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Tending to Eden [PDF / EPUB] Tending to Eden Written by Scott Sabin, executive director of a Christian relief and development agency, Tending to Eden is an invaluable resource for environmentally conscious congregations and community groups In t Written by Scott Sabin, executive director of a Christian relief and development agency, Tending to Eden is an invaluable resource for environmentally conscious congregations and community groups In this practical guide for creation care, Sabin offers Theological foundations for environmental stewardship, Practical strategies, Case studies of contemporary ministry groups, and Sidebars by leading voices in the Christian church who are passionate about environmental stewardship Each chapter also includes a study guide for small group use, and the appendix offers a related Bible study With the holistic tools provided in this innovative and Tending to ePUB Ñ practical resource, churches and organizations can transform lives, communities, and ministries.

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    Sabin has proven he can write And about a passion of his, yet from various angles I hope we see in the future Tending to Eden is part an autobiographical sketch of Sabin s development from a Christian burdened by global poverty to a leader in advocating for creation care around the world But than this peppered with insightful, brief essays by Christian leaders such as Tony Campolo, Robert Linthicum, Matthew Sleeth and Mark Labberton Tending to Eden is a primer to understanding global poverty, environmental degradation and a Biblical perspective on these issues I especially enjoyed chapter eight, where Sabin unpacks the connection between immigration and creation care, an issue close to my heart living in San Diego.But potentially one of the best aspects of Tending to Eden is the overview of Plant with Purpose s approach and work I have read many books where the whole thing seems like a sales pitch for the organization the author represents But Sabin s approach feels different It is the fine representation of the organization that makes this book worthwhile Plant with Purpose does incredible work, dealing smartly with root causes of poverty Yet, they also view their work as Kingdom work and therefore weave discipleship closely into what they do It is for this reason, specifically, that I encourage you to read this book You need to know about this organization When we look at tragedy such as that still unfolding in Haiti, it is organizations such as Plant with Purpose that give me hope that things can change.

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    I have to admit that I just skimmed this book, but even doing that it quickly became one of my favorite evangelical environmental books Not only does Sabin provide the standard Scriptural and social support for caring for the environment, but his own experience frames the practical aspects in an unusually realistic way Sabin is the head of Plant with Purpose, and environmental mission that works with international development I was impressed with Sabin s clear eyed understanding of the complexities of giving truly life affirming and life giving aid to developing worlds Unfortunately, so many standard giving practices free food, clothes, help setting up small businesses actually hurt the local economies and local lifestyles It was very refreshing and inspiring to see an evangelical group take those issues into account It was also very thought provoking to hear about the importance of tackling environmental issues as the basis for much of the severe poverty in the world eroded hillsides, disappearing farmland An important book for anyone interested in global missions, the environment, and faith.

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    I ve never made the correlation between deforestation and climate change Scott Sabin s explanation opened my eyes and the fact that it is the second leading cause of global warming makes perfect sense On my drive in from the city, I always enjoy the way the temperature drops as I drive through the cool, wooded areas closer to home This is a MUST read for Christians as the Lord has clearly given us a charge of stewardship over this planet I was an earth muffin before I came to Christ, so the dual call to care for our fellow man and creation makes simple sense to me Wonderful counsel here.

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    I LOVED this book I m already a greenie but this book tells a great story and ties in how poverty and the environment go together This is the better way to do poverty missions because real change happens From the book, People frequently ask me how we can choose between caring for the poor and caring for creation, as if they are mutually exclusive The question surprises me, because my own concern for the earth grew directly out of a concern for the poor often than not, care of the environment lines up with the long term needs of people Everyone must read this book.

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    In the beginning, I found myself surprised to be enjoying something that seemed to be so detailed about farming By the end, I was inspired and motivated to do to care for creation The real benefit in reading this book was in doing it together with a group and having weekly discussion on a few chapters at a time I highly recommend that approach for others.

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    Great words about creation care and how we can be good stewards of the environment.

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