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Stormfire [PDF / EPUB] Stormfire Abducted on her way to boarding school a terrified Catherine Enderly was brought from England to the coast of Ireland the prisoner of the angry and powerful young Sean Culhane—a man sworn to vengean Abducted on her way to boarding school a terrified Catherine Enderly was brought from England to the coast of Ireland the prisoner of the angry and powerful young Sean Culhane—a man sworn to vengeance against her familyFrightened but defiant the young countess met her captor with a strength that belied her fragile loveliness But even as Sean vowed to have his revenge on Catherine with each encounter he became attracted to her Her fiery innocence was a seduction that lured the passions of long smoldering hostility into a blazing inferno of desireLocked in a love hate duel he did not suspect that the captivating beauty who fought him with such tenacity was struggling desperately against her own awakened desires and that his touch had become the burning reminder that the fierce hatred she felt for him had become an all consuming love.

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    Of all forbidden luv theme I’ve read the last 16 yrs this was probably the most memorable 1 not in a good way tho’ thanx to the slew of appalling shudders inducing stomach churning experiences heroine suffered thru’ Just when I thought things could not have gotten worse for the heroine they did How in holy hell Kit’s sanity physical being could survive intact w 1 paralyzing terror after another was a miracle indeed HH ended up w a dubious HEA but I just wasn’t sure if the vicious cycle wouldn’t continue off screen the string of atrocities the hero committed endless dire circumstances befallen Kit made me wonder I didn’t think this shoulda been categorized as ‘romance’ it reads like a historical fiction an antidote to ‘romance’ The 2 stars were for the fact that I read the epic saga from cover to cover it’s a v well written story despite the hardcore demoralizing things inflicted on both HH esp the heroine the distasteful series of cheating So much hate heartaches going on that’ll make even a seasoned reader flinch suirm I finished it last weekend couldn’t look away like a horrific train wreck that mesmerized me but I felt like it’s imperative to overdose on cotton candy romances to shake off the aftershocks as a reminder of why I read ‘romance’ in the 1st place Lotsa repetitive patterns of cringe worthy abuse cruelties to warrant a lifetime restraining order against the hater I didn’t lose sleep over it but I see now what the fuzz is all about I’d never read a heroine in peril whose dignity was stripped in an awful manner like this HH had the most volatile dysfunctional relationship in romancelandia bar none Some dishonorable mentions of what Kit – damsel in perennial distress went thru’ dramatic twists outrageous turns interminable conflicts between HH • The hero showed his true colors by breaking men’s code of honor 1st meeting between HH after she’s kidnapped 16 yo She spit him was promptly rewarded w a brutal backhand slap that bloodied her nose• He smeared his blood on her boobs she raked her claws his cheek chest to make her slippery then the revenge driven hero took her by brute force wiped her tattered undergarments w the mixture of blood seed gift wrapped it to be sent to Kit’s dad Sean’s nemesis In the aftermath he wondered why she wailed during her nitemare ladden sleep • He starved worked her like a dog that she fainted dead away shaking stirring feelings sympathy outta hero’s bro who later on turned out to be no better than hero he raped heroine wreaked havoc in HH’s lives• After her futile attempt to escape to gut him w an ax a blade Sean bound Kit’s wrists tied ‘em to his horse’s tail dragged her like a rag doll all the way back kindly expanded her limited swear vocabs on the journey• Sean’s oh so romantic idea of sparkling jewelries a leg iron w ball chain around her ankle plus an iron band collar around her neck • After rescuing Kit from his men’s gropings near rape he clipped her to his bed uttered a classis line “U rode my nag until he nearly dropped Now I’m going to ride U” then raped the defenseless Kit again again• Sean spanked Kit viciously as retaliation for giving his housekeeper her foul recipe for curing his headaches the morning after molested her• When she refused his summons to come to him he broke her door down raped her Incomprehensible to me she broke the cardinal rule of “Don’t fall in luv w your abusive rapist even if he’s a chick magnet” BTW he still boinked his long time mistress whenever he’s away from his sex slave• Kit almost expired from drowning in the hands of a daft co worker Sean pumped her back to life Her near death experience must’ve been a turn on as he just couldn’t keep it in his pants After nursing her he made luv to her weakened state all This poor gal just couldn’t catch a break ^D• Across the pond England he slept w another lady in between his meticulously planned mission in destroying Kit’s father’s rep dwindling coffers the same time back home Kit had her hands full of thwarting Liam’s Sean’s bro increasingly amorous attentions marriage proposals• Nice chap that he is Sean took Kit sailing to please her the end of their journey he showed her the ruins of his home the devastation of Kit’s father’s reign of terror Reliving the nitemare so engulfed in hatred he almost gutted Kit until she fainted he came outta his murderous spell just in the nick of time U’d think they woulda realized by now to steer clear of each other as 1 of these days 1 or both of ‘em might end up 6 FT under• Back on the ship he taunted her to kill him she stabbed him for real Predictably their turbulent encounter left ‘em breathless w molten lust so lovers’ spat turned into another passionate race to the finish line• Liam persuaded Kit to accept his proposal to sabotage Sean’s rebellion against the crown all ‘cuz she didn’t want Napoleon in Ireland wanted to warn the authorities even if it’ll cost Sean his life the lives of others She under estimated Liam got herself off the frying pan into the inferno when her hubby claimed his privileges by raping her on their wedding nite’ in a cave• After recapturing Kit Sean – supposedly following his Irish tradition for traitresses – sawed off Kit’s glorious crown down to her scalp then assaulted her brutally over over again • The dawn after the demented so called hero slapped garish make up on her face stripped her naked gave her away to 5 of his men to do as they wished then he scampered He rode like the devil ‘till he got thrown off the horse slipped into oblivion only realizing what he’d done to her when he’s awake He saw the bloody negligee thought it was too late Li’l did he know that Kit was already preggers w his child when he did this Did he grovel beg for her forgiveness ? Nope he confined her in a dank cell went back to his mistress who – wout his knowledge – starved Kit for 3 months ‘till she’s all skin bone• He meant to marry his evil mistress only found out the condition in which Kit was kept when he finally went to see her The only comeuppance the petty mistress got was a bitchslap Kit remained his captive albeit in a nicer surroundings upstairs He had the audacity to flaunt his new nicer mistress in Kit’s face still no clue that Kit’s carrying his unborn babe • Throughout the book Sean called her “English cat bitch slut little viper skinny carcass Miss Snivel etc” When she refused his order to be examined by the concerned physician she labeled his mistress a ‘whore’ to his face he grabbed her by the hair smacked Kit so brutally that she went spinning striking the corner of his desk cracking 3 of her ribs He told her to go riding w him Co the next day • By not telling Sean ‘bout her delicate condition that her pain riddled broken self wasn’t really favorable to riding tightly bound ribs a cut lip the TSTL heroine jeopardized herself her unborn baby by persevering He ridiculed her snail’s pace the death defying heroine responded to his taunting by galloping jumping over a wall getting suashed by the screaming horse Seeing her gruesome injuries a bone protruding thru’ skin no less he turned into panic mode Didn’t he go thru’ this before ?• Instead of standing by her the bllless hero tried to run the sight of her distended belly W a new set of injuries a punctured lung Kit precariously clung to life Sean tried to drink himself to death wrecked by remorse that he’d heaped all these agonies on her head Kit’s been carrying a dead baby due to months of malnourishmen It woulda been merciful to just let the heroine expire instead of prolonging her suffering Turns out falling off a horse was actually a blessing in disguise ‘cuz otherwise she woulda died of system poisoning win a month Committing suicide as penance this point wouldn’t be enough to redeem himself so he sucked it up nursed Kit’s body back to health Mentally battered Kit took a long overdue vacay outta reality for 15 yrs• The funniest thing happened when she came outta her empty shell She told him that their child died for the offenses she’s committed against God Sean told Kit that he never meant to hurt her What a joke after all he put her thru’ he tried to rationalize his bizarre behavior that he degraded her outta jealousy Rolls eyes Kit shoulda had the common sense to stay away from him but nope she got pissy when she learned of his intentions of martyrdom by pushing her away He almost slapped raped her again during a picnic Didn’t Sean ever learn his lessons ? Well obviously not• Just when happiness is finally win their grasp Liam returned to drop the bombshell the irrefutable proof that Kit was actually – gasp their sister Wout telling her why he sent her back to her father’s England nest• When Sean’s captured by her father pregger Kit used her wiles body to entice a powerful French Prince for favors he agreed to claim parentage of her unborn child ‘cuz her cold blooded father would try to terminate her to get his grubby paws on her inheritance • Fighting tooth nail mortally wounded Sean crastrated beaten to a messy pulp shot was tossed out w other corpses into the snow He crawled to a temporary refuge where he finally reunited w Kit Thru’ a li’l bit of luck help from good samaritans they barely escaped England by a boat to Ireland• During his convalescence the ungrateful bipolar was – once again stricken w jealousy lashed out on Kit for bartering herself also ‘cuz the lusty French Prince still had both of his bll how petty of Sean he had the gall to uestion Kit the paternity of their unborn child • Kit became the object of Napoleon’s lust she married her ol’ flame an ascending French General to avoid being Napoleon’s mistress for the umpteenth time to save Sean’s hide Under scrutiny Sean fought duel after duel drowned his sorrow heartbreak by being a regular client his ol’ flame’s den in Paris Kit’s 2nd hubby turned out to be another untrustworthy abusive creep HH were reduced to pining away stealing chaste glances each other unable to express their forbidden luv openly• The drama escalated to a crescendo runaway Kit was about to give birth just as Sean’s being hunted down by her bloodthirsty hubby In the end HH found out the real truth of their relationship They’ve been played like a yo yo by fate evil villains The final reunion HEA – after a 4 year gap were the only dim light in a v long dark tunnel This was 1 f d up book LOL

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    So like most recent readers of this book I picked this puppy up based on its notorious reputationI'll have to admit I ended up liking itIt is a bodice ripper no doubt about that He backhands her hard enough to give her a bloody nose on page 28 By page 31 he's brutally raped her and sent her blood and semen encrusted underthings to her father He holds her responsible for her father's actions and he blames him for his mother's death in a bloody massacreThe way to enjoy it I think is to remember it's fiction No English virgins were harmed in the making of this bookIt also helps that Catherine fights Sean tooth and nail until he stops brutalizing her She makes multiple escape attempts she tries to con his brother Liam into taking her away she learns to fight with knives and acuits herself admirably She's not at all TSTL or a doormat she's a hellcat with Stockholm syndromeSean gets satisfactorily punished as well Captured after returning Catherine to her father and refusing to tell her father what Catherine had actually gotten up to in the past few years he gets well torturedEnderly's mouth whitened and his grip tightened on the crop You'd like to taunt me into killing you with a blow wouldn't you? He turned to Worthy and dictated calmly as if giving an order to a tradesman Geld himWorthy dismissed the soldiers and began to strop a knife that resembled a medical scalpel Watchin' only makes it worse lad The sharper the blade the less you'll feel I'll be as uick as I canWorthy tested the blade against his thumb then took a position between the prisoner's thighsSuddenly the spread eagled man arched like a drawn bow tendons standing out like crawling snakes as the knife sliced cleanlyOh he got to keep one nut but I'd say that's some epic penance He gets whipped and shot a few times too just for good measureThe final 300 pages are an epic saga of family drama international intrigue dashing feats of derring do and a whole lot of bad guys dying So much gets thrown at poor Catherine and the now sympathetic Sean that I couldn't go to bed without knowing it ended happily And it does 7 years after capturing her he marries her and takes her and their 4 year old son back to Ireland Mentally exhausted after watching these two continually put through the wringer I crashed for the nightWhat keeps this from being a really good or a great book is a lack of character depth and a half dozen WTF moments They're not one dimensional characters or anything but there were a number of times where I just didn't understand their actions How do you go from trying to kill someone to enthusiastically screwing him in the space of 5 minutes? Stuff like that A bit head time would have made their actions a lot interestingAll told it's really not a bad book at all I wasn't forcing myself through it at all Brutal rape aside it was well plotted and written I don't think I could re read it as it contains misfortune than a newspaper but it's nothing to be afraid of

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    I don't know uite what to say about this book I read it years ago when I read just about every book I got my hands on I probably wouldn't read it today because of how cruel the people are in this bookI certainly don't think Sean is a model hero He's a very angry obsessed bedeviled man and did some awful things to the heroine because of it I'm a bit of a sexist I think men should fight their wars and leave women and children out of it unless the women are warriors too If they are civilians I think only a coward would hurt them Well the hero and Catherine the heroine's father don't subscribe to this point of viewIt was an ugly situation and a lot of wrong things were done Having said that it was a very well written book if you could stomach it I remember not being able to put it down Let me say that I started reading historical romances for the history and the adventure I was twelve and I didn't care about the mushy stuff I think I read this when I was fourteen This book is from the heydey of the bodice ripper era where all bets were off as far as what a hero could do to a heroine I remember being pretty wide eyed when I read this book Nowadays I care about the love relationship and the history and the adventure My tastes have changed where I have ideas about what I will tolerate in a hero and a heroine and what they do and my feelings about it depend highly upon the execution and how their behavior is dealt withI wouldn't judge anyone who wanted to read it and I certainly wouldn't judge a person who didn't want to read it But I'd say if you have heard lots of things about it but are not sure what to think you can read it for yourself and make up your own mind But go into this book prepared It's very very dark

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    SpoilersOne of the worst books I've ever read I had to skim through the last half it was just that bad The so called romance made me feel sick — the hero Sean was beyond fucked up and the heroine Catherine was fine to begin with but then turned into an awful abuse loving doormat I LOATHE LOATHE LOATHED Sean He was a violent perverted baby killing rapist wanker bastard of a fucker bastard He kidnapped Catherine raped her dozens of times beat her starved her chained her up humiliated her let his men gang rape her yea I know she was saved at the end but not by him Oh and he basically killed Catherine's baby But all that was apparently okay because he was oh so sexy and powerful UghWhat a pathetic excuse for a man He abused and tortured a young girl because he wanted to punish her dad But he wasn't actually man enough to face the dad he was so weak that he had to go after an innocent girl He wasn't even remorseful or guilty about being a disgusting rapist Yep it was cool for him to rape and slap around women yet for some reason he got all high and mighty and had a hissy fit about his enemies being rapist Hypocritical fuck He acted like he had every right to Catherine's body just because she made him feel horny And then all that bullshit about him being in love her really? Sure he was obsessed with her and attracted to her but there was no evidence whatsoever of him loving her If he loved her he wouldn't have tortured raped beat her and fucked loads of other women And he definitely wouldn't have given his men permission to gang rape her Who the fuck did he think he was? That FUCKING FUCKER And why did he moan and bitch about her 'betraying' him? Did he expect loyalty after all he did to her? WTF? He was no hero he was a woman beating evil fucker of a rapist If he was fat and ugly he wouldn't have been excused by other characters and readers for his perversions and violence Apparently as long as a hero is good looking he can do how ever many vile things he wants Ugh Catherine was great to begin with she was determined cool and resourceful but then she changed into a dumb cow Her reaction to her rapist was fucked up Sean brutally raped her yet she acted like it was nothing and instead flirted and verbally sparred with him Ugh Why the fuck did Liam let his bastard brother boss him around so much?Oh and Liam was a bastard rapist too How can anyone possibly think that Sean raping and torturing Kit was love or remotely romantic? It's fucked upAll in all a disgusting book with a disgusting 'hero' and a disgusting romance I wish I could erase it from my brain

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    Stormfire I was curious as to what all the hype was about so I decided to read it First hand experience is the best when trying to create a personal opinion don’t you think? Well I read it keeping in mind the “romance fashion” of the day with bodice rippers being a la mode and we all know what bodice rippers entail don’t we? The first bodice ripper I read was The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E Woodiwiss back in the day when I first started reading actual romance novels I was of an A Christie and E Wallace fan TFATF didn’t shock me but I did wonder as to the “romance fashion” of the 80s For someone to willingly put rape andor forced seduction into a book struck me as strange for someone who was but a baby when bodice rippers were the height of romance novel sophistication Anyway Ms Woodiwiss’s “bodice ripper” has nothing on Stormfire Now if someone asked me to list all the reuired elements of a true bodice ripper I’d merely suggest they read Ms Monson’s “bodice ripping masterpiece” Like a Knorr mix this book has everything one needs to become perfectly acuainted with all the necessary elements for a bodice ripper—there’s physical abuse emotional abuse psychological abuse rape kidnapping borderline pedophilia torture physical retribution read castration murder incestand all other kind of mayhem you can think of Oh let’s not forget an extremely beautiful heroine that such a beauty can only come from the Devil so she must be a witch so everything that happens to her is justified She’s the spawn of the Devil she’s evil she must be punished And not only the men in this book think so but also the women but you know how we chicks are—she’s intruding on our turf let’s be rid of herSeen like this I guess it could be cringe worthy but lucky for us who decided to read this there is some semblance of story thrown into the mix a lovehate relationship that somehow inexorably between one type of abuse and torture and the next blooms into a love story Maybe not so believable given today’s standards in romance and life in general but a love story nonetheless And it sort of a “redemption” for everything that happens at the beginning of a book A cleansing of soul and spirit so to speak That said I couldn’t help but admire Ms Monson’s style and writing She succeeded in turning this 500 page monstrosity with all the baggage that came with it into a rather enjoyable read I wouldn’t say it was uick paced because it sure did drag its feet in some parts but the time did fly during those flowing passages I wouldn’t say I particularly enjoyed any of the characters I rather developed a lovehate connection to them When Sean was at his worst I’d love nothing but for him to be uartered alive but he had those few but previous moments of lucidity if I could call it that when he showed true romance hero coloring Pity they didn’t last that long Catherine affinity to Catherine was the same All that is female in me rebelled at her SS falling in love with her abuser and captor while on the other hand I couldn’t help but understand her In those rare moments of lucidity Sean was a prince until the moment she betrayed him and besides he was the one constant in her three year long captivity He was both her tormentor and savior both angel and devil something was bound to giveAnd as the old adage states there’s a fine line between love and hate Which goes for both Sean and Catherine So while I didn’t particularly like them I understood where they came from All in all this is really a really twisted sort of redemption story He needed to atone for his sins she don’t ask me why needed to atone for the sins of her father they both went through hell—multiple visits—but in the end love prevailed I wouldn’t have minded a lengthy resolution—after so long a few pages wouldn’t hurt—but what we got sure was better than nothing That said having read this book with an open mind and taking in consideration the decade in which it was written I cannot help but give this one an overall rating of 5 stars Because it is a prime example of a bodice ripper it is well written it does take you on an emotional rollercoaster for me feeling something for the characters be it love hate disdain sympathy is better than feeling nothing and it comes with a nice bow tied in the end PS Looking at it with the eyes and mind frame of a 21st century woman comparing it to the historicals of today the rating is much much lower First because of all the abuse and “forced seductions” and second which for me is the most important because I cannot stand my hero andor heroine being intimate with anyone but each other after they meet It’s a personal standard of mine and I’m pretty particular about it All the “rutting” Sean does including the threesome with his older mistress and the Indo Chinese chit and Catherine’s consummating her marriage to Raoul severely chafes So80s mind frame—5 stars21st century mind frame—2 stars for the writing PPS A comment related rant read at your own discretion And now Zosia’s review thread has so many comments I didn’t want to intrude so I decided to post a few of my thoughts about them here There’s still time for you to stop reading  How in the world did this book get published? Well Ms Monson wrote it her agent pitched it to a publisher they signed a contract the manuscript was proofread the corrections approved and then it went through the printing process That’s how books get published today as well  In the 80s these bodice rippers were all the rage and publishers clad for them the outrageous the better I wonder if someone from the 80s succeeded in traveling through time and picked up an erotica book I guess they’d wonder how that got published as wellBut WHY would someone write this book? Hmm for the money?  I justdon't understand how a woman could actually write these words Would've made a difference if a man wrote them?And it’s called fiction I think that pretty much anything is allowed in fiction and as long as there are people willing to read that anything so it shall remain  Monson ended up committing suicide so I think you have to approach her as a special case re what she wrote and why  Well I'm going to sound mean but I can't say I'm surprised To write a book like that as a romance because I could accepted it simply as historical fiction you really must have issues  I agree I'm not overly surprised I just can't imagine the type of person who would write something like this so it makes sense that like you said she had issues However I can't imagine this getting published but that's the world we live in I guess Wow issues huh? She wrote fiction people F I C T I O N Anything remotely involving a man and a woman in close proximity to each other was categorized as romance back in the 80s so calling on her issues is really a moot point And bringing up her suicide is in really poor taste if you ask me We don’t know why she committed suicide but it’s safe to say it wasn’t because she wrote this book This was her first published work she published 5 after it What about other authors out there writing horror and suspense rife with abuse battered women and yes gasp rape? Shouldn’t they have offed themselves by now? Yet they’re still breathing and writing horror and suspense rife with abuse battered women and yes gasp rape And now to answer all those who keep asking themselves how can people read this? It’s pretty easy You pick up the book open it and start with the first word on the first page and continue from there Yes just like they taught us in school See how easy it is Then you keep turning the pages reading word after word in an orderly fashion Then when you come to the end you close the book as set it on the shelf donate it to your nearest UBS or give it to a friend so they can benefit from it as well and create their own opinion based on the words they read in the book and not on a reviewer’s subjective opinion For those like me who found this book online which is cheaper BTW you open the file and start with the first word in the first line And you go on from there But since that’s not particularly good for the eyes you can easily transfer the book file onto your favorite ebook reading device it comes in different formats—htmlepubprc andlit—or you can print it out putting additional strain on the environmentWhen you’re done you calmly close the file on your computer or favorite ebook reading device and maybe send it to a friend so they can benefit from it as well and create their own opinion based on the words they read in the book and not on a reviewer’s subjective opinion

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    This book wasn't nearly as shocking as all the hype surrounding it would suggest In fact it's pretty conventional in many respects For example the pat incest resolution as well as the pretty uick thawing of Sean's resolve to beat down and kill Kit I was prepared to have a few hundred pages of abuse but imagine my surprise when Sean's attitude towards her turns to love protection well of a sort by page 85 and lasts for well over 200 pages until Kit acts according to her conscience and brings it all crashing down into a short lived loop of hatred and revenge followed by the rest being selfless acts of devotion and sacrifice I think this book has gotten the reputation it has from people who didn't read past page 50 if they got that far and hearsay and groupthink took over like it usually does Read it for yourselves if you can get a copy or find it onlineThe book lost steam around page 450 when Kit and Sean wind up in France as Napoleon's ambitions and intrigues and counter intrigues take center stage Monson was unable to make these big picture machinations nearly as interesting as the intense personal struggle that consumed the first 23rds of the novel with just Sean Kit and the dark dysfunctional little world of the Culhane keep of Shelan It was atmospheric close and terrifying Excellent stuff I felt it should have ended by pg 450 as neatly tied up as it eventually was on pg 568 The extended epilogue in France was so at odds with the rest of the book and well frankly boring So much was thrown into it that by this point I thought it was overstuffed The final chapter was rushed indicating four years had passed with Sean at Austerlitz that I wondered why Monson hadn't paced herself and kept it for a seuel Separation over the battlefields of Europe as they fight to reunite I'd have read it The overall feeling I had by the end was that it was very ambitious overdiligent and half successful Even the typos started getting heavier by the end as if the editor gave up But it was a first novel I have some others of hers that I'll read to compareI was glad to finally finish it It's not a keeper that's for sure but I'm happy to have read it and actually seen for myself what the big whoop was all about Overblown hysteria in the current pablum romance era IMO

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    So after a couple of decades of reading romance I finally got around to Stormfire Whew They do not write them like this any The ultimate in bodice ripping Stormfire is a tale of two mentally unstable people and their violent intense love And it's great The main attraction about Stormfire is its writing If it was a poorly written book no one would still be talking about it 20 plus years after it was published The chapters each have their own titles such as Silken Irons Into Eden or The Nadir When the heroine meets the hero her first thoughts are of Milton's poetry His form had not yet lostAll his original brightness nor appearedLess than Archangel ruined The prose is evocative and compelling but not purple We agonize with Catherine's enslavement we feel the angry passion between the lovers we grieve with Catherine's loss and suffer with Sean's torturehow much misery can two people take? Then there is that intense lovehate I wish writers of historical romances today wrote like this deeply and intensely if not necessarily the same plot But then maybe I'm a sicko but I like the plot Yes it's epic and melodramatic everything but the kitchen sink is in the plot including SPOILERS kidnapping rape starvation forced slavery multiple marriages miscarriage insanity beatings brothers fighting for the same woman incest castration forcible sodomy murder To be honest I wasn't comfortable with a lot of things in the book Even so Stormfire is enthralling Even those who hate this book can't say it's boring There are a lot of detractors of Stormfire so in its defense I'll say this this isn't a sweet romance; it's a historical romance novel a bodice ripper and I use the term with great affection It's a fantasy A dark one definitely but then some might say so are the vampire werewolf bestiality BDSM menage fantasies of today This is a different kind of fantasy where the greatest hate in the world can be turned into love Would this relationship work in real life? Probably not That's why it's a fantasy Stormfire is very entertaining emotional and unforgettable It falters a bit towards the end so it's not perfect It's not the best romance novel ever written but for me it's up there I'd give it 5 stars or an A rating

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    Call me crazy but I loved this oneYes it's dark There's rape and Stockholm Syndrome and torture and castration involvedBUTThere is also an amazing story told here full of excitement and intrigue in addition to a seemingly impossible love story between star crossed lovers As I read I found myself completely enraptured by the drama of the story which was uite substantial It absolutely played with my emotions At first came outrage Then came the roller coaster I experienced anger dismay horror and disgust as well as heartbreak fear and disbelief This story is complex to say the least and probably not everyone's cup of tea but despite said complexity within its pages is perhaps the fiercest love story I've ever read In fact I was completely swept away by it Mind you it's a love story chock full of pain physical emotional and psychological I found myself in tears as I read several times But for me it was all well worth it In fact as a reader there's nothing better than a book that can drag you through the darkest pits of emotional hell only to bring you to the precipice of joy where you willingly let yourself fall peril be damnedSo this often stingy with the five stars reviewer happily gives Stormfire the elusive 5 star rating without uestion

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    She wanted to match him on his own terms in his own element; and at sea he was at home as he was nowhere else on earth She came to understand the source of his pride in his heritage and slowly realized he was showing her his soul its wildness and freedom in the coast he had roamed since boyhood His spirit like the lonely windswept sea was ever restless ever changing sometimes howling down to savage the unyielding land then caressing it with a lulling embrace inevitably wearing away its resistance He was asking her to become part of him without reservations without ties that would inevitably be wrenched apart leaving her battered on the rocks and him lonelier and wilder than before Stormfire turned out to be a beautiful romantic saga I cried at the end I didn't just shed a tear but actually had a good cry I can't remember the last time I actually cried because of a bookI've picked up this book several times within the last two years and simply set it down It took me a while to sink into Monson's prose I'm not sure I ever fully did although there were certain passages that flowed well were atmospheric The premise A man stealing a young woman for revenge against the wrongs her father committed is admittedly not my favorite trope I've seen this time and time again in contemporary dark romances as well as mafia books A fair share of historical romances employ it of course I'm glad I gave this book a fair shake because this story is so much than an enemies to lovers romance I'm going to sound embarrassingly sentimental by saying this but this story felt like two soulmates fighting for each other against all odds Minor Spoilers AheadSean Culhane has been heralded as one of the most ruthless cruel MMCs in romance I have to say I don't see it I thought he rather uickly fell under Kit's spell and came across like a big softy when in her presence When faced with the hard truth that she may die if she's not under better protection he uickly elevated her status from servant to his mistress While he introduced himself cruelly to Kit when she first arrived he ended up trying to make up for it by giving her space allowing her to initiate anything physical I thought this change of heart from Sean occurred rather soon in the book as well Not to say Sean didn't have his own demons a temper Kit was perfect for him though When Kit made the decision to side with Liam I was just as angry with her as Sean I thought it was a foolish and doomed decision on her part from the start Sean's anger with Kit was 100% understandable to me He was of course stupid to allow Fiona to care for Kit and cruel to make her ride the horse in her state He realized his error and did what he could to make up for it I think he fully redeemed himself His love for Kit was obvious from the beginning and his anger than understandable when faced with her betrayal I think part of what influenced my opinion of Sean is that I'm coming from two Natasha Peters' rippers Savage Surrender Dangerous Obsession Those two books are written in first person POV The reader never gets the MMC's POV I find Natasha Peters' MMCs harsh and cruel all the way till the end of the stories With Sean's POV his devotion to Kit became crystal clear He went above and beyond to right his mistakes with his effort he fully won me over I liked Kit I'm doing something that's not polite in a review but I can't help but compare I didn't fall in love with her the same way I fell in love with Elise in Savage Surrender Rhawnie in Dangerous Obsession I liked her though Both main characters had strong character arcs that were fulfilling to read I'm uite honestly filling exhausted after reading this book One criticism There were structural elements to the plot that took me out of the story Some parts were too long other parts rushed where they should have been longer This is a vague criticism but I'm too tired to go into detail A few elements to the story felt too much like forced melodrama I skimmed a few paragraphs here and there All of this is subjective of course I was entranced by Savage Surrender clinging to every word Someone else could say that book felt like forced melodrama it was certainly OTT than this book Yet I was completely lost and caught up in that story So it's all subjectiveThis book at times reminded me very much of Outlander An English woman forced abruptly into a strange culture Kit's interest in medicinetime spent with the doctor and at a hospital Her husband fighting in a revolution and family betrayal Escaping the British for France The similarities go on If I was to ever meet Diana Gabaldon I would want to ask her if she read Stormfire The cover for this book is a shame The title is apt The cover for Stormfire should have a picture of dark blue ocean waves tall cliffs in the background a ship at the forefront with the leading couple on board This was such a fulfilling romance to read Harsh brutal tender heartbreaking as well as touching It deserves to be made into a movie I understand now why this has been recommended to me so many times and is considered a must read for those who enjoy this genre of romance You're not afraid any?She burrowed closer whispering I died inside when you hated me Even after the hate was gone I felt like glass only glued together each time you touched me Then suddenly there was no time and nothing mattered any but never losing youI never stopped loving you little one I nearly went crazy Christ what a battleground we made of what should have been Trigger Warning view spoilerRape by hero rape by others than the hero violence stillbirth torture hide spoiler

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    This is the perhaps the Ultimate Bodice Ripper romance It has EVERYTHING and everyone gets to let their inner monsters out It also keeps you glued to the page waiting for what comes next and after seven years of story and plot everyone finally calms down enough to celebrate a real HEAThis isn't a pc romance in ANY shape or form but it is a great one and I have three copies that I regularly reread for the sheer epic intensity No one in this is very likable but they are unforgettable and if you claim to be a vintage bodice ripper devotee at all you have to read this

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