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Star Wars Jedi Academy Trilogy [PDF / EPUB] Star Wars Jedi Academy Trilogy Seven years after the founding of the New Republic Princess Leia Organa Solo is Minister of State and has borne three Jedi children the twins Jacen and Jaina and baby Anakin Han Solo is an official en Seven years after the founding of the New Jedi Academy MOBI ñ Republic Princess Leia Star Wars PDF/EPUB ² Organa Solo is Minister of State and has borne three Jedi children Wars Jedi Academy ePUB ´ the twins Jacen and Jaina and baby Anakin Han Solo is an official envoy for the new government traveling the galaxy on diplomatic missions And Luke has been given leave to seek out candidates for a Jedi Academy that will not only herald a renaissance of the Jedi Knights but also provide future champions of the Force to protect the New RepublicYet the peaceful and benign reign of the Republic is far from secureThough the Empire was finally vanuished remnants of the Imperial forces are scattered throughout the galaxy Die hard loyalists they're intent on waging a brutal guerrilla war against the New RepublicAmong the most dangerous is Imperial Admiral Daala who has added the ultimate weapon to her fleet of Star Destroyers More powerful than the Death Star the Sun Crusher a small ship is capable of annihilating an entire solar system by triggering its sun to supernovaTo make matters worse there are those from Han's bad old days still anxious to avenge the past And as Luke will soon discover even the most promising Jedi recruit can be unwisely tempted by the dark side of the ForceIncludes Jedi Search Dark Apprentice and Champions of the Force.

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    I found these books really disappointing Poorly plotted starting with the introduction of a Mary Sue character named Kyp Durron who is stronger in the Force than Jedi Master Luke Skywalker Add to that we also get a weapon that one ups the Deathstar in the Suncrusher and it just feels like Anderson couldn't come up with anything so he decided to one up LucasAnd then there is the villain Admiral Daala So we're supposed to believe that she was given the command of a fleet of Star Destroyers despite having zero command experience outside of tactical simulators? Oh and she's been sitting in a secret facility for 11 years just waiting for Tarkin to return not getting the slightest bit curious and sending someone out to get a newspaper or something to find out that the Empire has fallen?And then there's the fact that we are told that Daala and Tarkin were lovers I don't want to think about Tarkin having sex ever thanks but no we get treated to the line which shall be forever burned into my brain by the sheer ick factor After Tarkin fantasizing had been enough shudderAdd to that that the first book starts out by going on about what a mystery the Yavin pyramids are only to have a character who has been around the whole time people have been talking about this mystery suddenly spill the whole story when asked Really?

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    Not the worst of the extended universe books I've read but certainly nowhere near the top half Characters are bland and 2 dimensional the dialoguenarrative is poor and repetative and well established characters behave in ways which are not in keeping with their character traits I usually get immersed when reading Star Wars books but found myself regularly skimming these ones

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    I though that this was a really good book It took it past the high bar that the movies had set Though there were some flaws in the ideas It was well rounded and it peaked my interest I would recommend it only after you have seen the original movies

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    This book is a great Star Wars addition

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    It's fine Not the best trilogy of Star Wars novels by any stretch of the imagination but it's a decent enough fix if you want something that reminds you of the high points of the original trilogy Sadly that's where this whole thing falls down It's just too familiar The big conflict in Champions of the Force is taking down ANOTHER Death Star making this the Empire's third attempt at making one and the third time it's been overthrown by the rebels Kyp is definitely the star of the show and could've been an interesting character to evolve but he's very much a small part of a bigger picture in this We also revisit the energy spiders of the first book who were definitely one of the best antagonists of that title but did we really need to revisit that struggle in the same series? The Jedi Academy trilogy had some decent ideas but they're sadly spread too thin over these 3 books

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    Very good from start to finish One of my favorite trilogies in the Expanded Universe

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    This one kind of hurtsI went in to this book so excited it really did have a lot of potential Way to many storylines going on all at once here never letting you really get involved with the story before yanking you to another group of characters just when you started to feel invested in what was going on Don't get me wrong there is some good stuff in here A ton of ideas that could have been really cool but sadly just end up being wasted potential I very much doubt that if I wasn't as big a star wars fan as I am I than likely wouldn't have even come close finished this one Sadly this one ended up being a boring and disappointing grind to finish

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    So I did the abridged audio books of the story All in all like 6 hours for all three books it would have taken at least a week to read the books traditionally Obviously not reading the whole thing I lost some of the fluff that many people found boring All in all not a bad star wars series Not the best I have read but it served its purpose of entertaining me on a beautiful day at the lake

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    Awful Boring not how I imagined the story going the characters are bland and all off very shallow I did not finish

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    Enjoyed this trilogy maybe even than Heir to the empire trilogy due to the many similarities to this current era of Star Wars movies Fast paced and good characters

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