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The D Programming Language [PDF / EPUB] The D Programming Language To the best of my knowledge D offers an unprecedentedly adroit integration of several powerful programming paradigms imperative object oriented functional and meta From the Foreword by Walter BrightTh To the best of my knowledge D offers an unprecedentedly adroit integration of several powerful programming paradigms imperative object oriented functional and meta The D PDF or From the Foreword by Walter BrightThis is a book by a skilled author describing an interesting programming language I'm sure you'll find the read rewarding From the Foreword by Scott Meyers D is a programming language built to help programmers address the challenges of modern software development It does so by fostering modules interconnected through precise interfaces a federation of tightly integrated programming paradigms language enforced thread isolation modular type safety an efficient memory model and The D Programming Language is an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to D Reflecting the author's signature style the writing is casual and conversational but never at the expense of focus and pre cision It covers all aspects of the language such as expressions statements types functions contracts and modules but it is much than an enumeration of features Inside the book you will findIn depth explanations with idiomatic examples for all language features How feature groups support major programming paradigms Rationale and best use advice for each major feature Discussion of cross cutting issues such as error handling contract programming and concurrency Tables figures and cheat sheets that serve as a handy uick reference for day to day problem solving with D Written for the working programmer The D Programming Language not only introduces the D language it presents a compendium of good practices and idioms to help both your coding with D and your coding in general.

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    In this book instead of just explaining the language the author is explaining the rationale behind different design decisions and how they affect security performance code reliability and correctness and compiler complexity The author give different design option and explains why one of these options was chosen for the topic he is currently explaining with fair criticism of all design decisions and notes about what could be improved in the D language in future With detailed explanations for lessons learned from different programming languages this book gave me a lot of insight in C in particular and other programming languages generallyThe examples are great flow of ideas is simple and easy and the book can easily be regarded as a complete language reference

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    The book was nice to read However I think that it needs a revised printing It has too many errors

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    This has to be one of my favorite programming books that introduce to a new language The author's style is light yet still full with expertise The language itself is worth checking out I'd even say that anyone that is interested in programming alone not necessarily the D language should find this book interesting the concurrency chapter as the brightest example

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    Fantastic More pleaseThis is a brilliant book not just for those looking to learn about D There is a lot of good tidbits to pick up that are language agnostic I just wish there were a recent version as I know D has grown much in the last four years

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    D is a very compelling language and Mr Alexandrescu makes it a joy to learn I particularly appreciated the explanations behind various design decisions showing what is wrong with other approaches in light of modern development needs and how D improves on them

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    Great read Its a glimpse 10 years in the future for programming languages

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    Really good book Written in a very engaging style by an author who deeply cares about the subject and wants you to share his excitement about the language

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    Ottima introduzione al linguaggio D Lo stile di Andrei e' sempre preciso e divertenteAlcuni errori nella parte relativa ai package

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    The most exciting programming book I've read in ages Only problem is the Kindle edition is awful 25 uid wasted But lesson learned need to stick to PDFs

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