from the actual scientist was splendidMeteors don't give a kYou get a real sense of how a scientist comes up with a hypothesis works through the science to come up with a working theory and then goes on to try to prove it and get the consensus of their fellow scientists It's not only a great book about one particular event in the earth's history but also a wonderful learning tool if you want to help someone learn about how science actually worksHighly recommend reading to everyone but especially this dude

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    Despite its rather sensationalistic title ‘T Rex and the Crater of Doom’ provides a very nice overview of the asteroid impact which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and other species 65 million years ago It also describes the scientific investigation which led up to the theory’s development and the subseuent search for the impact crater The book is written by Walter Alvarez who along with his father Nobel prize winning physicist Luis Alvarez and 2 colleagues came up with the asteroid impact theory to explain a clay layer containing higher than normal levels of iridium which occurs right at the Cretaceous Tertiary K T boundary Since iridium is common in asteroids but very uncommon on the Earth they postulated that an asteroid had been the cause of the extinction The book is written for a general audience and is both well written and interesting

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    Walter Alvarez's book is a great discovery story Well written for the lay audience it captures one's attention and takes readers through the many dead ends and ultimately discoveries that make up science and the process that scientists go through formulating and testing their ideasHighly recommended for all science lovers dinosaur buffs if you haven't read it already everyone wanting to find out about the world around us and of course anyone who's ever wondered what really happened to the dinosaurs

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    Audiobook on 4 cd'sNo one becomes bored by the Yucatan catastrophe do they and this is a good rendition that is narrated well

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    A bit old 1997 but a worthwhile look at how the idea that an asteroid impact caused the extinction of the dinosaurs was eventually proven Written by Walter Alvarez the one who originally proposed the idea with his father who passed away before conclusive evidence was established He explains how they came up with the idea based upon the rock layer commonly known as the KT Boundary They subseuently found that regardless of location around the world the layer of rock had very high levels of iridium an element rare at the earth's crust but usually found in small but consistent levels due to the constant rate of small meteorites that burn up in the atmosphere and settle on the earth's surface Their theory went in the face of the accepted geological belief that only gradual forces had shaped the planet's surface by proposing that occasional catastrophic events also had an effect Eventually the site of the giant impact was found to be on the Yucatan Peninsula I'm not sure how recent studies and observations have since altered the view since I believe I've read accounts that present evidence that the dinosaurs actually lived for thousands of years after the impact but I think this is still a worthwhile read for those interested in the subject

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