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Play Dead [PDF / EPUB] Play Dead When Newport Beach heiress Hayley Fordham heads to Costa Rica on an art commission she has no idea she's narrowly escaped an assassin's car bomb But before the paint's even dry on her mural her stepsi When Newport Beach heiress Hayley Fordham heads to Costa Rica on an art commission she has no idea she's narrowly escaped an assassin's car bomb But before the paint's even dry on her mural her stepsiblings have arranged her funeral and redivided the family trust The fact that Hayley is still very much alive remains a secret to everyone but FBI investigator Ryan Hollister who intercepts the victim returning home in the fleshRyan has zero tolerance for the pampered elite But there's something about the complex Hayley that sets his blood racing With evidence pointing to a Fordham family associate Ryan needs her cooperation—and her closeness— than he dares admit Because now especially now he's prepared to risk anything to stop Hayley from being killedagain.

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Play Dead
  • Meryl Sawyer
  • English
  • 23 June 2015

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    This book was okay The hero and heroine seemed fairly realistic and the writing was fine It did drag in the middle when the author was a bit heavy handed with explanations of surfing and surfing as a business This seemed to drag on and I did have to force myself through that part It was a fairly large info dump disguised as conversationThe romance part was a little under developed Here was another hero struggling to get over his dead wife and a heroine who thought she coudn't compete with the dead woman This is how it was set up but not a whole lot was made of this It was like the author would occasionally think oh I've got to throw in a tidbit about the romance I'll toss in a line about the dead wife The heroine made a few assumptions about the hero's feelings for the dead wife that didn't have a lot of basis in what had actually been written More attention was paid to the suspense plot and the romance at times seemed clunkyThe suspense part was okay The premise of a supposedly dead heroine was interesting but didn't play out much into the actual story It wasn't obvious who done it but the end was a bit overblown I won't say so as not to spoil itNot a bad book but I'm glad it wasn't something I paid money for and I won't necessarily pick up the next one but I'm not totally agin it

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    For the genre Harleuin Romance the story is surprisingly entertaining and the characters are fleshed out The plot is interesting and as the reader you keep turning the pages even if you know how it is gonna turn out happy ending😉

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    Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiuesComing back from the dead can be well it can be the death of you if you aren’t carefulSurfing entrepreneur heiress Hayley Fordham is on her way to Costa Rica on a project when unbeknownst to her someone tries to kill her with a car bomb Presumed dead by her family her stepbrother and stepsister already have designs on her inheritance Hayley’s aunt wants to know who’s behind the bombing so she asks FBI Agent Ryan Hollister to investigateLittle did Ryan expect that when searching Hayley’s home for clues he’d find “intruder” Hayley in the flesh and very much alive Now they need to keep secret the fact Hayley didn’t die if they want to find out who did it Hayley is not one to sit idly by and Play Dead while others are hard at work so she insists on becoming Ryan’s partner in his investigation Neither one expected this strange turn of events would result in the greatest risk being to their heartsI tried to like Play Dead I really did because I have enjoyed other Meryl Sawyer books I have read in the past Unfortunately this particular story did not engage my attention at all It dragged on forever with not a whole lot happening for much of the book I kept reading hoping things would pick up and get my pulse pounding but that hope never really came to fruitionI actually found myself fascinated by Hayley’s elderly Aunt Meg and her own love story with Ryan’s father than I was by Hayley and Ryan I never really got behind Hayley as a heroine She makes herself a martyr for her family’s legacy bemoaning the fact she has to give up her own dreams to take care of them While she is meant to be presented as an independent woman throughout the novel she came across as stubborn for the sake of being stubborn to me I liked Ryan as a character though I wanted to smack him for caving to Hayley’s demands a time or twoThe mystery of who is behind the car bombing in Play Dead is well done as is the story of who really died in the explosion but events just took too long to unfold to satisfy my desire for a romantic suspense In short this novel is far from Meryl Sawyer’s best and I hope future novels are up to par with what I expect when I see her name on the book cover© Kelley A Hartsell June 2010 All rights reserved

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    Play Dead starts off with a bang An assassin's bombs sets in a motion a series of events that sees an innocent woman killed and the intended victim returning from the dead to find herself paired with an FBI investigator for protection of both heart and well being To add to this unexpected romance the killer or is it killers are not done with her yetThis has all the making for uite an intensifying and satisfying thriller Unfortunately I did not enjoy the story as much as I wanted to for a number of reasons The plot itself was great lots of twists and actions to drive it However I did not care for the execution or the characters Hayley Fordham is the cliche wealthy heiress who is misunderstood She is both beauty and brains and with the territory comes enemies and much hostility and jealousy from her step siblings Likewise Ryan Hollister is an FBI investigator with a painful past He is trying to piece together a new life for himself but unsure of the direction he wants to head in A car bomb meant to kill Hayley brings them together and voila instant connection Not too shabby but not completely believable eitherHayley and Ryan have a lot of potential to develop into great characters; they have ualities to redeem and circumstances that call for sympathy but I did not care for them They lacked maturity and depth which distracted and barred me from connecting with them Their mannerisms reactions and thoughts process were immature and not appropriate to their situation There is a killer or even killers after Hayley and yet the urgency and intensity was not there and combined with an almost laid back main characters the story became really unbalanced I cared about the secondary characters Meg Ambroy Hayley's aunt and Conrad Hollister Ryan's father and wanted to know about themThe ending almost makes up for it though it was good it was not really believable There were lots of actions and where many of the twists are fund Many factors came into play jealousy hostility revenge money etc for the motives and translated into actions which were the better parts of the story

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    'Play Dead' by Meryl Sawyer is a book I had read before but it had been a while It was very well written and even with having read it there was enough twists and turns that I was still guessing as I neared the end of the book I have to say I really enough reading mystery novels But I struggle with mystery novels due to the sheer number of characters that need to be introduced rather uickly if the book is to flow I find myself having to look back a lot to try to remember who is who However that is a me issue and not a writing issueHaylee Fordham's family thinks she is dead Her car was blown up in a local restaurant parking lot However it's not long after the memorial and Haylee shows up alive and well But who wanted her dead? And why? Meryl Sawyer takes you through the twists and turns of figuring out just those uestions while also developing strong side stories and engaging the reader into the actual lives of the characters I didn't feel like I was slogging through the story to find out who tried to murder the main character The story was engaging and added to the mystery instead of taking away from itThe drawback for me was the romance It didn't feel natural or organic And instead of adding to the story it felt like an aside and actually took away from the story Don't get me wrong I have read my fair share of romance novels But I didn't pick this up as a romance The cover had clothed people after all S The colliding of the characters with the romance felt forced and out of place It smoothed over towards the end thoughI did enjoy 'Play Dead' It was mostly well written and the story line and the characters were engaging and captivating The mystery wasn't wide open to be completely figured out before you got to the reveals And there were multiple reveals It was wrapped up a tad too neatly at the end but that did not detract from the overall storyOriginally published at

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    Hayley Fordham is killed in a car bombing Maybe When Ryan Hollister gets involved in the investigation as a favor to his father's friend things start looking and suspicious Hayley appears to live a clean life but her family is a different story Any one of them could have something to do with her deathWhen Hayley turns up alive Ryan finds himself protecting her and trying to solve her attempted murderThis is the first book by Meryl Sawyer that I have read I really enjoyed it too It was a good suspense without an obvious answer to the who done it it kept me guessing right up until the end The relationship between Hayley and Ryan was blended well into the story and didn't take over too much of the storyMy only real nit is the ending It was a little convoluted how things really worked out and I was slightly confused by what really happened I would have liked just a bit explanationOverall a great read I really enjoyed the book and will look for books by SawyerI received this book from netgalleycom

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    Enjoyed this book especially the thriller and mystery aspect As I was coming off another thriller that had proved uninspiring and disappointing I was really on the lookout for the clues and red herrings in this one thankfully Ms Sawyer of whom this was my first read did not disappointThe action and the suspense kept up for much of the book Now I know this is a romantic suspense the romance shouldn't be the primary aspect of the story but I kept wishing for '' where Hayley and Ryan were concerned Don't get me wrong their romance was okay but that's just it it was okay Nothing spectacular or really memorable which is a shame as there was potential for lots tension and conflict between these two It almost seems as if the author wrote 'around' the characters like the surfing and surf shop parts rather than 'about' the characters if that makes senseBut on the whole it is an enjoyable romantic suspense thriller that will keep you alert as to who the villain is and why everything happened the way it did

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    This is another book which has been languishing on my TBR pile for about two years now and turned out to be a very satisfying B read for me I have read nearly all of Maryl Sawyer's backlist uite enjoying her romantic suspense titles a genre I don't favour all that much usually The book's ratings on goodreads is uite low and even though I wouldn't declare it groundbreaking I find Play Dead to be an entertaining satisfying read with a hero and heroine I enjoyed very much and who had some serious sizzle between them I am by no means a specialist in the gadget department but what I always enjoy in Sawyer's books is that she conveys to me a good insight on various industrial sectors such as the publishing industry or in this case the mixed martial arts and surfing trade Checking online I just saw that her site has gone offline recently I think she maybe has retired from writing

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    Nice fun uick read Haley is on her way out of the country on business when her car is blown up by a planted bomb Human remains like ashes or fragments are found and the world and Haleys family assume she is dead By the time she returns home her family has buried her and her deceased parents trust is aleady being re worked by her half siblings FBI agent and distant family friend Ryan Hollister steps in as a favor to Haleys elderly aunt to investigate He discovers what no one else knows Haley is alive and in danger Chemistry ignites between Haley and Ryan as they race to discover who wants her dead and why A typical thrilling mystery this book keeps you guessing as to who is behind the attempts at haley's life A somewhat obvious ending it was still a good fast read to fill the time

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    Sawyer has a decent plot without having to fill pages with a great dealof sex which I appreciate as an older reader She delivers a good suprise twist at the end to ramp up the suspense and a happy ending for the romance All in all a good book if you are looking for a read to take you away from your daily grind

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