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Legends of the Dark Crystal Vol 2 [PDF / EPUB] Legends of the Dark Crystal Vol 2 The final volume in the bestselling series inspired by the Jim Henson film Lahr and Neffi travel to the crystal castle to rescue their friends and family encountering the Collector Skeksis and others the Dark Epub ß The final volume in the bestselling series inspired by the Jim Henson film Lahr and Neffi travel to the crystal castle to rescue their friends and family encountering the Collector Skeksis and of the Dark Crystal Vol eBook ´ others With the Lord Chamberlain's secret assistance the Gelflings escape but Lahr must agree to a terrible price.

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    Lahr and Neffi are two Gelfling who have survived attacks of the Garthim just as Jen and Kira would do in the future The two plans to stage a raid on the Crystal Castle and rescue captured Gelfling After that there is a very interesting section dealing with intrigues among the Skeksis who are vying for power any way they can get it The use of captured Gelfling for 'Gelfling essense' is also coveredLahr and Neffi get closer to the castle Meanwhile Aughra is in her lab and says it will all end in tragedyJust like in The Dark Crystal a male and a female Gelfling get to the castle and end up going down into a chasm The only difference is Neffi makes Lahr a set of wings rather than carrying him down Again just like in the film the Chamberlain finds them in the tunnelThen just like in the movie there is another challenge The only difference is that it's a trial by fire rather than a trial by stone The Gelfling get away but barely Yet we already know what happened to them all and that is they were all destroyed ultimately by the Skeksis because the movie established that Jen and Kira were the only two leftThere's also an artist's gallery and a lot of ads for other books

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    I would assume I am very biased about this series 'The Dark Crystal' is my favourite movie of all time so when I found out there was a manga styled series of two it was supposed to be three the series was never finished preuels I jumped with excitement and bought them for a birthday present for myself I read them both in a day and loved them The held the same simple gentleness and 'good wins over evil' the film had It made me feel a little complete reading these books and they are just as special as the film

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    A fun read and a nice addition the preuel adventures of the Dark Crystal The prophecy that the Gelflings will destroy the Skeksis begins to be revealed in some detail We begin to see about the mysterious link between the gentle Mystics and the greedy Skeksis My criticism of this volume centers on the artwork style On pages featuring groups of Skeksis I found it sometimes difficult to tell them apart from one another My first impression is that those pages were too evenly gray toned I understand the Skeksis tend to wear very elaborate costumes and in the movie some characters were not distinctive enough I was very young when I first saw that but a bit contrast to key characters and perhaps some use of names as characters talked together would help alleviate those issues Overall this was a fine seuel in The Garthim Wars I waited very long time for this to finally arrive on shelves and I do look forward to any future volumes

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    Again the pictures being black and white makes it difficult to tell which Skeksis is talking in each scene It was cool seeing SkekSil scheming against SkekLach but the Trial by Fire was very anti climactic I did like the creature designs and seeing all the Gelflings fight for freedom together against the Garthim The end of the narration at the end feels very goofy and I'm not really sure how it's supposed to look Again these manga books don't really fit with the show or with the preuel graphic novels and YA novels But they are fun reads

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    The story continuesIn the volume the narrative is much solid if one we’ve seen a number of times Still it allows for a bit characterisation which was lacking in the first volume There could have been but only so much can be done in one volume The art style still has its uirks it’s nice but some parts distract too much All in all a good continuation with stronger applications would have been nice to see the story develop but it was cancelled after just these two volumes45 stars

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    Loved this Can't get enough of the Dark Crystal

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    As fun as the previous volume The ending is foreseeable but still enjoyable

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    I enjoyed this than the first volume Here we get Skeksis Mystics and lots of nifty little creatures

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    A lot of what I said in the first review holds true here too I did find this story slightly satisfying but it was frustrating that the Skeksis all looked so much alike in black and white not to mention that their names are so similar too Still the story is pretty simplistic so it was still fairly easy to follow They're all stabbing each other in the back what is there to know? ;

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    This graphic novel had all the same problems as the first one; mainly the art was not anywhere near where it should be in a Dark Crystal book The story was cliche but capable but the art made some scenes confusing especially scenes with the Skeksis The ending was disappointing and didn't really have much going for it Overall the two books made for a forgettable experience

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