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Afrodisiac [PDF / EPUB] Afrodisiac The crew behind Street Angel hits the ghetto with the Afrodisiac in SuperColor There's cats gats spats and feathered hats action as big as a Georgia ham and wool so fine it'll blow your mind Lock up y The crew behind Street Angel hits the ghetto with the Afrodisiac in SuperColor There's cats gats spats and feathered hats action as big as a Georgia ham and wool so fine it'll blow your mind Lock up your daughters come hell or high water cause here comes the king of the concrete jungle.

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    I really enjoy the idea of viewing the genre of superhero comics through the lens of Blacksploitation And artistically Afrodisiac LOOKS amazing Brian Maruca's art is flawless from cover to coverBUTat the end of the day this is two straight White dudes writing blacksploitation superhero stories And it doesn't workI probably would have found it incredibly funny if I'd read it in the 90s but reading it in 2017 was cringe inducing The jokes about converting lesbians and writing the dialog in dialect just doesn't sit well on the pageIf you removed all the words and had it as an art book it would be five stars But even though I didn't know Jim Rugg or Muraca's race when I started reading it it didn't take even a full page to think There's no way this was written by someone who isn't White

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    long ago I was talking to a friend of mine a comics professional who asked if I’d heard of Jim Rugg’s Afrodisiac I told him I hadn’t heard of it and asked if that’s the same guy who drew that Minx book The Plain Janes a while back He said yes and proceeded to gush about this book in a way I’d never heard from him I tend to balk at that sort of hyperbole but he did piue my interest With a stack of unread books on the shelf I thought I’d get to it eventually but didn’t make much of an effort A week or so later a package arrived unreuested with a copy of Afrodisiac for my perusal Granted this is also how most of my other unread books arrived but it was short and I threw it on top of the heapGood lord am I glad I did With Afrodisiac you’ve got something that only exists in comics which are always my favorites By blending the different historical eras of comics and their specific graphic looks with blaxploitation films and superhero tropes we’re left with something new an explosion of comic fun and silliness The whole book is a packaged experience that delighted and surprised me in new ways and delivered a whole lot of not sure if I should be laughing at this laughs The whole thing works together as one package and at 96 pages it’s damn near perfect Afrodisiac tall muscled afro sporting and smooth as hell is part pimppart superheropart daytime janitor Alan Diesler But at night when the streets call he’s the unbeatable Afrodisiac Evil can’t defeat him and women can’t resist him The book is a selection of stories from the long run of non existent Afrodisiac comics from the past Each is a short glimpse into a simple Afrodisiac story done in the style of specific comics from the past The coloring and production are all done to mimic comics from different eras and if they were somehow able to pump in that old comic smell you’d almost believe they were that old Like comics from the past the themes and genres tend to jump around a lot There are monster stories romance stories science adventures cosmic mystery gritty street comics kung fu fighting comics giant monsters and There’s even a convincing manga cover I’m not normally a fan of a series of disconnected stories in a book like this but every page I turned generated another smile It was always sharp always clever and always fun Plus he fights both Nixon and GodWritten by Brian Maruca with whom Rugg had previously collaborated on Street Angel I really didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this It’s part superhero parody a style that is so often done badly and Maruca nailed the perfect tone for this piece never taking itself at all seriously but never easing up on the jokes wordplay and fun It felt tight and well thought out but also especially whimsical with a healthy dose of edginess This book isn’t for kids and the language might surprise you because it fools you into thinking you’re reading comics from the 70’s which were as sterile as baby bottles Then you get hit with some straight up blaxploitation speak and you remember that these aren’t actual old comics This should almost come off as hokey and forced but it just never does Instead it’s just plain entertainingAs much fun as the words in the book are and they are a whole lot of fun the artwork is really where this book comes alive Jim Rugg’s style bobs and weaves to suit each chapter The pencils are subtly different from story to story but the actual color and production changes wildly The pages look like old comic book pages as if you’d just dug these issues out from a soggy bag in your grandparent’s attic The colors are bright and vibrant in some chapters faded and washed out in others and in some the dot pitch color slip charmingly outside their boundaries which is very familiar to all of us who’ve been reading comics for a long time They key here is the total package approach Rugg took and man does it show Afrodisiac kept delighting me the I read itMy favorite thing about the book was the collection of covers interspersed in the chapters Spanning even genres and production tricks than the stories themselves the covers were every one magic The titles never failed to elicit a laugh in their not so subtle sexual references and over the top bombastic cover styles evoking many forgotten eras in comic book cover creation They border right on the edge of juvenile with headlines like Will the Afrodisiac survive “The Bush”? and The True Story of a Woman Driven Crazy by Too Much Chocolate The list goes on Afrodisiac is mad comic book fun from start to finish Don’t expect a deep treatise on philosophy or a politically correct story of right and wrong Do expect some of the funniest and well done indie comics push the boundaries of satire and genre on every page Like every woman who comes into contact with Afrodisiac you’ll be hard pressed not to fall for his dark manly charms

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    Eat this up mother rapers This book has everything Space aliens blaxploitation references long legged white women Tricky Dick and even Dracula Each story in this collection is self contained or less and each starts with some insane premise on the title page or cover a la 50s comics Some in jokes are self referential which could come off snarky but never does Beautiful art here too and has to be as sometimes D's stories are only a title page in length Trust me you won't mind Everything is so varied here while never letting you forget its 70s style appeal dialogue and all You'll laugh real hard and wonder why it had to end so soon Super glad I got a signed hardcover copy Can't wait to pick up Rugg material

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    It's no surprise this book got an Eisner award nomination These are the adventures of Alan Diesler who's become Afrodisiac as a result of a government experiment on a white person a deal with Satan a robot program etcetera Each story is an uniue facet of the overall whole that is Afrodisiac each unrelated to the other apart from the fact that he's a black pimp sporting a humongous afro and an irresistible mojoChock full of sexual innuendo and impossible situations these stories are pulpy chucklefests that find our hero escaping with sheer pimpiness and the power of his afro There's actually a free copy of the first printing of this book over here

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    This book is truly a design work of art with what appears to be a collection of pulpy comics from the 70's A tribute to the Blaxploitation genre that is funny and sometimes downright inappropriate If you grew up in the 70's watching and loving Blaxploitation showsmovies like Shaft and Foxy Brown then this book is definitely something you are sure to appreciateHow can you not laugh out loud at panes like Afrodisiac beating G d at checkers tennis Wreslting with Richard Nixon or Getting Death pregnant You can't read Afrodisiac without thinking about ShaftYou see this cat Afrodisiac is a bad mother Shut your mouthBut I'm talkin' about AfrodisiacThen we can dig it

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    Ok Points awarded for cool retro art but the whole blaxploitation in your face stereotypes thing got old by the second installment Afrodisiac is the kind of idea that someone might think funny if the concept was left to the imagination Once it hits the page though it's got no where to go but straight to redundancy Afrodisiac fights Nixon Afrodisiac wins over a super hot alien Afrodisiac does battle in the ghetto with white women never black women and yes I get the joke there too climbing all over him The bottom line is this is a graphic novel that needed to get made but it also needed to get made well The art is the only takeaway the stories are forgettable Pass

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    Seriously loved every little thing about it from the Marvel Comic Origin parodies in the masthead to the time warp seuence that initially made me think my copy had a printing issue to the way every single woman in the book falls in love with Afrodisiac and starts calling him Daddy I just wish there was

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    READ THIS BOOK Part 70's blacksploitation part old school marvel 100% awesome Jim Rugg's art in this book is nothing short of amazing Worth it for that alone The presentation is amazing the stories are funny you really just can't go wrong with this book

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    An absolutely perfect book The art the pinups the covers the language and art all create a perfect tone Blacksploitation at it's finest Everything you ever wanted is in these pages

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    This graphic novel has as many moments of brilliance as it does irreverence Afrodisiac is a pimpinner city hero who who takes on enemies ranging from Richard Nixon to evil supercomputers overcoming them by the sheer power of his machismo It is blaxploitation taken to unabashed extremes The book while I called it a graphic novel is really just a collection of the original Afrodisiac shorts one of which I have in a stapled copied edition given to me by friend It's great to see that story in full color finely printed glory Breaking up the short chapters of the Afrodisiac story are covers drawn in different styles and pages of stand alone artwork and I think a lot of the pleasure of the book comes from this patchwork feel The book itself is a truly beautiful edition and I think Afrodisiac is deserving of such a respectful treatment It's a pleasure possibly guilty to be sure

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