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    Been thinking about this lately and decided to revise my score down from 5 The I thought about it the angrier I got at the bookI'd have to re read it to write an in depth review but here's a uick and dirty list of why I changed my rating1 It's an extremely negative treatment of disability I originally loved the book so much because of Adam He was familiar to me than any other disabled character I've run across and I loved seeing my own experiences and frustrations voiced by someone else Unfortunately the I thought about it the I hated how he was treated by the story Here's the most realistic disabled character I've seen and he really is just a cheap plot vehicle there to make Sadie seem tragic All these things he does that made me like him so much asking for a divorce yelling at the nurse needling Sadie weren't meant to show the depth of his character or a man resisting dehumanization by a million cuts they were meant to make me feel bad that Sadie was stuck married to him2 Fuck Sadie Seriously Fuck that cheating self centered self pitying patronizing bitch She treats her husband like a burdensome patient then is not only surprised when he wants a divorce she's offended by how ungrateful he is of how much she's done for him What a prize3 Hart forgot to write a character arc for Sadie Even though I hate the bitch I might've enjoyed the story if she grew as a person If Hart challenged rather than reinforced society's negative biases towards disability this would've been an amazing read But Sadie never faces her flaws She doesn't learn anything from her actions In fact I have to assume that the book doesn't think she's flawed at all Of course she resents her burdensome husband who wouldn't Here Have this able bodied husband replacement You've earned it It's all really too ableist for words4 view spoilerShe kills Adam off rather than has them divorce I guess this was supposed to make me feel bad for Sadie What it actually did was dehumanize Adam even further Adam was there just to make Sadie look like a victim and Joe was her reward for being a trooper Fuck Sadie hide spoiler

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    Losing my virginity hadn’t made me a woman but almost losing my husband had He could have died There are days I weep with gratitude that he didn’t And then there are days I wish he had Adam is a poet His love for Sadie is pure and full of passion They are young and his career as a famous poet is really taking off when tragedy strikes “A thousand poets could write for a thousand years” he whispered “and none of them would ever be able to describe how I feel about you” Sadie and Adam had a perfect love until fate intervened Sometimes life isn't fair and bad things happen to good people Broken is a heart wrenching story about life love hate hope and desire This is by far the best story I have read this yearJoe is beautiful sexy smart and successful His stories entertain Sadie and allow her an escape from her drab life Because Sadie is no longer living life She merely exists Joe is also a man whore His stories are insightful exotic and far too honest But what happens when his stories are no longer enough and Sadie starts to not only want the real thing but CRAVE it? Just because Joe and I never touched didn’t mean we weren’t having an affair I knew it I didn’t want to stop it Frankly I couldn’t stop it The first Friday of every month our lunches his stories and the relief they gave me were a bright and shining thing in the otherwise gray palette of my existence I dissolved on the bathroom floor giving in to magnificent and overpowering grief I loved my husband but wanted to fuck another man I wanted it so much it tore me apart and knitted me together over and over Broken will take you on an erotic journey via Joe's escapades And it will take you on an emotional roller coaster as you experience every emotion possible right along with Sadie and Adam The grief and pain love and lust guilt and hope I was in awe of this story and look forward to re reading it again soon Broken is a must read So Read This BookI forgot to mention this in my original review For those of you that have read Dirty Elle makes a few appearance in this book which was wonderful treat for me Elle is one of my favorite female characters

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    Opening line This month my name is Mary and apparently I'm as contrary as the nursery rhymeBroken is one of the most amazing books I’ve read in a long time and author Megan Hart well wow I’m just in love with her writing Reading Broken felt like eating dessert or chocolate as she has a way of making her words delicious So perfectly descriptive and achingly beautiful I only wish I could put my muddled thoughts into sentences the way she does This is a uniue very real and somewhat heartbreaking story that will definitely make you stop and think and although categorized as erotica I never felt that the sex scenes were gratuitous instead they seemed to help move the story along which lets be honest is a rare thing Really it’s unfortunate that this needs a label at all because it is just so much the erotica or romance or even a tragic love story yet it is also all of these Despite the complex subject matter I also think we could all find a piece of ourselves in Hart’s multi dimensional characters In fact I became so involved with the characters that I felt like I knew them and literally ached along with them They also had me laughing crying sighing feeling angry surprised and then once left me downright stunned When an author can pull actual emotions out of me then yeah she’s got a fanSadie and Joe first met on their lunch break two strangers each needing something from the other Now over the course of their evolving friendship they continue to meet once a month on an atrium bench and over a bagged lunch Joe tells Sadie about his latest sexual conuest As the reader we get to hear Joe’s erotic story in first person from his female companions POV this month my name is Brandy etc Joe’s character is left vague in the beginning because this is after all Sadie’s story however as she gets to know him better so do we picking up tidbits about his life from his sensual accounts This stranger that Sadie can’t stop herself from meeting in the end becomes a fully rounded empathetic characterSadie knows that she’s deceiving her husband by living vicariously through Joe’s stories yet she hasn’t physically cheated and at this point it’s the one bright spot in her life helping her deal with a stressful sleepless and for the most part crumbling marriage Sadie met Adam in college and while we do get a few flashbacks to them as young lovers and a general feel for who they were as a couple in and out of the bedroom I personally would like to have seen a bit of their relationship before Adams skiing accident rendered him a uadriplegic and changed things forever Their relationship is complex and Hart is genius here at peeling back the many layers of a marriage that has persevered when so many would have failed We get Adams seclusion rage and utter frustration with his body and the world in general Sadie’s loneliness guilt fear and coping mechanisms I felt like a fly on the wall with this couple yes it was uncomfortable to bare witness to at times but also magnificent I’m really not going to say much else here as this is worth discovering on your own This was an absolute pleasure to read and as Megan Harts newest fan girl I’ll definitely be coming back for Cheers

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    Holy crapJSYK if I don't love or like something a lot I don't review it Becausewho has the time?So holy crapLast night the kids were screaming dinner was burning homework wasn't getting done and I was on the couch glued to my kindle And it's not like we had killers running around jumping on trains while secret agents chase them Oh no A woman Her uadriplegic husband A man she meets for lunchAnd some of the BEST sex scenes ever committed to wordsMy heart broke for this woman how much she loved her husband and how he couldn't touch her How she longed to be touched The depth of her sexual imagination And at one point I'm saying to myselfthis can't work out There is NO PLEASING END SCENARIO HEREI'm not giving anything away I can't stop thinking about this book but I have to stop thinking about it because dinner is burning

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    I can't say I liked this book but I can't say I hated it ether It did make me feel thou It made me mad and in my book mad is better than indifferent any day pun intended I just have no idea how many stars I should give it so I'm leaving it clear The book has a few problems for meThe characters are completely underdeveloped While reading the book you have no idea who they really are There is no way to emotionally connect with themJoe How can I care for his sex stories when I know nothing about him? He is so emotionally disconnected that I could´t care less about the narration of his sex escapades Reading about it was like watching porn just strangers going at it Sadie Who the hell is she? I know she is the main character and that she got a raw deal in life But there is so much personal information missing about her that is was impossible for me to connect to her All we get are factsAdam OK Adam is fine Still some of him wouldn't have hurtSPOILERS ALERTMy main problem with the book and the authorIt really angered me the resolution of the book which is basically a carte blanche for Sadie who doesn't get to make the tough decision and instead it´s just handed to her Isn't that nice? not to have to face our problems in life So her husband dies and voilá her problem is over now she can move on be happy and be with Joe without feeling guilty about it I am sorry but that is just not fair She should have had to take control of her life herself and face the conseuences Ether leave her husband since he doesn't make her happy any and thus feel like a selfish bitch or just continue the way she was unhappy and pitiful but free of guilt Whichever I don´t care as long as she is the one who decides how to live her life with the cards she has gotten The writer took the easy way out with the dead of the husband I am tremendously disappointed with Megan Hart and I don´t think I´ll ever read something else from her PS It bothers me that this book is sold as romance There is no romance here and I don't appreciate it when I am expecting something I paid for and instead I get something completely differentI think Megan Hart is just not the writer for me anyThere

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    Broken by Megan Hart; Contemporary cross between romance and women's erotic fictionAdam and Sadie and JoeI've needed to write this review for some time now as it's definitely a book I don't want to forget about So much is left out of the typical back cover synopsis and the editorial review on it that I believe it can really put a reader off and lead them astray for the wrong reasons Contrary to all three names above this is a book that only deals with the ethics of what is considered cheating rather than cheating itself In fact all three of the participants in this love triangle act with the most honorable and moral decision making that any human could be expected to in the situation None of us are perfect but these three people's actions and ability to remain steadfastly faithful under extremely trying circumstances is to be admired I really felt for and loved all three main characters Sadie our heroine written in first person meets Adam the love of her life at a college frat party Adam is handsome charming and ultimately poetic Sadie is completely captivated by him and shortly thereafter she decides to sweep him off of HIS feet by uncharacteristically pursuing him in an oh so sweet and subtle way Adam has a girlfriend at the time Sadie meets him but without a ring on her finger Sadie is convinced it couldn't possibly matter since she's certain that Adam is HER fate and the man she's meant to marry Fortunately Adam completely reciprocates the instant chemistry and magical feelings and the two fall in love and marry After five years of wedded and passionate bliss Sadie's world comes crashing down when Adam breaks his neck in a skiing accident and is rendered uadriplegic It's a tragedy that no young and in love couple should ever have to face But Sadie so deeply loves Adam; he's her soul mate and knight in shining armor so she faces the future and prepares to spend the rest of her life taking care of Adam and morphing their marriage into one that can maintain the true love they've always felt for each other Unfortunately sex a HUGE part of any passionate and loving marriage is no longer feasible in the traditional ways that are so necessary to our existence and Sadie and Adam's marriage begins to deteriorate Adam also struggles naturally with the residual effects of going from a virile and fully functioning man to one imprisoned in his own body He rejects analysis and hunkers down within himself drowning in depression issues with few tools to overcome them other than the steadfastness of Sadie's love not always a good substitute when one's spouse is also trying to come to terms with their own feelings Unfortunately as strong and convicted as Sadie is she is only human and as time moves on finding herself lonely and fully comprehending the ramifications of a life without basic human touch Something she never bargained for when feeling she could deal with Adam's disability for a lifetime A lifetime is an awful huge commitment to never be held in a man's arms again much less all the other losses associated with an injury as devastating as Adam's Seeking shelter from a sudden downpour one afternoon on her lunch break Sadie finds a bench in an alcove and runs into Joe likewise looking to stay dry They sit and find compatability in friendly chat and eat their lunch together Soon Sadie and Joe find themselves meeting at the bench on a Friday once each month and begin to know each other personally Joe a single man slowly begins to open up and relate the stories of his sexual encounters as a bachelor to Sadie and Sadie finds she absorbs them like a sponge They somehow fill the void in her sexless existence but she soon begins to struggle with moral and ethical conscience issues as her feelings grow in a natural progression in relation to Joe the type that force one to face whether they are cheating in their heart on the one they love This book was wonderful I adored Sadie's journey fell in love with Joe and Adam both and found myself in the what would I do were I in Sadie's shoes so many times I can't even count I've often thought about those circumstances in my own marriage being married to my own prince charming and all I can say is that Hart writes Sadie in terms we can all both understand and relate to Right up to the end of the book all three characters are honorable and people any of us could admire and under these circumstances that's a pretty hard bill to sell when there are absolutely two heros in this book for the reader Just a wonderful story that I would recommend to anyone I felt it had a definite HEA based on the premise of the book so don't let the unconventionality of it scare you off For all of you that claim you love an angsty romance well here you go Another winner for Hart Eroticromantica fiction with mainly conventional sexual situations; Some borderline light unconventional sexual scenes also graphically depicted participants are not necessarily the main character's sexual scenes some minor graphic language during sexual enocounters; Non violent; Not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age

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    Genre EroticaType StandalonePOV First Person FemaleRating Sadie Danning found her match in her husband Adam But what she thought would be a long happy marriage screeched to a halt when their relationship was put to the test Joe Wilder started as a stranger in the park Soon enough he became an outlet of her sexual frustration through his tale of sexual exploits But as things started to become personal they were heading towards complications neither of them were ready to face “I thought I’d always be able to take care of you Sadie That you’d always need me than I needed you And now you go out every day and live a life I have no part of and II don’t know how you can not need me any” I first found this book when I first started reading a few years back But then it got lost because I forgot the title and author name I found it again about two years after and took me a while since then to finally get to it All that wait was worth it though because this book left a mark in my heart Sadie and Adam were thrown headfirst into a difficult situation It was sad seeing how it affected them as a couple and as individuals I could understand what they felt and why they acted a certain way and there was really no right or wrong in this situation “I know everything and nothing about him all at the same time” I adored Joe He might seem like a periphery character but his role had impact Even though he didn’t get a POV we get to learn about him through his story And I liked how he was unapologetic of who he was inside It takes work and compromise to keep even an untested marriage strong and ours was anything but untested Broken is not a romance but a love story nonetheless It would appeal to readers who want an erotic story with depth🌹 💔 🌹 FBR With Twinsie CC 🌹 💔 🌹For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    This is a blisteringly hot sizzler of a novel that has a very unusual plot There’s a lot of sex but it’s appropriate and what makes it appropriate is the very uniue kind of writing For the first 30 odd pages you get the impression that this is a sex with no story kind of book but that couldn’t be further from the truth so pay attention from page one Told in the first person Broken is the story of Sadie Danning whose once idyllic and just beautifully perfect life has been shattered in a way that I’ve never read before in Romanceville In order to escape the hell that her life is she meets up with Joe Wilder for lunch on the first Friday of every month and he tells her about his latest sexcapades Joe holds back nothing Every vivid and lurid detail is described As he’s telling his stories Sadie imagines herself to be the girl he’s doin’ the ol’ nasty with Sadie’s dilemma is that she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place –does she continue meeting with Joe once a month to get her fix or does she drop him and do the “right thing”? But throughout the novel the author asks the uestion What’s the right thing? And that’s a really hard uestion to answer because nothing in this book is black and whiteThe story itself will throw you for a loop than once and make you feel really conflicting feelings towards the heroine and the two heroes There is some ménage and fff and it all fits in well with the story Some readers might think that the whole thing is just too depressing and that in essence there’s adultery involved even if it isn’t physical I didn’t see it that way This is your serious kind of erotica that takes you waaaay out of your comfort zone makes you feel gypped at a loss mad hurt but also relieved happy and well you name it Hart runs the gamut of the emotional spectrumI can’t say I liked either of the heroes they just suck you dry and beat you down emotionally Joe is a bastard in every sense of the word and Adam is a selfish ungrateful sonofabitch but Hart makes you understand why they are the way they are so you can excuse them all the while hating how they behave sometimes As for the heroine sometimes you want to smack her and say “just do it” but then you think what if you were the other person? The guilt just eats away at you in this book but you feel so ripped up for her It’s like whatever she does is wrongMegan Hart is a brilliant writer She describes the mundane as something new and really makes you feel in a gut wrenching kind of way what it might be like to be the heroine This is a very strong first person kind of writing where all the other characters are in the background but you can still appreciate them I don’t think it would have packed as much of a punch if it wasn’t written in the first person LuAnn McClane though a completely different kind of writer also writes in the first person where really there is only the one character but I didn’t like her writing Hart puts your nerves on edge gives you goosebumps the bad kind makes you catch your breath and gasp all at the same time The sex scenes are very hot without being icky physically but they’re emotionally draining sometimes mean spirited and at times very satisfyingThe ending of the novel has the heroine come full circle and I thought it was very fitting touching and rewarding This was very tricky because it seemed that no matter how she’d end it the reader wouldn’t be happy so I was very surprised and thought she handled it exceptionally well It brought closure and a new beginning Not only do you get a good feeling at the end of the novel but you feel hope for Sadie where there was really only hopelessnessIf you’re looking for an emotional roller coaster erotic read that will pack a punch right to the gut and throw you off kilter as well then pick up Megan Hart When you're done though plan for a nice happy go lucky light Julie uinn read after as a kind of vitamin C to kick start your system and make everything right again in Romanceville ;

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    Megan Hart is a very emotional writer When I pick up a book she has penned I know many things before I even read the description I know it will not be light and fluffy I know it will probably not have a happy ending i know there will be one or tortured souls I know there will be some smokin' hot sex and finally I know I am going to love itBroken is a heart wrenching story of a man and woman very much in love The man suffers a terrible accident that leaves him paralyzed from the neck down Hart brought tears to my eyes as she describes the feelings the couple experiences love hate jealousy remorse just to name a few I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to have the person you love live with you and talk with you and physically be with you but not able to really experience the life you live How hard that must be for both parties involved Sadie needs an outlet she needs someone to talk to and she finds her escape in Joe a stranger who shares erotic stories of his one night stands with beautiful women As Joe tells his stories Sadie imagines herself as the women he speaks of Sometimes Hart surprises me with an unexpected ending I thought Broken's ending was bittersweet This was another emotional but fantastic book by Megan Hart✳✳ Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

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    I'm not sure how to start except to say that a review can't possibly do this book justice The blurb outlines one of the major parts of this story but really can't explain the plot without giving the book away The word 'husband' threw me off I'm not one to enjoy erotica just for the sake of the taboo and I was worried that this would downplay the importance of fidelity and trust in you partner or marriage It doesn't I thought after the first chapter that I understood the gist of the story I was comfortable with where it was going I uickly changed my mind after starting chapter two and getting a punch to the gut when the story took a major turn I uickly realized that Broken is not what I expected AT ALL As I kept reading I kept on getting surprises My emotions were all over the place I got so ANGRY sometimes Then I was crying too hard to see the words then laughing and feeling so happy for these people Then back to the anger and it all felt so real There was such depth to Sadie and I felt such a connection with her For a short time I lived her life Our love mad bad and dangerous to knowfor a short time we were broken brittle and fragileIt's a story about love first and foremost It is also a story about sex and how important our sexuality can be It's a story about tragedy and guilt and one woman's desperate attempt to know herself It's beautifully written and extremely honest My heart hurt for all involved This is one of those books that makes you both fearful and thankful and a story I won't forget This was my first book by Megan Hart and I had heard good things Now I know and I will for sure be reading by her She writes a story that is truly captivating

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Broken [PDF / EPUB] Broken This month my name is Mary My name is different every month—Brandy Honey Amysometimes Joe doesn't even bother to ask—but he never fails to arouse me with his body his mouth his touch no matter wha This month my name is Mary My name is different every month—Brandy Honey Amysometimes Joe doesn't even bother to ask—but he never fails to arouse me with his body his mouth his touch no matter what I'm called or where he picks me up The sex is always amazing always leaves me itching for in those long weeks until I see him again My real name is Sadie and once a month over lunch Joe tells me about his latest conuest But what Joe doesn't know is that in my mind I'm the star of every X rated one night stand he has revealed to me or that I'm practically obsessed with our imaginary sex life I know it's wrong I know my husband wouldn't understand But I can't stop Not yet.

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