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    I just read a curious review There is a reviewer who requests a book andthen says one of her first tests as it arrives in the mailbox is, Just howeager am I to read it The book, which is featured on and all otherbook vending sites in the world, is listed as a containing 456 pages, b 8.8 x 11.1 x 1.1 inches in landscape format, c weighing three pounds, d having this subtitle A Back to Basics Guide to Cleaning,Furnishing, Storing, De Cluttering, Streamlining, Organizing, and More This reviewer, however, a is surprised at the book s size, hard cover, and glossy pagesfilled with 950 photos b laments that the book won t fit into her purse, c concludes that a book of this kind of heft and size isn t goingto be simple to carry with me for the kind of reading I have to do on myschedule , d complains that the author used 950 stock photos as opposed topaying a photographer a fortune over the course of a year to take unique,individualized pictures, e has decided that this coffee table book doesn t belong on hercoffee table, which is reserved for books and magazines on art, travel, andpoetry She asserts that this book would clutter her coffee table, just thething that this book is trying to tell us to avoid It Won t Fit in My Purse The reviewer laments that she was forced to tote it along in mybriefcase so that I could do some lunch hour reading She points out thatthe author told her up front it s not the kind of book one reads cover tocover, but then couldn t figure out how exactly she would use this book AsI started to skim through, reading a page here and a page there, I had toconsider just how I would use such a book And is it formatted for that kindof best use She says that her plan is to retire to a one or two room cabin, soextra stuff will definitely have to go, and concludes that this book wouldhave to go Not only because it is so large and so heavy, but because itattempts to cover too much some 1800 hints on how to simplify one s life She then decides that perhaps the author should have considered his ownadvice and simplified in order to be relevant, timely, and accessible, and concludes, the book is a clutter of far too much information Lessreally is In this day and age of easy access to the internet, I m notsure I see the purpose of this book at all It s All About Me Here we have the reviewer who is unable to surmise thatanyone else in this world you know, the kind of people married to eachother with two or three children and perhaps a house of than fourrooms could possibly benefit from this book The idea of Simpler Living seems to be that when I am contemplatingwhat to do about this and that I would go looking for this book foradvice For this reviewer, the profound answer is, Um, no When her carhas stalled, she ll go to a mechanic, not a book When she s redecorating,she ll employ her local handy person When she s considering her finances,she ll set up an appointment with a financial advisor When looking for specific advice in a highly timely manner, hardlyanyone will go grab a book They will go to the Internet So, let s chuckall multi topic self help or reference books that Simpler Living is as a reference book, not a page turning novel the same could be said of any reference book, self help book, or how to book everwritten At First Blush The reviewer goes on to say that Among the 1800 tips offered, a fewnuggets of wisdom are useful, but they re too hard to find In fact, atfirst blush, I can t recall any She adds, for emphasis, Most everythingin the book is very general and painfully obvious She also comes to theconclusion that there is some questionable and odd advice , and goes on tonitpick ad nauseum She observes, Here s another painfully obvious example of questionableadvice When you send a fax, remember to indicate who it is for and who issending it Keep a supply of transmittal forms near your fax machine She says that she had to blink at this one, because most of us in2011 no longer use fax machines, but if we do, we surely know this basicinformation about sending a fax Really More than 19,500,000 soloentrepreneurs operating out of their homes, half of whom own fax machines,receive faxes at least once a week that do not clearly identify the senderor how to get in touch with the sender Our reviewer has no inkling of this,and aptly demonstrates it The reviewer concludes that because of her vast knowledge in thegame of life, and because so much of this book, ADVERTISED AS A BACK TOBASIC GUIDE, is general and because the 1800 tips are painfully obvious, there s no reason for its existence It just adds to the dumbing down ofAmerica The narcissistic reviewer ends with the admonition to readers, keep your money, pass on buying this one We must admire the reviewer s individuality After all, these areher opinions, even if they are at odds with 60 others who have given thebook a favorable review The four different acquisition editors at the fourbook clubs that selected Simpler Living also must not know too much aboutwhat people need these days The foreign publishers around the world such asthose in China, Finland, and Indonesia, who have seen fit to translate thematerial in this book, probably have no idea what the citizens of theirrespective countries need, either Never mind that the advice contained within has been serialized inmagazines and newspapers across America and around the world Never mindthat it was featured by Rodale as a monthly column, and Boom Magazine in theTriangle area in North Carolina currently features excerpts as a monthlycolumn Never mind that the career track division of Skill Path produced afour CD audio book on the material Thus, let s give this reviewer five stars for originality, cynicism,and a parallax view that only a person living alone in a one room cabin inMontana could hope to offer This reviewer, stating forthrightly that the material in this bookis not for her, and by twisted logic, therefore not for anybody, tells usall to save our money The only books that should ever be published are those thathave direct, complete applicability to you Look I don t mind her review but I found the book and author to be very intriguing.Simply, I like a book like this Not everything in it applies to me but enough does and it s darnuseful.

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    Whether you are just starting out in your career or with your family, or are a veteran of the working world and an empty nester, and whether you live in a small house or apartment or a mansion on the hill, you will find untold numbers of ideas for uncomplicating all aspects of your life Simpler Living, at over 450 pages, with probably 1000 photographs or , is a remarkable text that you can turn to again and again Whether you re flipping through it for fun, or on a specific mission, you ll find a variety of tips and suggestions that can improve your personal organizational skills or the appearance of a room, or simply your mental outlook The tips vary from the very basic to rather involved, with an eye on keeping your expenses down Most recommendations can be implemented for no or very low cost, and I appreciate that.

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    Picking up Jeff Davidson s book Simpler Living was one of the best choices I ve made in a while It s the kind of book you can take your time to read thru, flipping to specific sections that cover certain issues you re facing It has a wealth of information about organizing your home, with lots of small tips that really make a huge difference Not only that, but most of the tips can be carried out easily and inexpensively I have only implemented advice from a few chapters of the book, based on the rooms in my house that needed the most help, but my family and friends have already noticed a difference in my home, and I feel like I can breathe again I ll definitely be buying copies as gifts for my close friends and relatives for the holidays.

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    I don t know what all the squabble is about, this book is well worth reading I didn t expect to get so many down to earth, practical tips that I can actually use and that won t break the bank, but Simpler Living definitely offers this It s a great book to flip through whenever a certain area of your life or house is feeling cluttered, and I leave it out on my coffee table, so my guests have really enjoyed looking through it, too I d highly recommend this to anyone, the tips are surprisingly easy to implement and extremely helpful.

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    Simpler living is designed to help you uncomplicate various aspects of your life and does so marvelously Although no book can compete with the instant display of answers that the internet provides, simpler living is sufficiently large, far reaching and thought provoking to serve as an able source of new ideas and fresh perspectives, while also covering the basics Overall this is a monumental work and graces the coffee tables of homes large and small.

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    Simpler Living is a coffee table book filled with tips on how to make life a bit less hectic As one would expect, the book contains hints about how to declutter However, the author s focus isn t living in a bare house with absolutely no personality Instead, the entries focus on functionality and being organized This perspective is probably far realistic for people with children The book includes a little bit of everything There is a wide variety of advice from ways to make small spaces look larger and choosing furniture for functionality and easy clean up to safety issues and how to teach kids to clean up good luck on that one There are also some low cost cleaning products and methods Accompanying each set of tips are pictures, for inspiration and motivation As a coffee table book, Simpler Living is meant for readers to flip through a page or two at their leisure While there is some organization to the book, for the most part the tips are pretty random Taken in small doses over time, this is fine but I don t suggest reading the book from cover to cover as it all becomes rather overwhelming.

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    Fun to read coffee table book that makes it easy to start where you re weakest and move forward from there.

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    Highly recommend this book for anyone, but especially homeowners renters, families, and working professionals. so basically the majority of folks out there I didn t read through the book all in one sitting or even a few sittings because it s got so many sections on various aspects of organizing simplifying etc., but I ve been reading it over the course of a few months as I come across different parts of my home that need organizing or revamping or just a little tidying up I was worried that a lot of the tips would mean I need to go spend a lot of money on fancy gadgets and gizmos for organizing, but it turns out a lot of them are quick, easy fixes that don t require buying much if anything , in fact, a lot of them use techniques or tools or things you would have around the house anyway, so it s very useful and practical If you want simple, down to earth, inexpensive ways to clean up and spruce up your home or living space, or even your office and car, you can find them in this book Don t expect to just sit down and read it all at once like a novel, just expect that whenever you need help with a specific area of your home life, you can easily flip to that section and get some great tiips Props to Davidson for an excellent useful read

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    Yes, this book is a little hefty, but really, the book s title says it all Over 1,500 ways you shouldn t been surprised that this is not pamphlet sized It s also not intended to be read cover to cover in one sitting, rather I viewed it as a reference tool, kind of like a dictionary of ways to simplify my life I have referred to it whenever I needed a hint on how to proceed with simplifying.A few reviewers have commented that they didn t see anything particularly new in this book as far as tips went, and to that I must ask What were you looking for him to say exactly Move to Peru and become a llama farmer This book is a huge collection of helpful tips, all in one place, a reference for you to keep It s meant to be the end all, be all guide, so that you don t have to keep looking for yet books similar, because what those books have got to say are already right here And sometimes what is most obvious is often overlooked, so don t be quick to throw this one out before you ve had to chance to really take a look at it, and your life.

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    Simpler Living is a keeper for many reasons First among them may be the quality of the manufacturing This book is very pleasing to the eye in all respects The photos and artwork on the cover beckon you to open the book Once inside, you are not disappointed With almost 500 pages and what appears to be one, two, or three photos per page, you can go on and on with this book and never get tired of it Every time you come back, you will explore something new, witty, or insightful Hats off to author Jeff Davidson for the time and the energy to put this together, it must have taken forever, but I m guessing it was a labor of love.

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Simpler Living [PDF / EPUB] Simpler Living Life moves too quickly these days, as technology, work, and personal commitments make it almost impossible to relax and enjoy life Finding yourself stressed over the clutter in your kitchen or the mas Life moves too quickly these days, as technology, work, and personal commitments make it almost impossible to relax and enjoy life Finding yourself stressed over the clutter in your kitchen or the mass of paper in front of your computer Relax This book will help Filled with tips on how to uncomplicate your daily routine, eliminate stress at home and work, and , this book will help you free up your time so you can once again enjoy doing the things you love Author Jeff Davidson Simpler Living ePUB Ñ has compiledthan , ways that you can simplify your lifeDivided into sections for easy reference, this book will show you ways you can eliminate stress in your home, your personal life, and in your professional life You will learn the six questions you should ask yourself before buying something new, the most efficient way to clean your pots and pans, the pay ahead technique to get yourself out of debt, ways to make your commutecomfortable, and advice on hassle free vacation planning for you and your family This book is the guide you ve been looking for to lead the peaceful, productive life you ve always wanted.

  • Hardcover
  • 452 pages
  • Simpler Living
  • Jeff Davidson
  • English
  • 23 November 2019
  • 9781602399761