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Gulch [PDF / EPUB] Gulch Inspired by the philosophical theories of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari this anthology is a rhizomatic exploration of the current Canadian literary community Drawing on the postmodern themes of d Inspired by the philosophical theories of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari this anthology is a rhizomatic exploration of the current Canadian literary community Drawing on the postmodern themes of detachment and disjuncture the book seeks to create an optimistic snapshot of the pluralities and complexities that constitute the post postmodernism or “post pomo” literary landscape Focusing on the topic of fragmentation the editors selected writing from community artists professors literature students and burgeoning young talent as well as established writers in order to compile a collection that resists the notion of wholeness privileging instead the multiplicity and diversity found in contemporary globalized culture This collection an assemblage in every right of poetry and prose bares the innovation and cultural critiue of post millennium Canadian writers and seeks to expose the beauty of discontinuity.

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    Being the conventional sort I flipped to the first poem and began reading Being the impatient sort after that I skipped ahead to the reason I bought the book Ursula Pflug I read her story No Woman is an Island like it was written just for me then I sat with the well of emotion it had brought on This collection is going to be a good read one to pick up read here and there and savourAlso I love love love the book's layout

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    This anthology includes my short story No Woman Is An Island Put together by Toronto collective Steel Bananas and edited by Karen Correia da Silva Curran Folkers and Sarah Beaudin it is inspired by the work of rhizomatic theorists Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari who are uoted thuslyThe book imitates the world as art imitates nature by procedures specific to it that accomplish what nature cannot or can no longer doOn the back cover they also sayIt is not a uestion of this or that place on earth or of a given moment in history; still less of this or that category of thought It is a uestion of a model that is perpetually in construction or collapsing and of a process that is perpetually prolonging itself breaking off and starting up againIt's a lot easier for me to uneuivocally agree with the second uote The first one is difficult to interpret without context

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    810 Holy crap I am the FIRST REVIEWER of this book I feel so influentialFirst and foremost Gulch is a great physical artifact a book whose text runs up and down sideways gets tilted and chopped up and is shadowed by giant uotes or page numbers These changes in format both comment on the text and make the reader deal with the book as a physical object not as something subordinate to the larger meaning contained within The actual contents are an assemblage of poetry and prose based around Deleuze and Guattari's idea of the rhizome I'm not sure how all of them are rhizomatic but there is a general sense of decentredness in a lot of these stories The works are by an assortment of mostly Toronto area young andor unknown writers and as such there's a lot of fluctuation in uality but even if there are good pieces and bad pieces there are no boring ones and for that alone I would reccomend Gulch

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    Many of the stories and poems found in Gulch are worth reading But the book’s format unusual and aggressive almost hostile is a definite turn off in what could otherwise have very well been a pleasant reading experience As you turn the book upside down and wonder if the editors did this just to tease you you may be missing out on some interesting fiction And that’s too badReaders are invited to check out the authors’ mini self descriptions found at the end of the book While some are simply descriptive “I have published here and there” some of them are laugh out loud funny and you may turn the pages back just to see if the author’s depiction of him or herself is somewhat coherent with their work found inside

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