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Ramayana [PDF / EPUB] Ramayana Artist and veteran Pixar animator Sanjay Patel lends a lush whimsical illustration style and lighthearted voice to one of Hindu mythology's best loved and most enduring tales Teeming with powerful dei Artist and veteran Pixar animator Sanjay Patel lends a lush whimsical illustration style and lighthearted voice to one of Hindu mythology's best loved and most enduring tales Teeming with powerful deities love struck monsters flying monkey gods magic weapons demon armies and divine love Ramayana tells the story of Rama a god turned prince and his uest to rescue his wife Sita after she is kidnapped by a demon king This illustrated tale features over colorful full spread illustrations a detailed pictorial glossary of the cast of characters who make up the epic tale and sketches of the work in progress From princesses in peril to gripping battles scheming royals and hordes of bloodthirsty demons Ramayana is the ultimate adventure story presented with an unforgettably modern touch.

  • Hardcover
  • 186 pages
  • Ramayana
  • Sanjay Patel
  • English
  • 20 June 2016
  • 9780811871075

About the Author: Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel is an animator and storyboard artist for Pixar Animation Studios where he has worked on many features including A Bug's Life Ratatouille and the Cars series Sanjay is also the creator of Ramayana Divine Loophole The Big Poster Book of Hindu Deities and The Little Book of Hindu Deities His modern interpretations of Hindu epics have been exhibited at the San Francisco Asian Art.

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    Gorgeous book

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    The only familiarity I had with the Ramayana prior to reading this book was the names of some of the gods Vishnu and Brahma and a few of the other characters Sita and Hanuman but I had no idea what their story was or how they related to one another This is an epic tale and from what I gather from the introduction the author of this version Sanjay Patel has streamlined the story I have no idea what he's left out but what he's left in makes a fun and exciting read The author's great achievement is not his condensation of the story but his incredible illustrations over 100 of them that he has created to accompany his retelling of the Ramayana Patel has a great eye for color and composition and it comes as no surprise that he has worked on some of Pixar studios wonderful films His talent is impressive and at times his work reminded me not of the Pixar films but another great example of animated storytelling the wonderful series Samurai Jack I was especially reminded of Samurai Jack in his use of color his 'widescreen' compositions and his elegantly designed backgrounds I bought this book on a whim after only seeing a few examples of the art I'm glad I did I know I'll be looking at it over and over especially whenever I feel the need for a dose of artistic inspiration

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    This famous Indian epic just surfaced in my life as it is a part of my new curriculum Sanjay Patel's telling of this story is abbreviated and lean yet rich and fascinating If you aren't familiar with the story this interpretation is gorgeously depicted illustrated and extremely palatable This is a must read for your personal global cannon

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    I really love this story especially the characters Ravana and Hanuman so to see it as a graphic novel was just wonderful also has an interesting who's who in the back along with some comments on the creative process sketches

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    Such a great retelling of this epic tale with beautiful illustrations I know that the students in my library will enjoy the story even as the format and illustrations make it so accessible

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    The illustrations work uite well to introduce Ramayana to a 2 year old

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    Beautifully illustrated with engaging prose my first grader thought this graphic novel version of classic Hindu mythology sick

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    Alright so chose this book next to read along with my 6th graders as they are getting into symbolism and hero motifs and exploring this epic tale of gods demons sacrifice and a uest for loveokay I typed as I read as I need a summary of this to reference in classes so warning looonnngg review ahead LOLAct One The Blue Prince The story starts with a ten headed scholar who studies and meditate for years to be granted a wish and after nine thousand years and his sacrifice of one head for each year the scholar is down to his last head when the god of creation Brahma grants his wish to never be defeated by any god or demon which gave him all his heads back as well as fierce armor and weaponshe was indestructible and amassed an army of demons from hell rakshashas and dethroned the current ruler of heaven Indra He became known as Ravana which means “one who makes the universe scream” which led to a convening of the gods to make an appeal to Vishnu the god of preservation who exposed the loophole in Ravana’s plan—that gods or demons couldn’t defeat him but humans and animals can Vishnu decided to reincarnate himself as a human to defeat Ravana a human known as Rama the blue warrior Vishnu as the human Rama is a prince with three brothers and one Lakshman who he was very close to and was prophesized by an old sage to be the duo to have a special mission Lakshman and Rama train to harness their powers and strength and one day they encounter a demon and their rishi high level sage states he cannot fight back due to his vow of nonviolence Rama however pulls out his bow and banishes the demon though he is warned his actions will have ramifications in the futureAs Rama Lakshman and their sage are headed home they encounter a challenge from the gods on lifting Shiva’s bow; Rama is able to do it on the first try and is rewarded with the hand in marriage of Princess Sita who is actually in incarnate of goddess Lakshmi and the two happily marriedThere were however those who disapproved and one included Rama’s stepmother who did not like that her son Bharata was not chosen as king and decided to call in one of her favors with the King to see to Rama’s exile Rama Sita and Lakshman leave the kingdom to live in the jungle and his father feeling his guilt dies soon after Bharata who had no knowledge of what his mother had done runs into Rama in the woods and begs him to return and be king but Rama refuses as it was an official order and Bharata decides not to be king either and places Rama’s shoes on the throne until he returns to ruleAct Two Jungle DramaThe three exiled princes and princess roam the jungle and come upon kindly monks praying who tell them their forest is inhabited by demons they are powerless against Lakshman and Rama vow to protect them and in return are given gifts a sari of pure gold and jewels a bow crafted for the God Vishnu and a single arrow that transform to any weapon and a sword that could take down any demon in their way with the warning the weapons only work in an attack and not to start violence The trio lived peacefully for thirteen years until Ravana’s sister and the demon Soorpanaka saw the blue Rama and fell in love with him Soorpanaka turned into a beautiful maiden to tempt Rama and as she was dancing to seduce him Sita walks up and the demon vows to kill her Lakshman shows up with the sword and is ready to kill Soorpanaka though he is stopped by Rama he does cut off the demon’s nose after Soorpanaka says she will come for Sita when her guard is down With a missing nose and injured pride Soorpanaka returns to her brother Ravana and demands justice as it would only be a matter of time before he comes to kill them Ravana agrees and arms Soorpanaka with thousands of demon soldiers to go after RamaHearing about the demon army coming for him Rama hides Sita in a cave guarded by Lakshman and alone Rama fights the army with his bow and enchanted arrow and he wins Defeated and embarrassed Soorpanaka returns to Ravana and comes up with another plan for Rama by telling her brother of Sita’s beauty—and Ravana always wanting another beauty for his harem decides to join in plan of kidnapping Sita and murdering RamaMeanwhile in the jungle Sita spots a golden deer she has never seen before and begs Rama to catch it for herthough Rama thinks there is something odd about that deer he follows it and then he shoots it As the deer lay dying it transformed to its true demon form and revealed his plan for avenging his mother which was the demon Rama killed at his rishi’s house earlier the deer then mimics Rama’s voice and calls for help After hearing Rama’s cry Sita orders Lakshman to save him and while he promised to protect Sita he obeys her and leaves her alone and open to Ravana’s plan of kidnapping her Ravana does steal Sita and the chariot flies her away screaming the God Jatayu in the form of an eagle tries to save Sita and Ravana chops off his wing and flies away When Rama and Lakshman return Sita is gone and Jatayu is dead—the brothers go off to find her and encounter animals of the forest a white monkey brown monkey and a bear that hear their story and agree to include their families and help them find Sita The animals try to find her but it is the white monkey who has the power hidden inside him to find her; the white monkey locates Sita and renews her hope for freedom As the white monkey is leaving he is captured and bound in chains to be set on fire starting with his tail not knowing the white monkey’s power The tail grows and fire consumes the entire palace leaving Sita safe and burning Ravana’s palace downAct Three Endless WarWith the white monkey burning Ravana’s home and returning to tell Rama of Sita’s recovery Rama and Lakshman gather their army of animals to go get her without realizing the animals could not swim and even the God of water Varuna unable to help them as he is also a slave to Ravana The bear was able to come up with a plan by remembering that if a god’s name is written on a rock it would float After trying many gods they chose Rama’s name and the stones were afloat allowing them to build a bridge to Ravana’s home to bring Sita back The animals and the remaining demons on Ravana’s home engaged in a long bloody battle pretty evenly matched until Ravana decides to join the fight With his ten heads and fearsome armor he is able to kill thousands and then set his sights on Lakshman and hit him with an arrow As Lakshman lay dying the white monkey is summoned to dispatched to find a life saving plant in the mountains and he returns with the entire mountain and Lakshman is revived Growing impatient Ravana decides to fight Rama one on one and it is epic Ravana unleashes his most powerful weapon which is able to harness the fire of Shiva a fire that could burn up the universe and at the same time Rama uses his magic bow and arrow to transform to the brahmastra or a divine power to end all of creation made by Brahmathe power of these two mighty weapons cancelled out and the universe remained in tact but Ravana was now drained of energy and Rama is now able to cut off all his heads however Ravana’s heads grew back as he seemed invincible Upon reflection Rama realizes he knows the most vulnerable part of Ravana which is his bellybuttonafter this Rama knows what he must do and he harnesses the brahmastra and aims at Ravana’s belly button and it is successful—Ravana is banished to the depths of hell and Rama revealed he is the avatar of Vishnu a god reincarnated as a human and therefore the loophole that could kill RavanaWith Ravana gone Rama and Sita are reunited—though Rama is cold to her because she spent so long with Ravana Sita tries to uell his jealousy by walking in flame and if she was innocent as she claimed come out unscathed As Sita stands in the flames she is unharmed and the god of fire Agni appears and declares Sita untouched and perfect delighting Rama and uniting the lovers once again As all this was going on the fourteen year exile has ended and the trio are on their way home with their animal friends to reclaim their throne which has been empty with his sandals in his place He comes home and puts his shoes on his two other brothers return and Rama and Sita rule long and happily as King and ueen Rama’s return is even celebrated yearly in the Diwali festivals of HinduI liked this story a lot—it was complex but entertaining and the illustrations really draw you in and engage you with the colorsAs detailed as the story is there is also brief profiles of each of the Gods of Hindu and I was so glad to learn of their holy trinity Vishnu Brahma and Shivatheir stories are in here as well as others I liked and one Sumitra the mother of Rama’s twin brothers bound by loyalty to serve him always; the women were so beautifully drawn I found myself going back to their pages and just admiring their color and beautyI would say my only complaint would be the font and color choices—whew the small print in white on orange backgrounds was hard to read jeezbut beautiful story with amazing drawings and a rich history of Hindu gods and goddesses worth readingglad it is part of the curriculum

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    This is a great illustrated book on the RamayanaI learned why they celebrate Diwali in India

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    Oh my Gosh YES EVERYONE SHOULD READ THISTalk about the most breathtaking graphic novel the images and the story here are so beautiful What a painless way to learn about and appreciate a religious text Patel has a nice sense of pacing and humor I only wish the story was fleshed out and detailed

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