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Cake Keeper Cakes [PDF / EPUB] Cake Keeper Cakes Few things are as satisfying as a sweet snack that's mouthwateringly moist So skip the cookie jar and head for the cake keeper In Cake Keeper Cakes Lauren Chattman the author of Dessert Express presen Few things are as satisfying as a sweet snack that's mouthwateringly moist So skip the cookie jar and head for the cake keeper In Cake Keeper Cakes Lauren Chattman the author of Cake Keeper MOBI :ß Dessert Express presents simple and delicious recipes that stand up to everyday eating Made from only the most wholesome ingredients Lauren's heavenly creations include Espresso Hazelnut Bundt Cake Banana and Bittersweet Chocolate Cake Citrus Pound Cake Raspberry Yellow Cake Suares and Mississippi Mud Cake Designed with the busy baker in mind this intoxicating cookbook shows how to make long lasting cakes like mom used to in a lot less time.

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    I love to bake and my family loves even to eat what I bake Can there be a better choice that a cake cookbook to get my attention Cake Keeper Cakes has been a special book at my household for the past two months It was impossible to select just two or three cakes to sample and we ended up baking and eating six Over the course of a year author Lauren Chattman developed recipes for and baked all one hundred cakes which she proudly displayed in an antiue cake keeper on her kitchen counter Her reason for making cakes is captured in the following uoteUnlike Cookies which are baked in many carefully watched batches a simple cake reuires little attention once it is popped in the ovenThis book contains updated version of many everyday cakes that are good enough to serve company There are flavours and style to match any intenational meal that you chose to serveWhat I found most interesting is that the book is organized by the type of pan that the cake is baked in 8 suare 9 round 9 loaf 12 cup Bundt springform and angel food My luck I have most of those pans mom buy me an an angel food pan pleaseThe following are comments regarding the recipes that I triedThe Poppy Seed Cake is baked in an 8 suare pan My grandmother always made us poppy seed cake with a thick rich chocolate frosting This recipe almost duplicates her cake I will be baking it for her next week and then again for my father's birthday a week laterThere are very good reasons to read the complete recipe and the author's notes before using any recipe If I had properly perpared my 9 round pan as instructed the cake would have come out in one piece instead of 8 million In the future line pan with greased parchment when making the Cream of Coconut Cake with Chocolate Coconut Glaze It's appearance did improve somewhat with the addition of the glaze and it really did taste fantastic I have already bought ingredients for this oneMy niece helped to bake the Chocolate Caramel Banana Upside Down Cake for her mother's birthday We emailed her a picture since she lives far to far away to actually send her a piece This one was also baked in the 9 round pan First picture shows the banana slices in the sugar syrupCherry Cornmeal Upside Down Cake was amazing I learned a few new flavour secrets I again used parchment paper on the bottom and the cake came out perfectly Another one that I have bought additional ingredients forI really like sweet potatoes and was intriued at using it in pound cake The texture was so smooth that one piece was definitely not enough Sweet Potato Pound CakeWhile I think that all the recipes in the book are most suitable to serve to company I also wanted to try what I thought was the fanciest cake in the book I also like the fact that it was baked in a Bundt pan Peanut Butter Sour Cream Bundt Cake wtih butterfinder Ganache Glaze This was a show stopper when I took it to a pot luck dinnerThis cookbook is bound to see a lot of use in my kitchen in the future

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    Who doesn't love cake? Well actually there's probably uite a few people who don't love cake But this book is for those people like myself who do love cake and you like to bake but either have very little time or you're not so flash in the kitchenThe recipes in this book are designed to be uick and easy so that anyone can use them and anyone can make them I found the instructions uite easy and straight forward to follow All of the ingredients are fairly obtainable too so there won't be any surprise exotic ingredients nobody has ever heard of beforeThe pictures in this book are amazing I was watering at the mouth as I read through all the recipes and then the pictures of some of them looked so nice I assure you you will not flick through this book without wanting to make at least one of the cakes I would have liked to see a picture of the Zebra cake but I'll have to make it myself to see how it looksA lot of recipes seemed to be very interesting the cakes were uite different to the normal array of cakes Some of the interesting ones being coca cola chocolate cake and a zebra cake There were of course a selection of normal cakes too so really there was something to please everyoneIf you're into baking and love cakes then definitely check out Cake Keeper Cakes it is worth a read or even a flick through

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    This is a succinct little recipe book of plain cakes bundts pound cakes snack cakesThe recipes would be great for a novice baker or someone looking to whip up a cake in a hurry I thought it could use photos

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    Brilliant easy delicious cakes

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    There are a lot of books out there about baking cakes What I especially like about this one is that the cakes are easy to make and range in sophistication from those that would please a child to those that could be served at a very fancy party You don't need any special euipment and you don't need to be a first class decorator to make delicious cakes your friends and family will love I am especially fond of the triple chocolate Bundt cake and the gingerbread pound cake recipes The yogurt cake is especially nice when you find out you have unexpected guests coming for dinner and have less than two hours to prepare It's delicious with fresh berries or with ice cream drizzled with fudge or caramel sauce I plan to serve some of the cakes at my upcoming Christmas party this year

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    A delightful cookbook that focuses on cakes A host of delicious recipes and thankfully plenty of pictures It helps me to choose a recipe from a photo so when cookbooks lack photographs I tend not to use them uite as muchMy favorites wereBlackberry Pecan Snack CakeFresh Strawberry Cake with White Chocolate ChipsPoppy Seed CakeSour Cream and Lemon CakeSpiced Orange and Cranberry Snacking CakesApple and Cheddar CakeCornmeal Almond CakeCherry Cornmeal Upside Down CakeLemon Poppyseed Angel Food Cake w Lemon Cream Cheese glaze

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    Only 2 stars because 2 of the 3 recipes I tried were a bust Like really REALLY a bust The Peanut Butter Cake wButterfinger Ganache looked superb didn't get to taste it but the Triple Choclate Cake crumbled at the slightest touch and the Applesauce Streusel didn't stay together So steer clear of those two for sureUpdate on this I made and actually tried the Peanut Butter Cake mentioned above and it was pretty dry and not exciting Looks great but tastes so so

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    This is a great cake book it is breezy inspiring and pretty Lauren Chattman hearkens back to a time when folks dropped by each others houses on the way home for a snack and a chat These cakes are accessible and promise to be delicious With most cakes keeping at least 3 days this provides a year of cakes

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    Review at Reality Rules

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    Nice basic cakes Easy enough for anyone to make and many nice enough for company

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