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    I admit I'm a sucker for dog stories The cute little guy on the cover caught my attention because I have two Jack Russell terriers and Bulu had a Jack Russell daddy so he strongly resembles my two Further I love stories that take place in Africa Maybe I'll actually get there one day but until then I'm an avid armchair traveler This book is cataloged as juvenile nonfiction but adults will enjoy it too Steve and Anna Tolan were police officers in England when they met and married They often vacationed in Africa and found it harder and harder to return home After Steve was in an accident they realized life is brief and you must live your dreams They sold everything and moved to Zambia to live and work in wildlife conservation They were told not to get a dog if they were living in the bush because it would only break their hearts as so many dogs were eaten by predators or fell victim to diseases They had had to leave their old dog with their family in England and missed having a canine companion so they took the risk and adopted a little pup the last of the litter because he didn't seem alert or active enough to other prospective owners They named him Bulu wild dog This book is the true story of his and their adventures About a uarter of the way into the book I could not put it down Jack Russells are known as big dogs in tiny dog bodies and Bulu was no exception He had an amazing life and by the end warning it's a three hankie endinghe had stolen my heart What a great animal story PS Here is a link with a short video of Bulu

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    I love this dog Smart loyal and full of spirit He chased away a lion to protect his people faced off against a crocodile to protect the orphan warthog piglets he's adopted Not bad for the little one considered the runt of the litter Adorable photos Pageturner for anyone who loves animals and adventure

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    I loved this sweet and sad story about a dog named bulu he had a love for everyone around him He sadly died from liver failur in 2008 By then he had fostered 11 wild african animals I will never forget this story

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    Absolutely loved it I thought it was one of the greatest books I've ever read I also love dogs so that probably helped

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    This book took me by surprise I am not much of a fan of animal stories but Bulu and the setting of the story are incredible I have long dreamed of visitig Africa and this book is set in Zambia It is the true story of Steve and Anna Tolan a British couple who leave their regular life in England and replant themselves remote Zambia They build a wildlife conservation learning center there and take in orphaned animals vervet monkeys baboons warthogs and others including elephants The story centers around Bulu and how he cares for the orphans and escapes death many times Pet dogs are not prevalent in Africa as there are far too many natural predators there The one thing that bothered me was Anna's insistence that Bulu be treated by vets right now and with diginity after one of his brushes with the local wildlife The same book discusses how many people in Zambia have lost their lives to AIDS; in fact many children are left orphaned by this disease To elevate the importance of the care and comfort of a dog above that of humans is problematic to me However the book is adorable educational and an enjoyable read

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    I grabbed this book at the library because I was in the mood for dog books and this one was on the new book shelf and was about a dog When I opened it up I realized by the writing style that it is actually a kid's book Nevertheless I'm 36 and I enjoyed it Summary an English couple working on wildlife conservation in Africa gets this dog named Bulu some kind of Jack Russell mix He has lots of adventures involving lions sleeping sickness elephants baby monkeys baby warthogs and other animals I like Africa I like dogs and I like lions monkeys and warthogs so what's not to like about this book? I read it in an hour in the airport I can't really recommend it as a serious read because well because it's written for kids but what the hell I liked it

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    A great story not just about a dog but about the African wildlife and the conservation efforts of Steve and Anna Tolan There are a few grisly descriptions close to the end of the book but I enjoyed all the animal encounters some uite suspenseful The story lacked for me a definite timeline of events It was not clear to me when events were happening or how much time had passed between events

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    This book was one that made me make one hundred different emotions Steve and Anna Tolan moved from England to Zambia Africa as retired police officers They adopt a small jack russell terrier His name is Bulu meaning wild dog in Africa The Tolans live where where many different animals live and end up caring for warthogs a baboon vervets elephants and other animals I recommend for everyone and anyone Bulu will steal and warm your heart

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    I thought that the book Bulu African Wonder Dog was a good book it is non fiction so it took me a while to read it it seemed informational but not so much that you wouldn't wanna read it in your free time This book is about a couple and they work together as cops the moved to Africa to be with the animals because the wife loves them They decide to adopt a dog the dog is very small his name is Bulu Bulu was my favorite character in the book because I love animals and he was a very adventures and playful puppy he gets into a lot of trouble in the beginning but his owners slowly start to train him Bulu is a white dog with brown and tan spots he has brown ears and he is also very fast In the story Bulu was a prized possession by everybody children loved him adults loved him and even the strictest of people in the story loved him despite the trouble he caused about 34 through the story Bulu gets very hurt on a camping trip with his owners a snake shot poison in his eyes His owners flushed his eyes out as soon s they could they gave as much care and attention to him as they could but he didn't seem to be getting better Where they lived there wasn't a near by vet eventually the wife gets on a boat to take Bulu to the vet while the husband stays home with his injury

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    I enjoyed reading about Bulu Anna and Steve’s life in Zambia The author Dick Houston is a friend of Steven and Anna’s and he tells their story well “The real enemy of wildlife is ignorance” Bulu is the centering theme throughout the book but the reader gets to see much such as the adoption of warthogs and vervets the opening of a wildlife education center and near death experiences I liked the clear concise writing and the well described setting This is a great read for both children and adults And my Serengeti wanderlust is going strong after this read

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Bulu [PDF / EPUB] Bulu Fans of true dog stories Jack Russell terriers and African wildlife will want to check out BuluBorn on a crocodile farm in Zambia's untamed South Luangwa Valley the puppy seemed different from his lit Fans of true dog stories Jack Russell terriers and African wildlife will want to check out BuluBorn on a crocodile farm in Zambia's untamed South Luangwa Valley the puppy seemed different from his littermates Too uiet Unresponsive Terriers are usually full of energy and bouncing off walls But not this one Nobody wanted him Enter Anna and Steve Tolan—former police officers who had left behind their life in England to live in the African bush People thought the Tolans were a bit different too The peculiar puppy suited them perfectly They named him Bulu or wild dog in the local Nyanja languageLiving in the bush Bulu not only found his voice he also found his calling as a foster parent to the orphaned baby animals—including warthogs monkeys elephants baboons bushbucks and buffalo—cared for by the Tolans But Bulu's protective nature led him into terrifying situations in the wild It's a miracle he survived But survive he did disarming people with his wacky ways and nurturing once unwanted creatures like him until they too could be set free Bulu's story is a joyful confirmation of dogs as uniue spirits capable of love compassion and braveryPacked with vivid descriptions of encounters with crocodiles lions leopards poisonous snakes bull elephants and —and illustrated throughout with black and white photographs— Bulu African Wonder Dog will leave fans of dog stories begging for.