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Ravished by a Highlander [PDF / EPUB] Ravished by a Highlander FORBIDDEN LOVEDavina Montgomery is no ordinary English lady For her own protection she's been locked away from society her true identity the Crown's most closely guarded secret Until a shocking betray FORBIDDEN LOVEDavina Montgomery is no ordinary English lady For her own protection she's been locked away from society her true identity the Crown's most closely guarded secret Until a shocking betrayal and a bold rescue land her in the arms of a fierce Highlander a Ravished by PDF or powerful warrior whose searing gaze and tantalizing touch awaken her body and soulUNDENIABLE DESIREAs the firstborn son of a powerful Scottish laird Robert MacGregor has no loyalty to the English throne but he's not the kind of man to leave a woman in distress even if she is English He vows to deliver Davina to safety unharmed and untouched Yet one stolen kiss leaves them both smoldering with desireand desperate for With Davina's secret threatening to destroy his clan Rob must choose between everything he holds dear and the one woman he can't live withoutRavished by a Highlander.

  • Paperback
  • 337 pages
  • Ravished by a Highlander
  • Paula Quinn
  • English
  • 05 July 2016
  • 9780446552387

About the Author: Paula Quinn

Paula uinn is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of medieval Scottish historical and paranormal romance To date four of her books have garnered a starred review from Publishers Weekly She has been nominated for Storyteller of the year by RT Book Reviews Ravished by PDF or and every one of her books from the Children of the Mist series have garnered Top Picks from RT Book Reviews She also writes fanta.

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    4 Fabulous StarsFABULOUS Simply fabulous I loved this book It did however take me some time to fully enjoy listening to the audio version of the story Until now I haven't particularly cared to listen to audio books as I can read much faster on my own; I prefer my own internal voice; and frankly for some strange reason I become beyond embarrassed listening to someone read a passionate sex scene aloud I turn into a giggling teen that feels like I'm about to get caught doing something wrong Lol But I had a long drive and listening to a book was the prefect solution Ultimately I found I enjoyed this narrator's voice This is my first taste of Paula uinn and I was not disappointed I finally understand why many of my Goodreads friends love her work Her writing is polished detailed and captivating Her characters are multilayered flawed and endearing I easily became immersed in the characters and the engaging plot My only complaint was that I felt a bit lost where characters were concerned but that was my own fault considering I didn't read the first two books in her initial highlander series and in addition they are not offered in audio format Ravished by a Highlander is a feel good historical romance that's full of heart and soul It'll put a smile on your face and leave you feeling happy This is romance at its best

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    Are you tired of wallpaper historical romances where the only thing hinting at the stories' period setting is a date provided at the beginning of the book or some vague description of the characters' clothing? If you are this book might be what you're looking for as real characters and events play important roles in the storyThe year is 1685 and James of York has just ascended the throne of England as King James II in a time when the fight for power between Protestants and Catholics is cause for big concern and policital machinations Lady Davina Montgomery is the Crown's most guarded secret sent by her fearful parents to be raised as a Catholic by the sisters at St Christopher's Abbey since her birth She knows what she's to do when the time comes but she must stay alive to fulfill her duty Unfortunately she's been betrayed by one of her most trusted friends and her enemies learn about herLuckily for Davina Scottish highlander Robert MacGregor and his companions happen to be passing near St Christopher's Abbey on their way to England to attend the new King's coronation when they notice the Abbey is under attack They join the battle but they soon realize that the siege has been going on for hours and there's nothing they can do to save the Abbey and the sisters However there's one single person left to save Davina A dying Captain Asher leader of the English Army that's protected her for the last 4 years asks Rob to take her to a new location where she will be safe again or so he thinksEven though Rob doesn't know who Davina is and he's than sure that she's got a lot of secrets that could harm him and his clan his protective instinct and something I might add makes him take her under his care As they travel north towards security Rob and Davina begin to know each other better and of course fall in love with each other Is there any chance of a HEA for them though? Both of them have been raised to honor their responsibilities first and foremost How can they cast that aside choose a life together and risk endagering the lives of their families and friends?I adored Rob and Davina It was very refreshing to read about a couple who didn't shy away from their feelings and had no ualms admitting how much they loved each other As much as I enjoy some Hh bantering when it doesn't turn into bickering of course I loved seeing how Rob and Davina were so open and never doubtful about their emotions The conflict in their relationship came from outside forces never from mutual distrust or misunderstandings How great is that? The secondary characters were also very engaging Rob's brothers and cousins were all fun to read about and I'm sure they will be future heroes in this series I especially liked fearless and bloodthirsty Colin but he's still a tad too young and I don't think his book will be coming soon I don't know how accurate King James's depiction was in this book though I've never met the man LOL Anyway I could see why he didn't last long in the throne I'm not implying he was weak only that the opposing forces working against him were stronger and well better at scheming and manipulatingAll in all I really enjoyed this read Romantic violent Rob didn't hesitate to separate one of his enemies' head from the rest of his body funny and highly entertaining Plus Rob and Davina have become one of my favorite couples in Romancelandia I'll be perusing this author's backlist for I can tell you that Note Even though this is oficially the 1st book in the Children of the Mist series I felt I lost something by not having read Laird of the Mist Rob's parents' story and A Highlander Never Surrenders Rob's father's friend Graham's story first Family connections were mentioned all the time in Ravished by a Highlander and it was a bit overwhelming At one point I had to stop reading and draw a chart to keep track of who was who

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    uickie review Read the audio narrator was AMAZING The hero's name is Robert MacGregorthe name screams POWERFUL SCOTTISH LAIRD Complete alpha male with a soft n sexy spot for his woman Willing to do anything for her happiness Sexy times Heroine has a big exciting secret and it's a goodie The last twenty percent was MAGIC Brought a little tear to my eyeGlad to get back to a Highlander romanceit had been awhile I'm definitely going to finish the series but if you're a stickler for story arc order I'd suggest listening to the MacGregor books first which is what I plan to backtrack and do They tell the story of the MacgregorGrant marriages while Children of the Mist on the Isle of Skye tells of their childrenHappy reading

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    4 Solid Stars Love the family element woven into this series HighlandersRAWRRR First off a big shout out to Duchess Nicole for giving me the heads up on the audiobook version of this series You were rightgreat narrator fabulous story scrumptious men A delicious romance were the hero reluctantly rescues the heroine unravels the secrets that surround her and they fall in love despite the fact the odds are against them So many wonderful characters yummy Highlanders and I can't wait to read their stories moving forward I will say I felt a little lost with some of the characters and their family ties something my girl Kristen and I felt the same way about and we discussed this at length I think I'm going to go back and read Laird of the Mist and A Highlander Never Surrenders to get the back story on Callum and Kate and Graham and Claire They are the parents to all the characters in this series and I think it would enhance my reading of the Children of the Mist series

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    Ravished by a Highlander was a rare mix of in depth historical and political details combined with a moving emotional love story It's pretty uniue for an author to succeed so well at both ends of the spectrumDavina has been hidden away in a convent for her whole life in order to protect her from political plots to kill her Everything comes to a peak when the entire abbey and the soldiers guarding her perish in an attack Fatefully the son of a Scottish laird Robert MacGregor and his clansmen happen by the siege and join the fray Rob heroically rescues Davina from the fire but she holds onto many secrets about the cause of the battle and why someone will go to such lengths to murder a nun in training On their journey back to Rob's home they develop feelings for each other but will Rob ever know all of her secretsRob is my favorite kind of hero the always honorable strong and protective warrior He's been so busy training to be a laird and take care of his clan he hasn't had time for love until love finds him with Davina Rob loves her at all costs and will defend her safety no matter what I loved that Davina was a bit of a free spirit and full of life once she saw the world outside of the convent Her spontaneity and Rob's no nonsense way didn't always mix but they love and accept their differences and don't try to change each otherI love complex secondary characters and the men in Rob's clan just jumped off the page for me After Davina's rescue all of the men practically fell in love with her Who doesn't want a handful of handsome charming highlanders catering to her every whim? Of course all of the men are complete gentlemen and the flirtations are so innocent it makes for the perfect fantasy All of the clansmen have uniue three dimensional personalities and Davina has a uniue friendship with each one My personal favorite of the group is Finn He's just too sweet and cute as well as a little bit fragile as he follows Davina where ever she goes like a puppySometimes I preferred a bit less historical detail because I wanted to read about the vivid characters and their interactions than the politics But the historical landscape was essential to the magnitude of the story so I felt like it was a bit like eating my vegetables to get to dessert This romance is for the reader who wants a deep emotional love story with lots of historical details and action to fill out the story i can't wait to read the rest of the series and see of the MacGregor clanThis ARC was provided for review by Hachette Booksreviewed for

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    I absolutely LOVED this book I usually read steamy HOT book's and knew going into this book that the heat level was lower than the book's I usually read I was surprised when the heat did start that it was uite hot and I was happy that it took some time to get burning I could feel the love that Davina and Rob had for each other leaping off of the pages They were both fantastic characters and I would not have changed a thing about them The story was really good although it had it's violent parts which to me only added to the story After finishing this book I know without a doubt that I will be buying the next book Seduced By A Highlander coming out 9 1 10 PS thanks Dina

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    I loved Davina and Rob Great chemistry with one of my favorite backdrops the Highlands Where men were strong courageous growly possessive and wearing those sexy kilts Rob was a huge beast of a man that that would do anything for Davina even spirting her away to his home and clan to protect her from those that want her dead and possibly bringing down the wrath of others in power on him and his family I love these Highland stories so romantic and just a whole other world I admit to being a little distracted a few times because there were a lot of side characters we met But I know this book was to lay the ground work for other stories for characters we met here My one complaint is the lack of an epilogue I will definitely be continuing this series

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    Sweet Highlander HistoricalThis was a really cute story that read like a traditional historical which I always love historicals hold a special place in my heart It was a little slow to start and I didn't always see what was so awesome about DavinaBut I did see what was so awesome about Rob Verra Bonnie LadThat trollop is in my spotMuch BetterBut I digress As I said it started off a little slow but started to pick up about halfway through The last 30% or so was especially fun and I really enjoyed reading about Skye I want to go there

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    I should have made a drinking game out of this book every time someone mentions God do a shot I'd have been shitfaced by the end of the first chapterNow I have no problem with religion I respect that everyone has their own faith or not and even if I don't agree with someone's beliefs I appreciate that they mean something to that person I can't fault someone for believing something And I understand that it was the era that the basis of the plot was these peoples lives intersecting on the cusp of the English monarchy moving between Protestant and Catholic faiths and that it really wasn't avoidable But I really could have done without our leading lady thanking God for her braw Highlander while he's bringing her to screaming orgasm And it wasn't just the typical Oh God oh God Nope couldn't have that No she was actually praying while banging her kilt wearing man That put me offIf I'd been able to ignore that part of the story and focused on the characters and situations themselves and not had to hear about their faith and belief that God brought them together I could easily have given this 4 or 45 stars But there was no way to separate religion from the rest of the story so I'm sticking with 3 stars

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    Very passionate and romantic read Great chemistry The ending was abrupt though I needed a cute epilogue

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