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The Hand Of Red Finger [PDF / EPUB] The Hand Of Red Finger Der Rote Finger the foreign spy gasped as he came face to face with America's top agent Ford Duane a mild mannered bookstore owner is in truth the dreaded Red Finger top agent of PAT hunter and destro Der Rote Finger the foreign spy gasped as Of Red Kindle Ó he came face to face with America's top agent Ford Duane a mild mannered bookstore owner is The Hand PDF or in truth the dreaded Red Finger top agent of PAT hunter and destroyer of foreign spies Carrying only a strange gas gun foreign agents end up Hand Of Red eBook ´ dead after they meet this nemesis His black gloves have one oddity the trigger finger is painted blood red giving him the name foreign spies have come to recognize and fear The Red Finger For the first time all stories by Arthur Leo Zagat from the back pages of Operator are collected in one edition.

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    In the 1930's the hero pulps were everywhere A casual walk to a newsstand would get you the latest Doc Savage Spider Phantom Detective or Operator 5 And it was in the back pages of the Operator 5 magazine another pulp hero was created Red Finger Red Finger was a counter spy whose job it was to take down enemy agents His turf was America in general and New York City in particular From 1934 to 1938 The Red Finger battled spies with his signature gas gun and black gloves with scarlet trigger fingerWhat made Red Finger so interesting was the secret identity he held Unlike other caped crusaders the man behind this mask didn't have a lot of money His true self was Ford Duane a second hand bookstore owner in a run down section of New York City Most of the time he could be seen shuffling his musty volumes around in a cheap coat He even lives impoverished in a small room at the back of his store But every so often he would receive a message from his government contact as to the next target Then Ford Duane would vanish out of a hidden passage and emerge as Red Finger terror of foreign agentsThe best part of each story is the first paragraph Writer Arthur Zagat manages to grab the readers attention with a brilliant opening montage each timeThe book reprints all of the Red Finger stories with a new one as a conclusion by editor Tom Johnson Most of them follow a very tight formula Ford Duane gets his message he decodes it then goes out in disguise to eliminate his target The code is always based on the letters P A T The enemy agents don't seem to have a lot in common some are clearly Italian fascists others German with a few from an Asian country which stands in for Japan Although the Asian spies are the most noble they are often described in the disgustingly racist tones so prevalent before WW2Tom Johnson deserves a big round of applause for bringing out this story collection of a uniue and obscure pulp hero

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    A good collection of short stories featuring counter spy The Red Finger He dresses sort of like The Shadow but one of his gloves has a red trigger fingerHe stops various schemes and tries to stop enemy agents from collecting the price on his head from a host of enemy countries This all from the cover of a used book store The stories are good but get a little repetitive the weakness of most of these collections Still The Red Finger deserves a lot notice than he gets

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    Altus Press presents another great series of hero pulp stories This one showcases a little known I had never heard of this character hero pulp character who had a series of 12 short stories in the back of Popular Publications' Operator #5 pulps Written by Arthur Leo Zagat a lawyer turned pulp writer they focus on the mysterious Red Finger a costumed counter spy who operated in the mid 1930s US against various sinister foreign spies and saboteurs in pre WWII America While the counties these foreign spies worked for is never mentioned its clear they are from Germany Italy and Japan and a few others one appeares to be Mexico The Red Finger is really Ford Duane an unassuming man running a little used bookstore He gets mysterious coded messages from his boss the unknown and unseen T and goes into action The method of sending the messages change with each story All use the code phrase of PAT as identification He stops the spy or saboteur usually killing them tho not always without danger to him When in action as the Red Finger he dresses in a gray hat and a gray mask covering his lower face nose and mouth and wears black gloves with the trigger finger in blood red hence his name The agency he works for is never named These are not glamourous stories like James Bond but gritty urban adventures As these are short stories about 15 pages long there are little distractions with any secondary characters A female agent of the same org is introduced in one story and appears in a couple of others It appears that Ford has fallen for her she is refered to as Flower In addition to the 12 original stories we get the original illustrations as well Plus we have a new story by Tom Johnson which sorts of wraps up the character and series and a nice intro and author bio by Will Murray I do have to take Johnson to task for his story He makes the mistake of claiming that PAT identifies the Red Finger's boss It doesn't And make him a bit emotional in rescuing Flower from the bad guys when he didn't act that way in prior stories featuring her

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