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Frankly My Dear [PDF / EPUB] Frankly My Dear Selene has always had three great passions men food and Gone With the Wind Still the glamourous models seems to always be starving for both nourishment and affection Weary of the petty world of high f Selene has always had three great passions men food and Gone With the Wind Still the glamourous models seems to always be starving for both nourishment and affection Weary of the petty world of high fashion she heads to New Orleans for one last shoot befor she Frankly My PDF \ chucks it all and begins a whole new life But she doesn't realize that thanks to an errant voodoo spell her new life will happen years in the pastand in the company of a dark and brooding gentleman who could give Rhett Butler a run for his moneyAn alarmingly handsome Southern planter James Baptiste may not have Rhett's cavalier spirit and his plantation is certainly no Tara But it's clear as crystal that this virile Creole is a lover worth giving a damn about And with God as her witness Selene vows she will never go hungry for this man again.

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    When I first read the pre reviews of this book before it was released I was very excited So excited that I pre ordered the book I read this book in one day and had to force myself to finish it The concept behind the book was great model goes back in time and is mistaken for a mulattouadroon at one of the famous uadroon balls Wow This should make for an interesting read right? Wrong For one the heroine bemoaned living in a society where she and other women were judged based on their outward appearance and she spends half the book trying to get the other women around her to change their appearances in attempts to attract the men they desire And a Black woman bemoaning her big behind? Give me a break As a Black female and avid reader of historical romances this book was just plain silly I am not a stickler for historical accuracies and such and get tired of reviewers who spend so much time criticizing small inaccuracies that they miss the beauty of a well written story but this book was just unbelieveable For onethe characters sounded like they were from modern days not historical times Secondly the 4 year old ET eyes rolling he wasn't funny He needed his behind paddled and his mouth washed out with soap I could go on and on but why bother? What could have been a perfectly good story is ruined by an excessive amount of silliness

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    When when in the name of Godare women going to learn that changing themselves to please another persona manisn't the answer?This uote from Frankly My Dear’s “heroine” is rich given how almost as soon as she wakes up in the antebellum South she pursues the very course she’s claiming to deny Selene the time shifted supermodel proceeds to convince the plantation women to wear makeup; fluff up their hair; dress provocatively; reduce their butt size; increase their bust size; and do aerobics and yoga so they'll be shapelier and have the core of a pole dancer Rightexercising on top of the sweaty manual labor they must as slaves do first FFSI was driven to read this book by some interweb ravings declaring it the worst ever and deserving of a mass shunning However I usually prefer to form my own opinions thankyouverymuch Going in I knew popular romance novelist Sandra Hill thought she’d found an acceptable and clever way to make light of slavery and I was prepared to take offense Mission accomplishedview spoilerMy earliest annoyance while reading this mess dumb blonde jokes? Are they supposed to render presenting US history’s arguably most evil era as a literary sitcom okay? I’ve ultimately interpreted the blonde jokes as weak maneuvers to avert Selene’s being viewed as a villain Whatever the snaps stick out as caustic overused anachronisms and I think they likely represent the author’s effort to disarm critics by essentially making fun of her own blonde self SureNext there’s the cavalier depiction of the female slaves Were slave women's lives so mundane that they had time to worry about whether their feet were too big or their breasts too small or about having zits? Probably not but once Selene finishes putting her Martha Stewart esue home economics skills to use the slaves are in utter bliss They laugh tease clap their hands and giggle in delight as they perform the chores they’re forced to do Presumably Frankly My Dear is intended to resemble a slavery rom com FailThen we have Selene’s heart’s desire handsome plantation owner James who she deems a benevolent master because he only makes his field slaves work between 600 am and 500 pm uite the human resource management pioneer he James is also an earlier adopter of modern pickup artist “negging” techniues demonstrated by his alternating between insulting and seducing Selene GagMeanwhile during a group therapy session led by Cosmo magazine trained Selene a female slave reveals that the male slave she's been keeping company with has a footlong penis Alrighty then Miz Hill Way to objectify a slave via a body attribute he had no control over Way also to try to appeal to the lurid imaginations of your readers Yes it’s a romance novel but IMO a White woman painting a Black male slave in such light smacks of Mandingo fantasies and the culturally dated “allure” of miscegenation Nope hide spoiler

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    I LOVED this book It is one that I will go back and re read many timesA lot of people didn't like this one But I love the way Sandra Hill writes She is so witty and funny but still doesn't forget the romanceShe is another auto buy for me I have most of her books but I'm still working my way through themLOL

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    Selene is a model who's sent back in time due to a voodoo curse She finds herself at a uadroon Ball and James believes her to be a light skinned colored looking for a protector Yes she needs a protector and it takes time for him to believe she's from the future The fact her makeup case which she wasn't holding traveled with her seemed far fetched When she was in danger and still kept mouthing off future things also didn't work for me Her heckling James with blonde jokes was funny but didn't fit her claimed attitude of women power and beauty isn't everything Lots of contradictions some fun moments They sexually frustrate and tease each other for a majority of the book talk about long foreplay

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    Love reading this book again Can't e we go wrong with a book by this famous author

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    I must confess I am a huge Gone With The Wind fan and with a cover and title like Frankly My Dear I had no self control it became a must read Wait what was that I just read time travel too well bless me I felt as though I developed the vapors for the momentSelene is a model who has made an enemy of another one one who has voodoo powers In a shoot taking place in New Orleans with a vintage style gown she finds herself spun into the past At that moment she has been placed before the real life Rhett of her dreams James BaptisteThere is mystery conspiracy wit and a wonderful love story within these pages SPOILERSelene is left with a choice to return to the future and when James' dead wife returns from the dead she might not have any other choice but to leave behind the love of many lifetimes Wonderful secondary characters and character development a great storyline and memorable characters that leave one sighing and looking for their own time machine A great read giving you a reason for a moment to believe

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    This book had so much character I loved it It was funny entertaining and had me hook from start to finish i would go backa nd read this over and over in fact i have

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    I read this year's ago LOVED IT Can't wait to read it again

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    I have mixed feelings about this book First off I generally avoid historicals set in America smack in the middle of slavery but I knew that up front so that is my fault for still checking it out from the library The mid 1990s attempt at body positivity came across as a bit heavy handed and was negated by all the dumb blonde jokes The author's attempt to make the hero a good guy despite the fact that he owned slaves was also a little cringe y However I kept reading because I enjoyed the banter between the hero and heroine as well as the heroine's attempt to introduce a little 1996 to the 1800s Hence my mixed feelings Hopefully I can find a time travel book by Sandra Hill at my library that is set in a historical era that doesn't make me uite as uncomfortable

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    man this book SMHSo I've been on a kick of reading romances from the nineties and earlier I've read some really good ones and some stinkers as well This book falls into the latter categoryIt's almost instalove which isn't really my jam but I was curious about this book I hadn't heard of the notoriety of this title in some circles but I saw it for a dollar at my local Dollar General I thought why the hell not I'll give it a shot I regret itSandra Hill spends the entire book whitesplaining slavery and I just wasn't here for it If you want to read a historical romance that handles this and similar topics much better then seek out a Beverly Jenkins novel

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