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Angel Words [PDF / EPUB] Angel Words When Doreen and her son Grant Virtue were recording podcasts, they noticed that whenever she said the word angel, the recording graphics were shaped like angel wings So they studied the other words sh When Doreen and her son Grant Virtue were recording podcasts, they noticed that whenever she said the word angel, the recording graphics were shaped like angel wings So they studied the other words she said and realized that those with a spiritual or loving basis had large graphs So they experimented with saying negative words and found that their appearance was completely different tight and smallSimilar to Masaru Emoto s work with water crystals, Angel Words gives visual proof of the power and impact of Angel Words eBook ì speaking in a loving way You ll come to understand why positive words express the most energy and therefore have the most power to manifest your dreams You ll also see how negative words have low energy and read how they can actually draw negative experiences to youThis unforgettable book will immediately motivate you to choose positive words.

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    Your words are truly potent So it was great to read this book by Doreen Virtue and her son Grant Like Masura Emoto, they have shown with radio waves from recorded soundtracks how much greater we become with positive words of influence, rather than destructive words and phrases.Worth the read.

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    This is for me a powerful affirmation of a simple tool that has become a part of my very being and that of my children, as I raise them to feel the energy of the words they choose Really, the details of my review are in the comments that I posted as I read this But YES This is exactly what I expected it to be Well worth the read.I am going to add some reading and discussion of this to our bedtime story time.

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    Positive uplifting book to read I d call this mostly fluff Great book to read if you need a dose of positivity in your life.

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    This is a great topic and I need it, but the content is flat and empty The book is a quick read with mostly comparisons of positive and negative words, and short stories of people who used positive words to change their lives It was repeating itself all the time with the same logic, without adding depth to at least explain what kind of graph they are, how valid they are, or how many variations could affect them The stories sounded like plain selling They could ve been great if expanded with what didn t work for those people or what other tools they used In short, it s not spiritually or intellectually convincing The premise is great words and thought interacts with each other as with your energy However, the relationships are subtle, so a careful look at how they interact would help us build the habit intuitively It is like a handbook than a book I expected Doreen s book to be than this To end on a positive note, I m thankful to come across this topic and have knowledge than before

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    This is a great book After reading it I quickly worked on changing both my inner conversation and the way I talked In Angel Words both Doreen and Grant Virtue show you how words each carry with them a physical graphic representation By that I mean each word when looked at audibly on a computer has a certain geometry or sound wave graph or scale that you can see This is not surprising but when you start to look at the geometric patterns and the height potential of positive and negative words it becomes very interesting Positive words such as Love and Peace create charts that scale very high and negative words give off scales that are lower I was not surprised by any of this but I also was not aware of this I am grateful to have read this book and have shared the ideas with a number of family and friends who decided to change some of their dialog as well.

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    What s special about this book are itsillustrations through the graphics of recorded positive and negative words,Doreen and Grant Virtue prove that what we say and, of course, how we say itcan affect our lives And not only this in an intelligent and productive waythey transform the cliches we all know and use in our everyday vocabularyinto phrases that emit positive signals.But be careful above all it is important thatwhat someone says comes from within Only then, his words have meaning.Angel Words will be released on November 15th.You can order it here

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    Very useful change of vocabulary can lead to a much happier and profound life I have to agree with much of what this says, although very basic, it is a good beginner book to someone wishing to enjoy life through incorporating positivity into each day If looking for deep, profound meanings, this book is not necessarily for you, but if you are a person struggling with negativity, this book has some stories and ideas at a very basic level that can help you reword your statements for a graceful existence.

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    Really enjoyed this book and it got me thinking about how positive and negative words can have an energy When we say or hear certain words, we absorb their energy field for the better or for the worse.This book demonstrates how positive words such as love , attraction and abundance have a higher sound frequency than negative words such as hate , anger and jealousy After reading this, I will certainly be careful about how I choose my words in the future.

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    There was no meat to this book It was a bunch of words with energy graphs, that I honestly don t put any stock in the validity of I was actually ticked that the Kindle edition of this cost me 9.99, while the Kindle edition of Heaven Is Real, which was VERY meaty, only cost me about 5 Don t waste your money on this.

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    I highly recommend this book It will bring out the best and most positive mindset of any reader page by page Doreen is always interesting and encouraging for those of us facing life s many challenges In this book, she presents some fascinating discoveries about the words we speak and how they have a real impact on our lives Definitely worth reading

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