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Garters [PDF / EPUB] Garters A lady doesn't go courtingbut that doesn't matter a whit to Miss Esme Crabb Unlike her featherbrained sisters the proud practical hill girl knows sweet talk won't put food on the table so she's bent o A lady doesn't go courtingbut that doesn't matter a whit to Miss Esme Crabb Unlike her featherbrained sisters the proud practical hill girl knows sweet talk won't put food on the table so she's bent on finding a sensible man to marry Cleavis Rhy seems like a smart choice so amidst the cracker barrels and jam jars in his general store Esme makes her moveShe doesn't realize that daring to set her sights on someone like Cleavis Rhy will turn the town and her heart upside down.

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    Garters is a great historical not in the sense of expanse and grandeur but so in the fact it's different Oh we still get our plucky heroine and happily ever after but there after it strays from the well tread path of been there read thatPublished way back in '92 Garters is still a breath of fresh air for a genre inundated with same old same old plot lines and charactersEsme is a dirt poor mountain girl who holds her family together with strength and determination When she decides it's time to raise her families fortunes she sets her sites on Clevis Rhy the fancy town boy educated and well off than she ever will be At first she's thinking all about her family but it doesn't take her long to discover a heat between them that she never felt before and to want him for much personal reasonsCleavis is not your ordinary hero either Yeah he's educated and got money than most of the town's folk but he's also the town's shop keeper and stand up citizen courting the pastor's daughter To make things even interesting he raises trout as a hobby for purely scientific reasons of courseCleav and Esme send off sparks that keep the pages turning and it's interesting to note there really isn't a big baddie in this story The Author does such a fine job of portraying the characters warts and all that there was no need their own uirks and shortcomings cause the conflicts But yet these little idiosyncrasies manage to endear you to themOn a side note Cleav is what we in romance consider a beta hero Generally I'm all about the alpha hero but Morsi does a great job of showing us why a gal would fall for him that I didn't miss the overt ualities associated with the alpha male one iota Pretty good writing if you ask me

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    What an amazing book I am so grateful for Goodreads I know I say this uite often but I have made super friends here and they have to led me to great books I would have missed The title of this book isn't that great and neither is the cover but that doesn't matter because the story is alternately sweet and even a hoot sometimes The heroine despite being the youngest is the caretaker of her family her father is too lazy and her twin sisters dreamers and the heroine Esme hates being poor so despite it not being conventional she decides to go courting and she chooses Cleavis the one who runs the store in town At first the only thing in her mind is marrying him and moving her family into his place but soon she gets to know him how hard he works the time he spent in the city that made him feel less his work with fishes and and despite him courting the preacher's daughter and warning her to stay away Esme is persistent She starts helping out at his store and the moment she kissed him was hilarious the hero behaved like an outraged virgin and Esme wriggling her stockings was classic Esme was damn spunky even if she did take the load of the world on herCleav is kind of prissy at least his speech seems that way and kind of a gentleman and he doesn't understand his fascination with Esme she vexes him and haunts him Then to be kind he gives her garters and the situation becomes scandalous and they are forced to wed I loved how Esme wanted to make him happy and loved him Her intentions may have been different at the start but she adored Cleav and poor Cleav didn't stand a chance When he marries her he loves her passionate nature and when he thinks she doesn't love him is devastated and would do anything to make him love her I loved Esme she truly was the best especially the way she setup the preacher's daughter with the guy chasing her sistersThe romance was perfect and so was the book I even came to like Cleav's mother

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    Pamela Morsi has the sort of voice that only comes along once every decade or so warm witty and uniuely American The Americana genre has fallen out of favor in the past few years and I desperately miss these books about small towns and mountain communities populated by good hearted and uirky characters A Morsi character like mountain girl Esme Crabb in GARTERS may be poor in wealth but they're always rich in humor and spirit Alternates COURTING MISS HATTIE SOMETHING SHADY SIMPLE JESS

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    What a great book I shed a few tears laughed and totally enjoyed the characters and the charming story I'll be sure to read of Pamela Morsi's book's

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    375 starsCute but uestionable

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    Let's talk impressive Every time I read a Pamela Morsi book she astounds me with how she can take such normal people in a normal town and craft a book overflowing with love and lust I feel like I live there shaking my head at foibles of the townsfolk I become emotionally attached to her characters Why else would Esme's prideful humiliation over a public gift of charity have me weeping as I read it? The yearning between her MCs leaps off the page before they even touch one another She has a knack for having the men who inhabit a book have a near fetish for some body part of the objects of their desires In the case of Cleav he can't keep his eyes off Esme's legsLet's talk legs This book takes place in the 1880s in rural Tennessee Legs are covered or are at least supposed to be buried beneath skirts and other fripperies Mountain girl Esme always practical and smart though uneducated sets her sights on shopkeeper Cleav because he has the nicest house in the area She stalks her prey by freuenting the store One day the worn out stockings droop Esme pulls up her skirts to roll them and she catches Cleav catching an eyeful Cleav's a goner and he just doesn't know it yetLet's talk ladylike Hillbilly Esme is as far from a wife as Cleav can picture Unfortunately he can't keep the picture of her legs out of his head These two have a mountain separating them in terms of expectations and experiences but kindness affection and understanding dig a tunnel right through all those inconseuential barriers It is an entertaining journey as Esme pursues and Cleav runssome of the time Truth is she has turned this guy upside down and inside out And maybe Cleav doesn't want ladylike at allLet's talk villains Pamela Morsi is incapable of writing a true baddie As she intends I have an initial dislike for some of the characters After all they treat our heroine meanly or intimidate her or gossip without knowing the whole story But as the novel moves along you get to know everybody better and first impressions are not always what they seem Morsi allows redeeming ualities to shine and this absolution influences the outcome of the story Let's talk satisfactory endings I just get this little sigh of pleasure when I finish a Morsi novel As a romance without dangerous or nefarious factors influencing the characters you know where the story is headed It is the journey that matters and it is always a good one filled with lusty encounters positive emotional connections between family and friends the creation of a consuming love between the MCs and happy endings for all

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    This is my first Pamela Morsi book and I bought it because of the reviews of other readers Let me just say that they did a great job reviewing this book; so basically I'm not going to say too much returnEsme short for Esmerelda Crabb is the practical one in her family Her beautiful twin sisters are man crazy flirts and her dad is kind hearted but the laziest man in the county Unfortunately everyone in town knows this and they also know that Esme is the only hard worker of the bunch so she gets a double heap of pity one for being a Crabb the other for having supporting her Pa and sisters alone Thing is Esme is tired of nearly starving in their mountain cave during the winter and realizes that unless she wants to work herself into an early grave as her mother did she has to marry and marry well She sets her sights on Cleavis Rhy the town storekeeper because he has a big fine white house that only he and his mother live in She decides that is perfect for her family and she will marry himreturnreturnEsme's not a beauty nor is she educated or genteel being brought up in the hills so she has to use her brains to snare Cleavis's attention Since he was educated in the city and is a real gentleman she assumes that she will have to be practical and highlight her best attributes hard working willing to sacrifice willing to be a helpmeet etc in order to catch him So she simply walks up to him and says You wanna marry me? This is the beginning of the most hilarious love story I've read in a long time Esme follows him worms her way into his life and starts driving him insane and ruining his reputation by working in his store and flashing her legs at him Did I mention and Cleavis was supposed to be courting the minister's daughter???returnreturnThis book was fun and funny I really enjoyed watching practical Esme lose all common sense when trying to catch a man I also thought it was realistic when she started feeling as if she wasn't good enough for Cleavis and wondering how to be the lady that she thought he needed But Esme is blunt honest and funny and I loved her It was interesting to watch Cleavis open up to her and start talking about memories that transformed him from a smalltown hillboy to the prissy talking snob that he was a the beginning of the novelreturnreturnThere are no bad guys in GARTERS because Morsi has a gift of portraying real people all their foibles and prejudices intact Other reviewers weren't that pleased with Cleavis's Mom and Armon Hightower the guy dating Esme's twin sisters but I could see them as real people Overall I give this book five stars because it deserves five stars It was written in 1992 so unlike most of the novels that have come out recently the book isn't merely sex scenes for the second half There is steam and heat but also true plot and resolution I highly recommend this book

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    When a man don't want you don't take no for an answer Keep badgering him stalking him ala Edward Cullen flash your shapely legs and if all else fails anger him enough for him to give you a pair of garters and then tell the towns biggest gossipbusybody about it and the towns displeasure will work in your favour and force him into marriage with youShe did pull a real Edward Cullen move stalking him and stood outside his house watching him through his window If the roles were reversed I wouldn't have been reading a romance I would have been reading a murder mysteryEsme Crabb was a sweet character though she had some really cute moments when I sort of went aaw Then there were moments where I had to put down my reading tablet in embarrassmentI did think it kind of strange that a large part of her character was about her pride and yet she had none when it came to Cleavis I always giggle a bit at that name She lives in a cave with a or less worthless father and her dimwitted spoiled sisters but she had this really amazing pride I just wish it had extended to Cleavis Don't get me started on Cleavis wishy washy character He kept thinking ugh can't marry that Crabb girl but damn those legs thoLuckily for both of them they really did love each other despite what might have been saidSeriously though no means no

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    Loved this so much Read it in one evening as I couldn't put it down

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    35 starsMy heart hurt for Esme at the beginning as she pursued Cleav and everyone described her as so undesirable Cleav did desire her but I found him mean in the beginning as he continued to date the preachers daughter When they did marry it was lovely to see their relationship develop although I felt Cleav’s feelings flipped overnight or maybe once they’d slept togetheruite a sweet love story

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