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The Green Fairy Book [PDF / EPUB] The Green Fairy Book The Green Fairy Book contains a rich range of classic fairy tales including ‘The Blue Bird’ ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Story of the Three Bears’ No matter how far it has travelled wh The Green Fairy Book contains a rich range of classic fairy tales including ‘The Blue Bird’ ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Story of the Three Bears’ No matter how far it has travelled The Green Epub / whether courtly entertainment or rustic yarn each fairytale contains its lessons as well as its adventures in Charles Deulin’s ‘The Little Soldier’ a soldier learns that an honest fishergirl is preferable to a greedy princess and in Madame D’Aulnoy’s ‘The Blue Bird’ a King and ueen learn the importance of trusting each other This lovely edition is introduced by scholar Jack Zipes and illustrated by Julian de Narvaez with evocative watercolours in the great tradition of children’s illustrationClassic stories included in this collection 'The Blue Bird'; 'The Half Chick'; 'The Story of Caliph Stork'; 'The Enchanted Watch'; 'Rosanella'; 'Sylvain and Jocosa'; 'Fairy Gifts'; 'Prince Narcissus and the Princess Potentilla'; 'Prince Featherhead and the Princess Celandine'; 'The Three Little Pigs'; 'Heart of Ice'; 'The Enchanted Ring'; 'The Snuff Box'; 'The Golden Blackbird'; 'The Little Soldier'; 'The Magic Swan'; 'The Dirty Shepherdess'; 'The Enchanted Snake'; 'The Biter Bit'; 'King Kojat'; 'Prince Fickle and Fair Helena'; 'Puddocky'; 'The Story of Hok Lee and the Dwarfs'; 'The Story of the Three Bears'; 'Prince Vivien and the Princess Placida'; 'Little One Eye Little Two Eyes and Little Three Eyes'; 'Jorinde and Joringel'; 'Allerleirauh; or the Many Furred Creature'; 'The Twelve Huntsmen'; 'Spindle Shuttle and Needle'; 'The Crystal Coffin'; 'The Three Snake Leaves'; 'The Riddle'; 'Jack my Hedgehog'; 'The Golden Lads'; 'The White Snake'; 'The Story of a Clever Tailor'; 'The Golden Mermaid'; 'The War of the Wolf and the Fox'; 'The Story of the Fisherman and His Wife'; 'The Three Musicians'; 'The Three Dogs'.

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    Another collection of fairy tales this time forty six ones varying in length and enjoyment

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    The Blue Bird 55The Half Chick 35The Story Of Caliph Stork 45The Enchanted Watch 45Rosanella 55Sylvain And Jocosa 45Fairy Gifts 45Prince Narcissus And The Princess Potentilla 45Prince Featherhead And The Princess Celandine 45The Three Little Pigs 35Heart Of Ice 35The Enchanted Ring 35The Snuff Box 45The Golden Blackbird 45The Little Soldier 45The Magic Swan 35The Dirty Shepherdess 45The Enchanted Snake 45Little One Eye Little Two Eyes And Little Three Eyes 45Jorinde And Joringel 45Allerleirauh; Or The Many Furred Creature 55The Twelve Huntsmen Spindle Shuttle And Needle 45The Crystal Coffin 35The Three Snake Leaves 35The Riddle Jack 35My Hedgehog 45The Golden Lads 45The White Snake 45The Story Of A Clever Tailor 35The Golden Mermaid 45The War Of The Wolf And The Fox 35The Story Of The Fisherman And His Wife 45The Three Musicians 35The Three Dogs 45

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    3 12 Stars Every time I read an Andrew Lang Colored Fairy book I discover new tales I'd never read or heard if before Although this collection is not as good as some of his other books it's still worth reading if you are a fairy tale geek like I am I particularly enjoyed some of the lesser known Grimms tales that are in this collection

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    Back to reporting out the notes I took on my e readerPreface Re This is the third and probably the last of the Fairy Books of many colours Ahahaha Good try Andrew Re There are grown up people now who say that the stories are not good for children because they are not true because but probably you who read the tales know very well how much is true and how much is only make believe and I never yet heard of a child who killed a very tall man merely because Jack killed the giants and I am not afraid that you will be afraid of the magicians and dragons; besides you see that a really brave boy or girl was always their master I love Lang Multicultural anti sexist respects children Re There are not many people now who can write really good fairy tales because they do not believe enough in their own stories and because they want to be wittier than it has pleased Heaven to make them Lol Re When you have read a fairy book lend it to other children who have none or tell them the stories in your own way Yeah I swear his prefaces are just as good as the stories themselves Love itSylvain and Jocosa Weirdly I really like this one I like their relationshipThe Golden Blackbird Oh it's this story Aka that one I've been trying to retell in novel form for about eight years The Magic Swan I just read this one maybe in the last book It's always interesting when a couple stories from different places don't just share themes but are virtually identicalThe Enchanted Snake Re 'Do with me what you like my lord and father for your will is my law' answered Grannonia GROSS Re the King and ueen were in such a state of nervous collapse that they hid themselves in a far away turret Grannonia alone kept her presence of mind At least she is a badass though WHY DOES EVERYONE THROW THE DISCARDED ANIMAL SKIN INTO THE FIRE?? Dumb shits At least this time it was the parents instead of the princess How is it ok for Grannonia to have deceived the fox like that? Wtf??King Kojata I love the stories where the princess basically coaches the prince through all of the tasks to win herdoes them for him Yeah agencyPrince Fickle and Fair Helena For some reason I thought I was recognizing a trope here but I no longer know what it was Later in the story when fair Helena is gathering up her three dresses embroidered with stars suns and moons I noted haha what a mishmash And then at the end I noted felt awkward incomplete Clearly I thought this one was a bit of a messPuddocky Re The father again embraced his fortunate son who won a challenge by bringing back an extremely small dog which obviously shows he has the ualities of a great ruler commanded the rest of the small dogs to be thrown into the water and drowned WTF?? Hate him Re The youngest son has now brought back the most beautiful wife But the father commanded the other women to be thrown into the water and drowned like the bales of linen and the little dogs JESUSThe Story of Hok Lee and the Dwarfs Love this oneThe Story of the Three Bears For they were good bears a little rough or so as the manner of bears is Haha love itLittle One Eye Little Two Eyes Little Three Eyes First of all weird Second I love that Little Two Eyes is proactive and when the knight asks her how her living situation is she straight up is like it is bullshit and my family sucks Please take me with youAllerleirauh; or the Many Furred Creature Re If you want to marry after my death make no one ueen unless she is just as beautiful as I am and has just such golden hair as I have Promise me this OH NO Re So he said to his councillors 'I will marry my daughter to one of you and she shall be ueen for she is exactly like her dead mother and when I die her husband shall be king' PHEWThe Twelve Huntsmen Weird story but goodJack My Hedgehog Re Jack tore all the Princess's smart clothes off her and pricked her all over with his bristles This is bullshit Especially because later although the poor princess has to be shamed and abused even though it was her dad that made the deal with Jack My Hedgehog in the first place Jack My Hedgehog's asshole father who cast him out gets to be redeemed SOMETIMES I HATE FAIRY TALESThe Golden Lads That was nice That the brothers came to each other's rescue and are nice to each other Although the mom completely disappears from the story after the beginningThe White Snake Classic story The Golden Mermaid Interesting golden bird variant Heh two in one colored fairy book

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    An excellent book that I received for Christmas last week I was especially excited to get one with all the old illustrations It's definitely one of the better books in Lang's collection The illustrations are beautiful and the fanciful descriptions add to the charmMy favorite stories The Blue Bird The Story of Caliph Stork Rosanella Fairy Gifts this one's hilarious and I like that it's a rare princess story without romance Prince Narcissus and the Princess Potentilla Heart of Ice The Little Soldier LOVE this one especially because in this one the princess is evil Puddocky even though the princes' dad is a real prick Jorinde and Joringel The Three Snake LeavesMy only major complaint is the distribution of the stories The first half has such a wide variety of collectors represented but the second half has almost exclusively Brothers Grimm stories I would have preferred a little variety in the second half but other than that the book is greatThere's also an interesting fact about this book this book was one of the main inspirations for the King's uest computer game series King's uest IV uses the names of two of the fairies Genesta from Heart of Ice and Lolotte from Prince Vivien and the Princess Placida for the game's respective good and evil fairies and the name of the game's princess and ueen Rosella and Valanice are based on the names of Rosanella and her mother Balanice I know it's a bit off topic but I wanted to point it out

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    I had to read a selection of fairytales from this book for class I will definitely be checking out the rest of these tales Below is a list of the fairytales I've read with my ratings of each Rosanella 4255 stars Prince Narcissus and the Princess Potentilla 45 stars Prince Featherhead and the Princess Celandine 45 stars The Enchanted Snake 45 stars Prince Vivien and the Princess Placida 35 stars

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    ENGLISH In his prolog Lang says that old people long long ago liked fairy tales because they were like children and believed in witches talking animals magic rings that made people invisible and so forth; but then as the world became grown up they stopped believing in those things and fairy tales would have been forgotten except that grannies remembered them and told them to their grandchildrenLang seems to forget that the climax of the belief in witches took place in the seventeenth century in Protestant countries not long long ago I also doubt that people actually believed in one eyed giants such as cyclops Polyphemus or in the enchantress Circe that turned people into swine as Lang maintainsAnother thing Lang says in his prolog is that there are not many people now perhaps there are none who can write really good fairy tales because they do not believe enough in their own stories According to Lang the last authors of good fairy stories were Madame d'Aulnoy and other French authors two hundred years before his time Is it possible that he hasn't heard of or doesn't like the fairy stories written by Hans Christian Andersen? Not to mention other authors that Lang couldn't have known such as TolkienSome of the 42 fairy stories Lang has selected for this his third collection were written by the Brothers Grimm 17 stories and one by Madame d'Aulnoy The Blue Bird the first story in the book While translating this story Lang has made a few changes such as turning the name of the bad ugly step sister from Truitonne into Turritella turning a fish like name into a gasteropod mollusc and at the end of the story has her magically converted into an owl rather than a sow which in the original French is represented by the word Truie and jutified by the similarity of the word to the name of the PrincessAnother mistake Lang made in his prolog of this book was announcing that this would be his third and last collection of his fairy books of many colors Then he proceeded to publish a total of twelve colored collectionsESPAÑOL En el prólogo Lang dice ue a la gente de hace mucho mucho tiempo les gustaban los cuentos de hadas porue eran como niños y creían en brujas animales ue hablan anillos mágicos ue hacen invisibles a uien los lleva etc Pero luego a medida ue el mundo se volvió adulto dejaron de creer en esas cosas y los cuentos de hadas habrían sido olvidados de no ser porue las abuelas los recordaban y se los contaban a sus nietosLang parece olvidar ue el punto culminante de la creencia en brujas tuvo lugar en el siglo XVII en los países protestantes no hace mucho mucho tiempo También dudo de ue la gente realmente creyera alguna vez en gigantes con un solo ojo como el cíclope Polifemo o en la hechicera Circe ue convertía a los hombres en cerdos como dice LangOtra cosa ue Lang dice en el prólogo es ue ahora no hay muchos autores tal vez ninguno ue puedan escribir cuentos de hadas realmente buenos porue no creen bastante en sus propias historias Según Lang los últimos autores de buenos cuentos de hadas fueron Madame d'Aulnoy y otros autores franceses doscientos años antes de su época ¿Es posible ue no haya oído hablar o ue no le gusten de los cuentos de hadas escritos por Hans Christian Andersen? Sin hablar de otros autores ue Lang no pudo conocer como TolkienAlgunos de los 42 cuentos de hadas ue Lang ha seleccionado para esta su tercera colección fueron escritos por los Hermanos Grimm 17 cuentos y uno por Madame d'Aulnoy El Pájaro Azul el primero del libro Al traducirlo Lang ha realizado algunos cambios como el nombre de la hermanastra mala y fea ue no se llama Truitonne sino Turritella lo ue convierte un nombre relacionado con un pez en un molusco gasterópodo y al final del cuento la hace convertir mágicamente en lechuza en vez de en marrana ue en el francés original está representada por la palabra Truie y justificada por la semejanza de esa palabra con el nombre de la PrincesaOtro error ue cometió Lang en su prólogo de este libro fue anunciar ue esta sería la tercera y última colección de sus cuentos de hadas multicolores Luego procedió a publicar un total de doce colecciones de cuentos con colores en el título

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    42 tales from around the world Germany Grimm France de Caylus Fenelon Kletke D'Aulnoy The Blue Bird Sylvain and Jocosa Prince Narcissus The Three Little Pigs the Half Chick feature monsters giants and What did I thinkfirst off I want to say that I actually have this as part of a bind up off all of the Color Fairy Books by Andrew Lang as a kindle book so far of the 12 I'm slowly making my way though it I have only read 3 of them this one which is book 3 and I listened to this one as a free audio book from loyalbookscom and the only other 2 I've read so for is Books 1 The Blue Fairy Book and book 2 The Red Fairy Book the stories are from all over the world can't wait to pick up the next book and see what ones it has

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    This one was front loaded with a few literary ones I didn't much like But it has a number I uite like including some I had forgotten about The Golden Blackbird I remembered but not The Little Soldier which combines plotlines I've seen from other tales with a bit sense than I've sometimes seen them with a twist I've seen elsewhere and forgot I saw here We have a whole bunch of less usual Grimms such as The White Snake and Spindle Shuttle and Needle Seemed to me to be spread out in location a bit with tales like Russian King Kojata but I'm not sure since there were a few far fetched ones in the earlier versions

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    This whole set of colour fairybooks is wonderfuL I love the illustrations

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