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Reconstructing Jada Channing [PDF / EPUB] Reconstructing Jada Channing ada Channing never thought she would see Aaron McKensie again after that night that one glorious night when she'd lost all good sense and muzzled all the voices telling her why being with him wasn’t ada Channing never thought she would see Aaron McKensie again after that night that one glorious night when she'd lost all good sense and muzzled all the voices telling her why being with him wasn’t a good idea He was older wealthy and white Jada was none Reconstructing Jada eBook Ó of those things and yet she'd fallen for Aaron anyway—just as her black great great grandmother Dorcas had fallen for her white great great grandfather Mr Joseph all those years ago Their relationship had been doomed from the start and Jada saw no reason to think hers and Aaron's would be any different Yet what happens when Aaron reappears years later completely oblivious to the knowledge of his child Joshua and the feelings Jada had locked away after that one night return twice as powerfully Will history repeat itself or will Jada give herself the chance to create an entirely new future.

About the Author: Savannah J. Frierson

Based out of Charleston South Carolina RWA PAN member Savannah J Frierson is a USA TODAY best selling and award winning author who crafts full happily ever afters for readers who believe transcendent love is worth the wait Savannah taps into women’s softness to show this vulnerability Reconstructing Jada eBook Ó as a strength to be embraced and celebrated Savannah’s characters find empowerment through love and she hop.

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    So feeling was totally sucked into the story and real dialog between characters Witty Charming And down right HILARIOUS at parts Loved this book and fast falling in love with this writers writings

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    After having read several interracial romances it is my humble opinion that any book written by Savannah J Frierson is a sure fire winnerThis Harvard Grad of 2005 is spot on with her character development and her editing I am constantly amazed and pleased with her love of writing After having purchased this ebook from lulucom for 8 bucks I can truly say that it was worth every single solitary pennyOverall Ms Frierson has written a superb interracial love story with believable characters who happen to experience problems that are just too real in today's culture If you should happen to find this book via lulucom diesel ebookscom or even please do yourself a favor and buy this book I highly recommend It

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    This book was fun to read i like Jada because she is a strong and independent womanI like the way the story flows Although i like this story i can't help but feel the I've read stories like this too many timesmany online fictions have this type of genre But this was a good story to read

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    very inspiring piece of work ms frierson certainly knows her mind this is only the second book by her that i've read but i already notice a trend in how she likes to have her male main speaking other languages she like her men refined and secular that's uite appealing

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    This story started slow for me but picked upLiked the main characters Jada and Aaron even though I must admit she annoyed me a little bit early on Love Josh Love Aaron reaching to Josh the was he broke downWow Josh and Aaron's bond was greatI liked Aaron's mother Isabelle but his father Alexander is a bastardVeronica at first I wanted to hate her bc I thought she was in on the bs Alexander was up to In the end I just felt sorry for her And her parents are both scumJada's grandma Candy brought too much negativity into her life The author tried to redeem her but I was already cool on her But I'd take her over Alexander or Veronica's loser parents any day of the weekI was mad that Jada went to that dinner Aaron should have never told her about it and just told his father to go to hell That was a shit show and Alexander apology should not be accepted and I don't buy that he was protecting his son I called bull shit the first time he tried to use that excuseGreat story love the friendships family bonding and love story

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    Loved it I didn't know I would've enjoyed it so much but I did

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    I LOVED this story

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    This and Being Plumville needs to be made into a movie I will continue to wait until this becomes reality

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    What’s meant to be will be

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    I think Reconstructing Jada Channing is about shedding all the hurtful teachings families pass down to children that hinder future relationships Jada Channing has a family tree filled with women who learned hard lessons about love She hears these stories time and again She hears it so much that she thinks it can't or won't be any different for her That kind of hopelessness informs some of the decisions she makes that end up hurting people that she lovesThis is a thoughtful love story that brought me to tears than once

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