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    This is from when I read the book the first time from 032111 to 032211Review Part One Aubrey is an AssholeAubrey was a giant asshole Matt was sweet and lovableAubrey was still an assholeimage error

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    A tough one thisLangley is amazing this book is a wonderful read charming detail witty diction tight plotting phenomenal love interest in MattThe problem is of course Aubrey snide petty and detached throughout I know that in interviiews she has confessed her great affection for him but I'm here to tell you he is a capital P PRICK He read like a prick He ended like a prick and his endless prick ness did not make the ending of this book satisfyingI have no trouble with prick protags Langley's own Remi from the previous installation in theis series was a humdinger but she got under his skin and made him vulnerable and events forced him to change In WITH ABANDON I think the single failing is that Aubrey is not forced to change because the entire world is just standing around cutting him slack It's so constant that his parents PRE APPROVE his gay mating and then allow him to fret about it for a couple hundred pages This has the weird effect of lowering stakes and making him seem even blind and obnoxious no small feat than he already does The LACK of change in her uberprick hero makes this book less successful than others she's written Is it a dealkiller no BUt if I met this bastard in the street we'd have words LOLOther stuff The crush of names from previous and forthcoming books got to be a bit much It's a lot to juggle and she does it deftly The reversals and red herrings and cliffhangers were handled superbly La Langley does know how to structure a pageturner and she gets better with each new book But Aubrey sucks and if he died in a future book and Matt was given someone worthy I'd dance naked at noon on Fifth Avenue Will I read this again? Sure I love the WITHWITHOUT series 2 and 3 especially Langley's writing is like mac n cheese rich and comforting and a little bit of a guilty pleasure She gets away with things she shouldn't because she's so generous in her prose There's a warmth and humor that permeates her choicesBut Aubrey is a flat out stone cold spoiled prick And I'd lay dollars to donuts that everyone who reads this book is going to grumble about the happy ending and selfless mate handed to him on a platterI recommend it strongly but slather on your prick screen

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    Before I started reading I really wanted to give With Abandon 5 stars Then as I began to read I wanted to give it 4 stars Really I did but there were so many nasty little thoughts coming from Aubrey that I found it impossible The problem wasn’t the fact that Aubrey treated Matt as his dirty little secret That I could have put up with He was in serious denial; his parents knew it I knew it everybody new it and that was all right because eventually he was going to pull his head out of his ass What I did have a problem with was thoughts such as He should be looking for a wife not playing with Matt Was it so bad that he wanted to enjoy Matt for a little bit? He could let Matt go when the time came or But no way could he allow Matt to take the role Aubrey’s future wife would have to take or He’d known Matt wasn’t happy with him hiring Carson as his EA but he didn’t know what to do about it He wasn’t going to let Matt dictate his decisions The sooner Matt understood how things were going to be the better off they’d both be Yet Matt is supposed to stay uiet about being gay because Aubrey says so Hypocrisy anyone?Especially when he’d have a sort of epiphany out of the blue considering his usual posture on the matter which would put a smile back on my face Together their self control flew out the window It was a natural mating instinct and fighting it was futile Surely Matt realized that Who would’ve thought being with one’s mate would feel like thisso powerful Remarks which then seemed to mean nothing as he went back to his plans of abandoning Matt and thoughts of playing house with his future wife A couple of times in the book references were made to the difference between being a made wolf and a born wolf Aubrey specifically said that made wolves accepted their instincts and trusted in them While made wolves fought them Uh apparently not Am I the only that sees there’s something wrong with that statement? Does Aubrey not realise he is acting like a made wolf? This is what made it so difficult for me to wrap my head around Aubrey calling what he had with Matt an infatuation or saying it was just sex He knows and has known from day one what a mate means to a wolf how they are the other half of ones soul how some never find their mates I could go on and on but I won’t And yet he completely disregards Matt and his place in his life I mean we have Remi who just happens to be a made wolf who gave in to the mate bond a lot uicker than Aubrey and I found his reasons for holding back a lot believable and respectable Aubrey was protecting nobody but himself had not been through a traumatic experience and had no real opposition from anyone As for Matt’s part in the relationship he got very sound advice from Aubrey’s dad about how to deal with his relationship He completely ignored it I still don’t understand what the point of that conversation was Other than to make readers even frustratedThe beetle on the dung heap cherry on the cake was Aubrey’s comment the first time they have actual sex Goodness Matt even tasted better than other men He was going to be a hard act to follow So what exactly was he thinking here? That he was going to give Matt up marry a woman have kids and have male lovers on the side while Matt’s back in New Mexico? And was he honestly thinking about the sex he was going to have with other men after he abandoned Matt – In the middle of having sex with his mate for the very first time??I also didn't appreaciate the times when Carson made Matt feel uncomfortable by talking about his past with Aubrey I don't think that's something Matt should have had to put up with that was his mate he was talking about Too much stuff like this didn’t allow me to fully enjoy a story I’d been looking forward to for ages because I was too busy getting angry at Aubrey Book 5 better be everything I’m hoping it’ll be to make up for this oneEDIT I'd initially rated this with 3 stars because I love this author and particularly this series However if I'm completely honest with myself I didn't enjoy this book I know this because while normally a JL Langley story would have me counting the pages worried that it was going to be over too soon this one had me counting them for a completely different reason And groaning to myself because one page of Aubrey was one too many and wanting the book to be over doesn't warrant 3 stars

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    This was a 45 star read for me I know many of my friends have said things against Aubrey and it is possible I'll be the only one saying this but I loved him I loved Matt as well of course Who wouldn't love Matt? He was sweet playful and kind Aubrey on the other hand is older disciplined and has arranged his entire life around responsibilities; his responsibilities to his pack his family and his company Then in walks Matt his mate his one chance at real love but in order to embrace the life he can have with Matt he has to turn his back on a duty he has convinced himself is his bareI found Aubrey and Matt endearingly sweet together and although it took Aubrey some time he did come to his senses by the end and figured out that a life without Matt wouldn't be much of a life at all This was an excellent addition to JL's With or Without Series Now could I have Sterling's story please?

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    35 stars and now the wait is on for Sterling's book

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    First of all I recommend you to check my buddy review because it's the best EVER way to explain also my fellings about this book Click here to B's the pissing rainbow unicorn review AUBREY IS A JERK so to add comments about the main character of the story Bubbles used the termasshole well someone should also tell him that he is a Jerk image error

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    ^^FINALLY^^ 45With Abandon is the highly anticipated book four in the With or Without series I am a fan that has been waiting impatiently for the latest instalment in this highly addictive series and this book does not disappoint However my least favourite in the series it was still a pleasure to readFor those who are reading this review with no idea what the series is about well it’s simple Shifter males finding their mate their eually male mate The series is not without its vicissitudes there is mystery laughter and some of the hottest sex you will ever read Just like only JL Langley does it I would recommend you read the first three only because you shouldn’t miss out on them and definitely cus book four is a sort of continuation to book threeAubrey Reynolds is a dedicated man dedicated to his company and his family He has a legacy to uphold get married raise some children and run his fathers company There is only one thing wrong with the whole situation Aubrey is gay and no one must know In his world of business his sexual orientation will look like a weakness and only the strong survive Everyone thinks he is hooking up with his best friend who is girl which makes him happy because it keeps suspicion away from what gender he really likes to get naked with Finding his mate is not in the cards but faith has a way of intervening when you least expect it Aubrey gets his mate but he is unsure of if he wants to keep himMatt is finally leaving home away from his eight younger brothers and the terrible relationship of his parents Things are about to be different and uieter when Matt leaves to attend college To say that he would miss his brothers is an understatement but this time away will let him spread his wings Getting to know Aubrey over the phone has been some good times Aubrey will be his roommate during the duration of his college years When Aubrey girlfriend picks him up from the airport the scent he is getting from her says she is his mate Faith can’t be so cruel can it? giving Matt a female mate when he is clearly gay He is going by the scent and its saying that she is When he gets to apartment he will be sharing with Aubrey the scent is a lot concentrated When Aubrey walks through the door he gets his answer Aubrey is his mate and his girlfriend just smelt a little like him Things just got seriously complicatedThe book then becomes a story of Aubrey’s struggle with wanting his mate and his persistence in fulfilling his family duty Matt struggles with being second best but he is hoping that eventually Aubrey will come around The two together are very sweet and they got to know each other a lot better while fighting the sexual urges that come forth around a mateThe book offers up some nice conflicts a little sex relationship gone badly between a couple of Aubrey’s employees Also a little menace in the form of someone stalking Matt and then sending pictures to Aubrey Matt and Aubrey are not without issues of their own and it’s a bit of struggle for them to reach their HEA A nice twist was added and I never saw it coming and I did even cry a little Wished it didn’t end uite that badThe sex is a lot less in this one and honestly not as hot as to be expected from Langley I do believe this one was all about the story Matt is shining in his fluorescent socks and pink polo shirts His dress shoes and shorts are out in big way you gotta love him Aubrey is than he appears and I am glad I got to know him he is not the asshole I thought he was Overall a great addiction to this wonderful series and I am once again impatiently waiting for book fiveRead it

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    Pretty good yet somewhat disappointing paranormal mm romance about a closeted alpha werewolf who's convinced himself that he can secretly enjoy his male mate for a few years then let him go with no one the wiser I never warmed to the alpha and there was a stalker which is what the second or third in this series already? Definitely time to find something else to add external tension

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    Mmmmh I'm disappointed I enjoyed the book a lot but I was really mad at Aubrey Did he redeem himself at the end for what he made Matt go through? I don't think so Now I can put up with assholish characters if they are a truly and irredeemably assholes and that's what they are and you have to suck it up and live with it I have no idea if I've just written something very vulgar forgive me; b assholes because life has made them so but they struggle and grovel and at the end they win the reader over Aubrey was nothing of the sort He had this inner struggle but he didn't deal with it with integrity I know that he isn't denying his sexuality to himself so that's something but in insisting on staying in the closet he doesn't take the needs of his mate into account On the contrary he just takes advantage of him It's really hard to accept because you can decide to renounce your happiness but you can't make someone else that miserable There isn't a moment when he thinks about Matt ok he buys him the color identifier and chocolate but it's nothing there's always someone else thinking about Matt Keaton Tara Aubrey's parents even Jordan view spoilerJordan broke my heart seriously was there no way to save him? I'm so sad hide spoiler

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    I'm not really sure what I think about this one I was hooked the moment I started reading it but I was aggravated and frustrated the majority of the time Matt was so adorable but I wish he would have been assertive and stood up for himself Aubrey kept pissing me off I mean I did like the guy but enough is enough I didn't like how he expected Matt to hide his sexuality and wanting him to stay his dirty little secret But I'm happy that it all worked out in the end I think my favorite part was seeing Keaton an Chay again I never realized before how much I liked those two Too bad they didn't bring Pita along with them I missed reading about the wolves and their interactions within the pack There wasn't much of that in this book Also there weren't many laugh out loud moments like I remember from the earlier books of the series I now need to read Matt and Aubrey's short stories I can't wait for Rhys and Sterling's book next

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With Abandon [PDF / EPUB] With Abandon Love was never part of his planuntil it pouncedAs heir to an old and proud heritage Aubrey Reynolds works and lives for his family his employees and his pack Agreeing to watch after a visiting werewol Love was never part of his planuntil it pouncedAs heir to an old and proud heritage Aubrey Reynolds works and lives for his family his employees and his pack Agreeing to watch after a visiting werewolf is no big deal—until he discovers the newcomer is his mate His very male matewhich is a very big deal indeed Revealing his sexuality was never part of Aubrey’s well ordered life planMuch as he loved caring for his eight younger brothers Matt Mahihkan knows it’s time to grab the opportunity to attend college in Atlanta Realizing Aubrey is his mate should have been a delightful experienceexcept Aubrey treats him like a dirty little secret than a lover Yet Matt is a patient man Aubrey can’t stay in the closet forever Can heIn time they settle into a comfortable if complicated routine Until a rogue werewolf with an axe to grind forces Aubrey to add to the wedge of secrets driving him and Matt apart leaving Matt exposed to dangerand Aubrey forced to choose between love and duty Product Warnings Contains color abuse with a really bad sense of fashion a southern accent from hell sex on antiue furniture a pouncing playful werewolf obnoxious siblings liberal use of a color identifier and impatient sex No lightning bugs were harmed in the making of this book.