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Gene Wolfe's Book of Days [PDF / EPUB] Gene Wolfe's Book of Days ContentsHow the Whip Came Back 1970Of Relays and Roses 1970Paul's Treehouse 1969St Brandon excerpt from Peace 1975Beautyland 1973Car Sinister 1970The Blue Mouse 1971How I Lost the Second World War and Book of MOBI · ContentsHow the Whip Came Back Of Relays and Roses Paul's Treehouse St Brandon excerpt from Gene Wolfe's Epub / Peace Beautyland Car Sinister The Blue Mouse How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Wolfe's Book of ePUB ´ Turn Back the German Invasion The Adopted Father Forlesen An Article about Hunting The Changeling Many Mansions Against the Lafayette Escadrille Three Million Suare Miles The War beneath the Tree La Befana Melting .

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Book of MOBI · Hugo nominee without a win Wolfe has nevertheless picked up several.

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    I would recommend the Book of Days only to the die hard Gene Wolfe fans Most of the stories compiled in The book of days are early published efforts and lack some of the key elements that you can find in classic Wolfe stories Forlesen is the strongest story of the compilation without doubt Other highlights were How the whip came back of relays and roses the adopted father and war beneath the tree

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    Gene Wolfe's second short story collection unites some of his earliest published efforts from the 1960's and 70's together under a loose theme with each story being assigned to its own red letter day be that a universally recognised one Halloween Christmas Day etc or one specific to America Armed Forced day Thanksgiving etc Anyone like me who came to Wolfe through his ambiguous and complex 80's output first of all may be a little surprised by how relatively literal some of the pieces here are or by the concentration of stories with war as the main theme or setting Wolfe served for a while in Korea his experiences there clearly left a mark There are eighteen stories in all nineteen if you read the introduction of which the highlights include 'La Befana' a delightful little Nativity tale set on a distant planet and 'The Changeling' the story closest to containing all the elements of classic Wolfe an unreliable narrator confusion over identities and lots of difficult clues arising from names dates'Forlesen' is by far the longest piece and also the best The eponymous narrator awakes and his name is the only thing about his life that he can remember although the world he finds himself in is keen to inform him about all the other details of his life All the stories leave you with something to remember or to think about though

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    Seeing how Gene here generously gave us a collection of short stories for many of our holidays I decided to read them throughout the year It was a ton of fun I was astounded at some stories puzzled at other and fairly ambivalent to a few but I have come to realize that Wolfe is a master of the dubious art of short story telling The challenge is to tell a story in a few pages that subtly reveals a much bigger picture Like I said on some of these I was totally lost but some of these little stories have really stuck with me Another thing I like about this medium is that it gives creatives opportunities to explore wild ideas without the pressure of having to write hundreds of pages about itI will come back to this book of not for the whole than at least some of my favorite stories Here are some thoughts I had on a few of the stories The Changeling an interesting story that takes a fascinating turn This one will likely bear sever rereads The whole idea that a story almost demands to be reread is an interesting one that Wolfe seems to revel inMany Mansions is the Halloween story and it is an interesting one revealing only one side of the dialogues to us and while much is revealed in its 10 pages much is left to speculation The War Beneath the TreeThis was a fun somewhat creep story of a kids toys all of which are autonomous in Christmas Eve they are all preparing for something we find out later they have to do battle with the new toys under the tree to see which group gets to stay can't help but wondering if it was somewhat inspirational for Toy StoryThe last two stories I read we're really nuts one about the return of indentured slavery to solve the incarceration problem just sell the prisoner contracts to rich people The second about how the perfect online dating service is ruining the economyRead St Brandon on Saint Patrick's Day It was strange and made little o no sense to me huh wonder if the short story makes sense in the bigger work Peace it was originally published in? Wow reading Beautyland on Earth day almost brought tears to my eyes I want to keep away from spoilers but this story basically illustrates our propensity towards destruction in a way that I found moving and eerily imminentI loved the Memorial Day story it is an alternate history where WW2 takes on the form of a somewhat Axis and Allies type board game as well as a Automotive showdown between Britain and Germany to see who's new car is the most practical for city driving

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    A collection of Gene Wolfe's short fiction thematically arranged by holidays Most are uite interesting but nearly all of them reuire de rigueur with Wolfe external reading and analysis to unlock everything he's secreted away As an aside I'd recommend Between Light and Shadow by Marc Aramini as a companion Aramini has performed uite the feat there Enjoyable but as with The Castle of the Otter perhaps better reserved for those who know what they're biting off

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    Some very early stories some uite memorable

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    from my old What Do I Read Next? daysPlot Summary a collection of stories each of which is attached to a particular holiday or celebration day eg Christmas Eve Homecoming Day Armistice Day further as per the author's introduction each story should be read only when in the mind frame of one celebrating such days being part lemming that's what my last name means i first read the Thanksgiving story Three Million Suare Miles since i'd purchased the book in late November i'm glad i didn't stop there because i had yet to experience the literary and human beauty of Forlesen the longest and BEST work in the collection—mundanely but accurately slated for Labor Day—the prophetic Paul's Treehouse Arbor Day of course or the wait til they read the last sentence light bulb of The War Beneath the Tree Christmas Evei suppose a few story synopses are in order Three Million Suare Miles is the tale of a man who doggedly searches for the elusive untamed three million suare miles of land left in America; Forlesen gives us a day in the life of Emanuel Forlesen a man who wakes up—along with his wife—completely unaware of who what where when why how etc but who is given several instruction manuals some material goods and—apparently—instincts to survive i sigh in remembrance of this exuisite tip of the cerebellum edge of the existential———ahemsorry about that ahem———onward; Paul's Treehouse is about Paul natch an eight year old boy who decides to live permanently in the treehouse he has constructed 50 feet from the ground; and The War Beneath the Tree tells us of young rich Robin and his android toysfriends on the night when ideally not a creature should be stirringthough these stories cover a wide range of themes styles voices and greatness and though most don't sound science fictional in synopsis—every one is science fiction or fantasy some you might wish to classify as horrific?Main Characters Emanuel Forlesen eponymous central character of most substantial story in the collectionLocale all over the place but mostly AmericaTime Period all throughout time but mostly modern timesAny Other Info such as Subjects Genres Series Name Your Opinion of Book etcATTENTION anyone who ever lived and loved a story read Forlesen i can't remember a short story ever having as much of an effect on me; that haunted me spiritually intellectually and metaphysically this much; that urged me to read it again this freuently am i gushing?ATTENTION anyone who ever tried to read Gene Wolfe but uit because he was inaccessible start with these stories admittedly they are not as straightforward and as easily understood as say Vonnegut but they're not anywhere near as dense as the two novels i've read The Shadow of the Torturer and The Fifth Head of Cerberusonly a few of the pieces were worth less than the price of admission and of the remainder almost every one of them was an epiphany Gene Wolfe's Book of Days is no longer in print under that title but it is available as part of Castle of DaysOrb's edition of Castle of Days includes the entire text of Gene Wolfe's Book of Days as well as sections entitled Castle of the Otter writings on Wolfe's Urth of the New Sun series and Castle of Days various Wolfe pieces on writers writing and books

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    It's written by Gene Wolfe Of course you should read itA wonderful collection of varied stories each story based around a memorial day of some kind be it thanksgiving christmas new years Armistace day Gene consistently pulled something new and thought provoking out of his magicians hatWhat I learned from gene Wolfe Creativity cannot be contained He once said in an interview while talking about letting your imagination run wild on any theme or idea that he could write a story based on every letter of the alphabet or every colour of the rainbow and each of them be uniue People don't give backstoryinfo dump in real life conversation so it's unatural for characters and narrators to do so in fiction The reader should discover the fictional world for themselves rather than be force fed 'how things work now' or 'what a person is like' Gene Wolfe likes to play when he writes Gene Wolfe like to dress a wolf in sheep's clothing There is a particular story about the hunting of a bear in this collection which is unsettling as there is half a hint somewhere at the begining of the story that the bear is not really a bear and this idead hangs in your subconscious taunting you even when the narrator seems to forget his observation Though we never find out for sure With Gene Wolfe nothing is explained and if a narrator or character is explaining something to you they are likely to be misleading you in some way Gene Wolfe is a wolf in sheep's clothing Always remember that

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    I enjoyed this collection of short stories It was pretty different from the Gene Wolfe that I'm used to as there was very little fantasy and mysticism but still a good read The following are the ones I enjoyedHow the Whip Came Back;Paul's Treehouse;The Changeling;Against the Lafayette uadrille; andThe War Beneath the TreeForelesen and Three Million Suare Miles were brilliant What made Forelesen so good was that Wolfe took the time to draw the story out to its natural conclusion whereas I felt that some of the other stories were brought to an end too soon or lacked enough structure to be completely coherent Three Million Suare Miles however was kept at a perfectly short length and said all that needed to be said with no wasted words whatsoever I would recommend this to most people but if you do read it keep in mind that Wolfe's style is not for everyone

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    Book of Days is not Gene Wolfe at his best but it is reassuring to note that the stories are all from the beginning of Gene Wolfe's career as a writer Some of the earliest stories are actually uite bad but the later stories are much improved Still I think there are three memorably strong stories here with deep and interesting subtexts The Adopted Father Forlesen and The Changeling Many Mansions and Against the Lafayette Escadrille were also favorites of mine Overall a fairly weak collection of short stories that only die hard Gene Wolfe fans should read

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    It's not that I didn't like the stories but I didn't like them together

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