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Awakening [PDF / EPUB] Awakening Genre Fantasy Paranormal MénageLength Novel PlusAs the first girl child born to the dark elves Eryhaen is rhaejena—princess—and desired by all of the men around her Born with magical gifts that c Genre Fantasy Paranormal MénageLength Novel PlusAs the first girl child born to the dark elves Eryhaen is rhaejena—princess—and desired by all of the men around her Born with magical gifts that challenge even the most experienced sorcerers among her people she has the awe of her people and the devotion of her three best friends and lovers Brevin Lanthan and Tykir have been at her side their whole lives and each of the three young men would do anything for her and each otherBut Eryhaen needs than untutored if eager lovers She is out of control and she knows it Her magic is raw and wild and she is not the only one who’s started to see her as a dangerShe needs helpThe only possibility is Radin a legendary sorcerer returned from the dead but magically unconscious for a uarter of a century Dreams and undeniable instincts tell her that he’s the solution to her problems if she can only wake him upOnce she does what then He may be the answer to her problems but is the legendary lover the man for her Or is he meant for someone elsePublisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse ménagesome mfm mfmm same sex sexual interactionpractices ff mm violence including attempted rapeIt also contains explicit artwork by the author.

  • ebook
  • 252 pages
  • Awakening
  • Jet Mykles
  • English
  • 13 February 2016

About the Author: Jet Mykles

Jet is a writer of sexual fantasy with a firm belief that all men are at least partially gay that vampires are just people with a liuid diet and shapeshifters live on every block.

10 thoughts on “Awakening

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    What an Amazing Conclusion to the Dark Elves SeriesEryhaen is the first female born of the Dark Elves She was born with powers stronger than any sorcerer in existence But because of that she has grown into a spoiled brat that treats everyone as if they are below her She has never learned respect or how to control her unruly magic But her truemate will not only teach her to control her temper and her magic he will show her what true love is Salin and Radin Exude Sexuality They were brothers linked mentally until Radin was destroyed along with their goddess in book three of the series view spoilerBut now Radin is back with a whole host of magical powers He's not only sexy as hell but he's a total badass hide spoiler

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    This is #6 in the Dark Elves series and I was not a fan I felt like this book went all over the place and tried to bring in every single character that was possible The sex scenes were just plain weird as the female heroine in Awakening is some type of all powerful sex Elf and instead of having sex she just trigger's the men to come because she doesn't want to give up her virginity I didn't even bother finishing this book

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    I LOVED THIS I want of this series it is addictive and if your not use to reading this type of book you will find your blood pressure rising at a regular pace lots of love sex and a new future is ahead for the raejedour dark elves With this ending some what sad due to one death leaving the rest of this tribe with new gods Rhea and Tohan to a new future of fertility and a new populations with all the hot sex rolled into one so JET MYKLES write anew story NOWLOVED IT

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    I had been waiting for this novel as I have grown to love and want to adopt yummy Radin From start to finish I experienced so many emotions reading this novel that I felt exhausted afterwards in a good way I can't wait to see what occurs in the next novel Thanks Jet Keep em' coming please Shelbie

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    I was really looking forward to this book as Radin was always my favorite and I couldn't wait for him to return This was a fantastic conclusion to the series The raedjour as a people are dying They've lost so much since their goddess left when Radin was trapped in the void This finale answered a lot of uestions and took the story in a direction I hadn't been anticipatingBut first can I just say Eyrhaen was a horrible narcissistic egotistic BRAT of the highest order I realize she was the first female raedjour born EVER but you'd think her parents could have done a little disciplining at some point in time She was so horrid for most of the book that even when she started to come around and actually have a conscience I just could never completely warm up to her Her three closest friends she tortured and treated like pets That is not a princess in my mindNialdlyn was back and in a somewhat surprising role Having spent the past than two decades with the raedjour she is a valuable part of their city and their people It's absolutely no wonder to me that she and Eryhaen can not stand each other And seriously that was fun to watchOh Radin You've been missed Without going into spoilers I can not explain what changes he underwent in the void but suffice to say the changes are huge and massively influential There is so much that I could say but it would all be spoilers So trust me that this final book was really good I had some frustration but mainly over some behaviors although Radin certainly knew how to knock Eryhaen down a peg or two So in the end this final book did great justice to the entire series

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    Hmm I think I like this one the best of the whole Dark Elves seriesI strongly suggest reading in order if you don't want to get lost and feel you missed something I didn't like the blub on the book of #5 so I skipped it And boy did I miss some major events 1 the vestile is back 2 Radin is back in a suspended state 3 We now have a red elf who is a female that can get pregnant without a truemate bondNow onto this story Eyrhaen Savous and Irin daughter also the first female born to the Raedjour has entered maturity With her mage powers uncontroallable and her lust drawning not only every male attension in the city but also the roguesSo yep plenty of sex and fighting for the first half Then we enter a four night sexfest Yes that includes not only mf but ff and of course mm Basically a free fer all of sexual pleasure and undeniable urges Radin awakes sorry to spoil but you had to guess that from the title somoving on A whole triangle of crazy goes on We have the boys; Tykir Hyle and Gala's son Lanthan Jakar and Marisol's son and Brevin Salin and Diana's son as Eyrhaens best and closest friends Also her personal lovers per se although she still retains her virginity due to this uniue ablity to either inflate or deflate a man's part Ohh the joys of laughing about this Diana would have loved that ablityAnyhoo the raedjour are intruduced to a newold god Tohon as Rhea's consort So the gods to have a hand in helping the races they created It's sorta a happy yet sad ending as we go full circle as one Raedjour passes

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    I had so much trouble finishing this book I ended up hating Eryhaen halfway through the book and didn't want to really see if she would be redeemed I wanted to poke her in the eyes smack her around a little and then throw her down a flight of stairs She seemed like such an evil bitch I did finish it and even though she changed her wicked ways to me she just didn't make up for all the shit she put her loved ones through Now what made me finish the book was RADIN yes my favorite person throughout the whole series The fact that he woke halfway through and started being a part of the novel made up for the beginning I loved how he treated Eryhaen I just wish he would have smacked her only a little

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    This was the last book in the series with a satisfying conclusion Had this been the first book that I had read in this series then I probably would not have bothered with the others I found it very difficult to get into and had to push myself to keep picking it up as I wanted to know what happened to my favourite character Radin Moving on to the second half of the book my interest picked up again and I found myself once again enthralled with the tale

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    Out of the whole series this was my least favorite I hated the Princess She was nothing but a spoiled little bitch And I don't like what was done to Rayden's character That was the main thing that pissed me off Rayden got tamed So not cool And This book was kind of all over the place But as always the artwork was beautiful So yeah not my favorite but I would still read it agsin only because I hate reading an incomplete series

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    This was both very good and very sad It was good because it was a story about the Dark Elves and who wouldn't love one of them Sad because it's the last of this series I have to say Radin has always been my favorite

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