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Trois Filles de Leur Mère [PDF / EPUB] Trois Filles de Leur Mère Classic French erotica by the extremely prolific Louys Susan Sontag so recently deceased described this book as one of the handful of erotic works that achieve true literary status The She Devils is t Classic French erotica by the extremely de Leur eBook ¸ prolific Louys Susan Sontag so recently deceased described this book as one of the handful of erotic works that achieve true literary status The She Devils is the story of a Trois Filles PDF/EPUB ² young man who one day finds himself in the company of a family of whores a mother and three daughters each of the younger ones decadent than the last Oft reprinted work first translated in by the Filles de Leur eBook ✓ Ophelia Press.

  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Trois Filles de Leur Mère
  • Pierre Louÿs
  • English
  • 19 July 2015
  • 9781596543621

About the Author: Pierre Louÿs

Pierre Louÿs December – de Leur eBook ¸ June was a French poet and writer most renowned for lesbian and classical themes in some of his writings He is known as a writer who sought to express Trois Filles PDF/EPUB ² pagan sensuality with stylistic perfection He was made first a Chevalier and then an Officer of the Légion d'honneur for his contributions to French literature Born in Belgium in but moved to Fra.

10 thoughts on “Trois Filles de Leur Mère

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    It seems that the 1970s porno mag Screw used to assess porno movies on a four erect penises rating scaleAdapting that scale to the novel here in uestion I would easily bestow it four big hard ones This so far is the only book I've read that kept me tumescent the entire way; literary Viagra of the first orderIf this is too much information then get back to the junior leagues o' timid ones Despite the fact that my sexual exercises are ordinarily as reserved and conservative as my language my moral scruples do not go so far as to prevent me from fucking a mother on top of her daughter and then deflowering the same daughter on top of her motherJust to give you an idea of what's afoot This is 174 pages of constant ultra hardcore sexual debauched one upsmanship or accurately one upswomanship The frenzy leads up to ultimately a bit of an anti climax But until then it's the hottest book you'll ever read uestion is Can you take it?This old French erotic novel written 1910; published underground in 1926 roars out of the gate with a teen girl wanting posterior pleasure from her 20 year old male neighbor the girl her sisters and mother have just moved into the next apartment The attitudes toward sex are positive and gleeful though also tinged with a sadness as you will see Before it ends almost every variation of depravity is explored in dual and gang bang configurations dealing with one of the most potent of male fantasies the taking of a mother and her daughters simultaneouslyThe writing is not avant garde or offputting just to the point explicit and unashamedly nasty It is if I've not yet made it abundantly clear the dirtiest book I've ever readFair warning don't read this if you don't have access to a facility andor person in which to alleviate the pressure I'm serious This is so relentlessly dirty that it actually makes me giddy with laughter The action is nonstop and the conversations which are downright hilarious in how everything is so plainly spelled out are just plain hot This stuff is super taboo very transgressive pretty much nothing is off limits here It's a volatile stew and it gets my juices going to the point of suirming The perve muse deliverethA mother who is masterful in the art of sex is training her daughters in same said skills and giving herself and all of them over to the lucky main dude of the story It's a fairly ridiculous conceit pure male fantasy porn but it's done so frankly and enthusiastically; it sort of puts contemporary erotica to shame so to speakThe sadness of the story comes through despite what I said earlier Each of the women all of whom really have the same voice perhaps since they all share the same kind of life or perhaps because Louys is not a good enough writer to distinguish personality is relating the harrowing depraved back stories of how they became whores how each was first exposed to each nasty act There's an acceptance by the daughters and the mother of their whorish inheritance than true joy All the happiness they have is concentrated in their clitoris and usually they enjoy it best when self administered As for the rest it's simply a job or perhaps a lifestyle that is fated rather than chosen It's so silly at times that it's sublime and the undercurrent of sadness is there Even so it's also a celebration of what is often known as depravity I can't deny it though it sounds like being with these siblings would be a blast even though it would be impossible to keep up with themSusan Sontag proclaimed this one of the few erotic novels deserving real literary statusSo there it has some snob cred people

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    Completely depraved full of typoes very sexy Silly Fun Hot Did I say it was hot? Yeah It is

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    DNF 23 % And just when I thought I've read everything one of the heroines fist her mother For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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    I read this book in its Spanish version some years ago shortly after discovering Pierre Louÿs and his extremely smart and funny Manuel De Civilité Pour Les Petites Filles à L'usage Des Maisons D'éducation As many other open minded readers from our time I guess I was also openly shocked by almost every page of it I didn't find it arousing at all but I did find it mostly fascinating sometimes too strong other times kind of sweet and innocent all of it depending on the point of view and the level of relativism appliedToday a good friend asked me about one erotic novel to read and my mind came to this book not as one of the best erotic novels but as one labeled as erotic novel that could shock any reader up to some high levels

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    A novelist is supposed to depict reality If I am going to speak about a lady's erotic feeling then it had better be as a woman feels Well this work feels like it is written by a schoolboy who just hit puberty and now is the time to chronicle is boyish fantasies and attribute them to ladies This reminds me of Arabian Night where erotic works are written for the sole pleasure of male Arabs and as they understand sexuality to no regard or consideration whatsoever for how it goes in a woman's world Sadly I couldn't finish the book I don't find any literary compelling value either Off to the author's other work published by Dover The Songs of Bilitis

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    Apparently I first read in March 2010 No that can't be right This is when I gave it all these stars here Actually I used to own a copy maybe in 2008 but then I started lending it to friends to friends' sisters to their girlfriends I kinda miss it

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    A dirty dirty dirty book Not for those who are into some light erotica This is some perverse stuff NOT RECOMMENDED for light weights

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    Had to read it for a University Course one of the most disturbing books I've ever read

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    The one star reviews are hilarious

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    I've read a few books of erotica before but this was the first one that felt like it was written by an actual pervert Yuck This was a horrible book

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