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The Love Charm [PDF / EPUB] The Love Charm The fairest in all LouisianaAida Gaudet has charm and fire enough to enflame the desires of any man Like a hurricane descending upon the bayou her unparalleled beauty has thrown a humble Acadian town The fairest in all LouisianaAida Gaudet has charm and fire The Love eBook » enough to enflame the desires of any man Like a hurricane descending upon the bayou her unparalleled beauty has thrown a humble Acadian town into turmoil—setting neighbor against neighbor in competition for her attentions But Aida wants what no one yet has offered her she wants to know true loveA steadfast pillar of a tight knit community—someone to trust in times of trouble—Armand Sonnier also feels Aida's fire And he too burns for this rare radiant jewel who can never be his for she is promised to his closest friendBut the bayou moon can work many strange sorceries—compelling even a rational young man to take irrational risksas it strengthens his resolve to win an enchantress's restless heart with passion determination and a cup of voodoo magic.

  • Paperback
  • 376 pages
  • The Love Charm
  • Pamela Morsi
  • English
  • 21 March 2015
  • 9780380786411

About the Author: Pamela Morsi

Pamela Morsi is a USA Today Waldenbooks and Barnes The Love eBook » Noble bestselling author of romance She broke into publishing in with Heaven Sent and has been gracing readers with at least a book a year ever since Two of her novels Courting Miss Hattie and Something Shady won the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award the highest honor in romance publishing and others have been RI.

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    SPOILERS495 starsMorsi does not disappoint Again she delivers a uniue story in a uniue location about uniue peopleI loved itThe story follows three couples The main one being Armand and Aida the second was Helga and Laron and the third Jeanne Baptiste and his wife I forget her name sorryArmand and AidaThey grew up together Aida was and still is a bit of a scatterbrain Some readers may find her annoying as I did at first but I grew to really like her She was a good and kind hearted person but was just forgetful Aida was also extremely beautiful She knows she is but considers it a curse because she feels that no one can see past her beauty into her real selfthat is no one except ArmandArmand is a very educated and intelligent man He is also the Judge in their small town in Louisiana He has loved Aida since their youth but she is betrothed to his best friend Laron who is the most handsome man in town Armand is plain and short for a man he also feels he never stood a chance of winning the beautiful AidaLaron on the other hand is in love with the widow Helga Helga is not really a widow her husband ran off and has been absent for 3 years He was a complete jerk and Helga was greatful when he left Laron knows he cannot have Helga since she is legally married to Helmut so he proposed to Aida then put off the wedding for 2 years He has been having an affair with Helga for nearly 3 years and he didn't tell her about his betrothel until recentlyJeanne Baptiste has been married for 5 years has 3 children and another on the way His wife is very pregnant very fat and he has not been happy in his marriage latelyLots of great stuff happen which is too much to go into so I will only mention some things I liked and dislikedLiked All the men in the story were virgins before giving themselves to the women they loved This was done in a believable fashion IMHO This is to say that they just were virgins No crazy reasons for them being innocent for so long like they were abused or oddit's just they were There is a little bit of hoo doo mystiscism going on with love charms visions and an old woman who is a sort of healerfortune tellerEverything that seemed not to make sense in the beginning all became clear and was explained leaving no loose ends So if you are reading and something doesn't make sense stay with itEveryone gets a happy endingWhat bothered me It was a little repettitve I didn't care for how much we are told how Aida wasn't smart and was a scatterbrain It was also a little uncomfortable how Aida was constantly mentioned as being so beautiful and how she knew how beautiful she was It was clear there are reasons for it so try not to let that get to you so muchIn the beginning I was kinda pissed that the story was leaning toward Laron and Helga's story and got away from Aida and Armand but was glad that the story got back on track with them not long afterLong story short I loved the history the locale and the characters which were all uniue and atypical of what we normally get in a romance Only Pamela Morsi can pull it offLove her It's KU but I am buying itSafetyview spoilerHeros All were virgins with their true loves First last and only's for allHeroines Virgins except Helga who was married before but did not enjoy sex with her first lousy husbandCheating Nonot really see below OMOW Nonot really Laron was betrothed to Aida and was sleeping with Helga But Aida didn't love Laron and he didn't love herher true love was Armand and his HelgaSex yes detailed steamy not crazyCursing NoAbuseviolencetorture NoILY's Yes to all the couplesMarriage yes to allBaby not yet for Aida and Helga with Laron Yes for Jeanne BaptisteAdultry Yes technically Helga was still married to Helmut but that got resolved hide spoiler

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    THE LOVE CHARM is another irresistible read about hard working down to earth characters from Pamela Morsi Set in the Louisiana bayou Ms Morsi brilliantly brings all of the scents smells and customs of the small tight knit community of Acadia to lifeAs a child Aida Gaudet concocts a love charm she insists will make the man of her dreams fall deeply and forever in love with her Aida being a bit featherbrained hands the charm over to her best friend Armand Sonnier then forgets about it when her father calls her for dinnerYears later Aida now the town beauty has all of the local men and her childhood friend Armand vying for her affection Armand has kept his feelings to himself knowing he can never win her hand because he is plain and also the shortest man in Acadia and has resigned himself to a life without her Awww how can you not instantly love this guy? Also standing in the way is the small fact that Aida is engaged to his best friend Laron She has agreed to marry Laron the most handsome man in Acadia because it is what is expected of her Aida has given up dreaming about true love knowing men only care about her looks and will never love her as a personWhen Armand in a moment of jealousy thoughtlessly spills the beans about Laron's secret mistress he inadvertently upsets several lives but especially his own With a little push from a meddling soothsayer Armand sets out on a path to set things right and finds himself spending most of his waking hours with Aida in an attempt to thwart fateIt is wonderful watching these seemingly opposite characters overcome their enormous insecurities before they are able to truly open their hearts to each otherTHE LOVE CHARM delivers everything I look forward to in a Morsi book and then some With a little helpful magic a bit of humor lots of tugs at the heartstrings and major sexual tension Ms Morsi masterfully ties up not one but three intriguing love stories and manages to make us care deeply about all six characters Very Highly Recommended

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    I usually like Pamela Morsi fun witty stories but The Love Charm was flat and boring it took me weeks to slog through this story of dull characters and convoluted plot All the characters appeared silly and slightly brain dead There was little chemistry between the love interestsChildhood friends Armand Aida Laron and Jean Baptiste Armand's older brother made up a convoluted comedy of errors Armand was in love with Aida who was engaged to Armand's best friend Laron who was shagging an older German widow with three kids Jean Baptiste is married to Felicite but he was feeling discontent in his marriage now that his wife has had four children in five years Jena Baptiste came across as a childish jackass The hero Armand was described as short and ordinary so many times he seemed to fade into the background The bayou swamps seemed appealing than Armandno wonder he needed a love charm to catch Aida's attention Aida was the belle of the ball but so desperate to be loved she was willing to look the other way knowing her fiancé was sleeping with another woman Laron came across as a dashing dumb backwoods bumpkin who fell head over heels with the first woman to teach him about sex Helga seemed desperate to have a man to help feed and secure a roof for herself and her kids and the young inexperienced Laron was the perfect sucker to fulfill that position The only character with a modicum of intelligence was Jean Baptiste wife Felicite who finally had enough of her husband's growing discontent and was set to kick his dumb ass to the curbThis was not a bad book but by no means a great read like Morsi's Courting Miss Hattie I was just relieved when I got to the end of this book

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    Spell bounding tale of 19 century Acadian settlers of southwestern Louisiana where they developed what became known as Cajun culture As always with Ms Morsi stories you get a great sense of place people culture The love stories there are than two pair together very unusual characters There are very likable with all their uirks humor imperfections enduring strength and a little magic

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    I couldnt decide wether to give this one star or twoso settling for the middle ground of 15I found the setting unusual and this is the first time I learnt about the descendants of the AcadiansA very interesting cultural heritage to say the least Now onto the storyAida Gaudet is considered in her small community of Prarie Acadie to be the most beautiful woman but also the most forgetful and unpractical oneShe is engaged for some time to the heros best friendThe hero is Armand Sonnier he has been in love with Aida for several years but feeling its hopeless as he doesnt consider himself worthy of her on account of being of slight heighthe has cultivated a pretense of being distantly polite to herAida takes this to mean that he hates herThings starts to change when Armands married brother shows signs of being attracted to Aida and she to him or at least Armand imagines it soSo to save his brothers marriage he sets out to try and discourage her of having feelings for his brotherThough I cant understand how any woman could be attracted to the brother considering his disgusting and unfeeling to his wifeShe cant help but be surprised but happy about Armands sudden interest in herThings go from thereThe hero was very interesting being very short I mean how often is the hero allowed to be short in historical romances and slight of buildhe was also clever yet had a vulnerable streakSo I felt the heroine wasnt a good match or even worthy of himThe heroine was TSTL thoughShe acted like she had a vacuum where her brain should beHarping on about being the most beautiful and wanting to marry her fiancee because he was beautiful tooAll the while knowing that the fiancee were happily involved with another womanshe was sure she could make him love herIf your fiancee keeps putting off your wedding for two yearsthats a pretty solid clue that a He doesnt want to marry youand b that you are seriously deluded to believe you can make him love you by being understanding about his relationship with another womanand the sex sceneswerent sexyI mean the hero is very very shortbut the way the author described the heroine during those scenes was reminiscent of some cow like giantessThen there is the sub plot with the fiancee and his relationship with the woman he lovedI felt it was a powerful plot than the hero and heroines storySorry just wasnt for me

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    It started off well 20% into the book I lost interest I picked it up several times to restart it and almost gave up 40% into the story and it got better The h was an empty headed beauty nothing to recommend her The secondary characters had a way better story I have enjoyed the other books by this author

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    very sweet romance with the Morsi charm ordinary people with deeply held values rooted in their cultures and time wonderful characterization easy to read lovely conflict

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    I've never been disappointed by a Morsi book and this one was no exceeption

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    It has been a long time since I have read such a well put together novel I enjoyed it very much

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    This unusual story is about the Louisiana Acadians of long ago Pamela Morsi did a great deal of research and it shows in the realism of the sights and sounds of the bayou country She did a wonderful job of explaining the customs of the Acadians who in recent times became known as the Louisiana CajunsAt the start I was absolutely underwhelmed with the heroine of this story Aida Gaudet In today’s parlance she’d be called an ‘airhead;’ although regularly forgetting to feed her father seemed beyond the scope of a mere airheadIn case you miss the several hundred times it is mentioned Aida is the beauty of the Vermillion River area She is engaged to the most handsome man in the area Laron However Laron is in love with a destitute German widow who has 3 children Laron keeps pushing the wedding further away; Aida is aware of her intended’s relationship with the German woman but says nothingAll the men are in love with Aida including Laron’s best friend Armand However Armand is a man of small stature due to a severe childhood illness who has become the judge of the area because he is the most educated manAida accepts the fact that the German widow is and will continue to be Laron’s mistress because Aida knows she is admired for her looks but will never be loved for herself In a fit of jealous anger Armand tells about Laron’s mistress and causes events to spin out of his controlBecause he is a good man Armand tries to set things right again But fate is uncooperative and Armand becomes ever embroiled in Aida’s life while trying to get Laron and Aida to the altarFortunately Aida grows and changes as she becomes the next designated ‘treater’ – a woman trained in the herbal arts I was convinced the author could not ‘grow’ Aida enough to match the strength and substance of Armand – but I was wrong This is a lovely tale of six interwoven lives that is very satisfying

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