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The Legend of Luke [PDF / EPUB] The Legend of Luke In this twelfth book in the masterful Redwall epic storyteller Brian Jacues goes back in time to the days before Redwall revealing with dramatic poignancy the legend of the first of the magnificent Re In this twelfth book in the masterful Redwall epic storyteller Brian Jacues goes back in time to the The Legend Epub / days before Redwall revealing with dramatic poignancy the legend of the first of the magnificent Redwall warriors Luke father of Martin It is that legend Martin hopes to discover when he embarks on a perilous journey to the northland shore where his father abandoned him as a child There within the carcass of a great red ship he uncovers what he has been searching for the story of the evil Pirate stoat Vilu Daskar and the valiant mousewarrior who pursued him relentlessly over the high seas seeking to destroy Vilu at all costs even if it meant deserting his only son Brian Jacues reaches a new pinnacle in storytelling imparting the story behind the story of the greatest Redwall warrior of them all.

About the Author: Brian Jacques

Brian Jacues pronounced 'jakes' was born in Liverpool England on June th Along with forty percent of The Legend Epub / the population of Liverpool his ancestral roots are in Ireland County Cork to be exactBrian grew up in the area around the Liverpool docks where he attended St John's School an inner city school featuring a playground on its roof At the age of ten his very first day at St Joh.

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    Wonderful story as always with all Brian Jacues's books

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    It was a wondrous tale he had to tellIt was also very sad at times but does not sadness mingle with joy to make us grow fully into the creatures we are? —Abbess Germaine The Legend of Luke P 373 I wasn't sure what to expect when I first picked up this book to read it Would the plot be focused on Luke the Warrior or his son Martin who has become a legend to fans of the Redwall series all around the globe? Ultimately I believe The Legend of Luke is the best Redwall book since volume number eight Outcast of Redwall The tone of Luke's adventures carries the same bittersweet style and spirit as the first few odysseys that Brian Jacues put down on paper leading us on an impossible to forget journey into a world of surprising new characters and dark unexpected plot twists a fantasy world that never delves so far into the surreal as to dull the emotional impact of its sharply poignant moments At his best Brian Jacues is a master of writing and creativity and his books reflect a deep knowledge of the human experience and the kind of wisdom that can touch us all and transform our hearts For anyone who loved the land of Mossflower as Martin the Warrior knew it The Legend of Luke is an essential read Being taken back once again to the time of Martin the Warrior is a gift that no lover of literature should pass up well worth the time commitment reuired for a three hundred seventy four page tome Since the beginning of the Redwall series we have heard whispers about the immortal Luke the Warrior casting teasing shadows of who this powerful warrior was and how the events of his life worked to make Martin into the great champion he would become The Legend of Luke answers many of these uestions completely respecting the history that had come before it while introducing new ideas and characters whose identities will forever be etched in Redwall lore

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    What I loved about this book is that the beginning is in the present then in the past It really unearths some of the characters' personalities It also helps understand how Martin feels

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    Somehow I managed not to review this when I read it but it was highly fine and of excellent uality and all that

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    Actual Rating 35 Stars

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    Cool adventure fantasy book great characters

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    The Legend of Luke is one book in the series A Tale from Redwall in which all the characters are animals with their own uirks dialects and interests Redwall Abbey centers in most of the stories An immense for critters edifice that houses dozens or it’s a place where anybeast part of the series’ lingo nobeast everybeast etc just substitute “beast” where you normally would say “one” or “man” can come to live in peace and harmony working in the orchard or kitchens or with the dibbuns the baby animals that sometimes seem to rule the roost The stories are simple involving great adventures hardships villans and just plain fun such as picnics in the orchards There are good guys mice badgers otters shrews and hedgehogs and bad guys rats foxes stoats and toads In this particular book Martin the Warrior a mouse of great renown and one of the founders of Redwall searches for clues to the fate of his father Luke a great warrior of his own time In the company of friends he journeys north to discover why his father deserted him as a child and never returned Not only Martin’s tale is told here but also Luke’s The books are cute and would be best read a chapter at a time as a bedtime story to small children Just be sure you’re up to tackling the oft times difficult to read dialects of some of the species I tended to skip over the poems and songs which abound My favorite part is when they’re dining on repasts that sound so enticing I’m tempted to become a vegetarian If you’re looking for something different give one of the Tales of Redwall a try

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    The Legend of Luke was written with the same high uality that we have come to expect from Brian Jacues and his Redwall series Unlike his previous stories though this novel lacked the same level of character connection that the others created between the characters and the readerThe story leading up to Martian finding his father's former comrades had some adventure but nothing that we have not seen before from Martin and his loyal companion Gonff including Gonff making a reprisal of his ability to out wit crabsAs for the tale of Luke's last adventure I think the fact that we the reader knew that this was an account that was not currently taking place that we lost the sense of being involved in the actionAs for Martin's return trip to Redwall he met up with old acuaintances and made a couple of new friends but it all took place in a very uick sum it up kind of wayOverall the story wasn't the most engrossing of the first four novels chronologically but it was a very good story and has peaked my interest as to what will happen next now that Marten has laid down his sword

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    I first red the book Redwall over 20 years ago It brought back a love for reading which had been dormant for a few years After that I would read each of Jacues' books many just as soon as they came out Later I moved on to other books and genres I was given this book as a gift and while grateful because of the special place in my heart for Jacues and his tales I was too busy reading important pieces Then I decided to take a little break dust off The Legend of Luke and enjoy the tale What a delight While it is a little simplistic in the plot it is filled with fun adventures mixed with a little bit of Christian valuesIt nicely wraps up the tale of Martin the Warrior a character who is central to Jacues stories And while it might seem like a good way to end the Redwall chapter of my life I now have a daughter and I hope that I will have many chapters with her in the years to comeWhile there may be other books which are important I have learned that books like Jacues' are a good cement to fill the cracks

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    The wonderous thing about reading Brian Jacues' writing is that it is so enchanting you always want to return to it in particular Redwall Abbey Yes I have the audiobooks and I love how they have been dramatised but reading the words created by Jacues is something altogether specialThis book gives the final piece of background to the one character who appears in nearly all of the Redwall books Martin the Warrior The story is in toxicating and although you know that there cannot be a completely happy ending Jacues' writes it in a way that makes you still think there is a chance complete happiness will be found The Redwall books are truly brilliant books for readers of all ages but particularly for younger readers as they grow up due to their portrayal of youngsters and the learning curves they go throughI will always love returning to the world of Redwall and it still saddens me to think there will be no adventures coming from the imagination of Brian Jacues

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