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Stepping Up [PDF / EPUB] Stepping Up Ernie Dolan 14 is plagued by the curse of the average Nothing about him stands outexcept his stutter Only best friend Mike Rivers sees him at his best Then at a competitive basketball camp Mike excels Ernie Dolan is plagued by the curse of the average Nothing about him stands outexcept his stutter Only best friend Mike Rivers sees him at his best Then at a competitive basketball camp Mike excels while Ernie isaverage When Ernie blunders in a pickup game Rick Craig obnoxious camp hotshot nicknames him Choke This sets the tone for Ernie's first week But he soon finds three new allies bunkmate Albert Mann a goofy genius and practical joker; Coach Petrovich a ' Russian who mangles the English language; and camp director Tim Sanders the mentor every kid needs Soon Ernie and Mike are on the outs as Mike hangs with Craig and the jocks But things change dramatically as Ernie morphs from outcast to hero risking his life to save three campmates from near tragedy Ernie's funny heartwarming story unfolds against the backdrop of exciting authentic basketball action while touching on typical teen issues of friendship and the near deadly conseuences of peer pressure.

  • Hardcover
  • 215 pages
  • Stepping Up
  • Mark Fink
  • English
  • 23 August 2015
  • 9781934813034

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    Mark Fink's Stepping Up is a very insightful motivating and hysterical book about basketball I liked this book and would rate it a 4 out of 5 because it was action packed and was filled with basketball throughout It was great comeback story and you couldn’t help but cheer for Ernie as he takes on his best friend Mike and the enemy team to prove that he is than just an average person This book would appeal to anybody who loves basketball or a great comeback story This book relate to anybody who has been an underdog at any point and would have to prove everyone who doubted them wrong basketball or a great comeback story This book relate to anybody who has been an underdog and would have to prove everyone who doubted them wrong

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    Ernie Dolan and his best friend Mike Rivers go to NothingButNet Basketball Camp the summer before their freshman year in high school Ernie goes into this with some trepidation since he's only 5'6 and can play basketball well enough that he'll play on his freshman team but not brilliantly He considers himself average and worries about his stutter Mike has grown uite tall in the past year and is 5'10 and a much better basketball player He's also confident with girls At camp Ernie's confidence is challenged constantly by alpha camper Rick Craig who calls Ernie Choke Mike gravitates to Rick's popular crowd where he fits in while Ernie's confidence shrinks and resentment grows further threatening his friendship with Mike Ultimately though Ernie is put into a situation where he reveals to himself and others his strength of character and because he does not choke lives are saved This book is compellingly written it will pull readers in from the start and the humor and pacing will keep them reading Fans of basketball will appreciate the descriptions of play but non fans will relate to the story anyway There are several adults such as camp director Tim Sanders and coach Serge Petrovich who pay attention and responsibly step in and offer guidance and advice Perhaps the story goes on for a few chapters beyond when it might reasonably end unnecessarily describing a future 7 years later that readers might vaguely and satisfyingly have been able to imagine for themselves Otherwise this is a very enjoyable book

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    Mark Fink’s debut novel Stepping Up is a basketball story with some very important lessons scattered throughout Teen guys ages 12 14 will find themselves in Ernie Dolan a likeable protagonist who proves that anyone can be extraordinaryThis fast paced read combines it all friendship sports and girls and stresses the importance of pushing forward when it really counts Readers will find themselves pulling for Ernie as he finds his footing both on and off the court Though I’m not the target audience I thoroughly enjoyed this read and by the final chapters I was smiling always a great sign

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    I was strolling through the library looking for a book to catch my eye when my eyes came across this book “Stepping Up” by Mark Fink It is a fast paced novel which keeps you sucked in and engaged“Stepping Up” is about an average 14 year old boy named Ernie Dolan At first Ernie lacks a lot of self confidence and has a stutter because of it Ernie than goes to a basketball camp with his best friend where he is the odd man out and he gets picked on by some of the kids One night Ernie wakes up because he senses something wrong It turns out a couple of boys got drunk including his best friend and accidentally started a fire One of the boys passed out inside the building and Ernie goes into the building and rescues him From then on he becomes the hero of the camp gains self confidence and goes on to win the finals of the basketball tournament As the story progresses I see many similarities between me and the main character One of them being we both are sensitive and aware of what others think about us even if sometimes we are just overthinking it For example in the book Ernie gets into a small pick up game before the camp starts and he doesn’t play that well “But I know it’s a whole lot than just a pick up game It was a first impression and first impressions are huge To everyone who saw me today I’m a guy who totally sucks at basketball” 30 Ernie is overthinking a very small situation Also the plot development is extremely good in this story in that it never bores you and it makes you want to read The character development was also well done You could see the characters’ personalities shape out and you could really see how some characters changed over time However one thing that could have been better was the writing style It seemed to simple and not very advanced To conclude this book is very engaging and a good uick read The author does a great job of making a compelling interesting book and developing the characters well However it is not a very advanced book so I wouldn’t suggest it to readers who are looking for a book to challenge them

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    Plot The book starts with main character Ernie Dolan an average teenage boy wanting to fulfil the dream of being great at basketball Ernie is 14 years old and goes through the daily life of having a bad stutter Ernie has a best friend Mike Rivers the two boys grew up together playing ball and always having the best friendship Later on in the book the boys decide to attend a basketball camp where Ernie gets treated lower than everybody else Mike does really good at the camp and slowly fades away from the friendship and starts new friendships with the other jocks at the camp The book goes on to tell Ernies’ story of how he overcame this trial and how he became a hero in the end 3 words “He advances menacingly toward Albert” Fink 95 Menacingly in this case means like a threat so he was advancing toward Albert like he was a threat “Jamal gets rattled and I’m right there when he throws the errant pass” Fink 180Errant basically means that it was a traveling pass kind of like a straying pass“I’m in the finals for the Dream Job and a shot at being a professional sportscaster” Fink 203Sportscaster is a television or radio station that updates the viewers about the game and basically narrates what is happening play by playThemeIn this book the theme that I got would be to never give up Ernie lived a hard life and had many challenging struggles but in the end it just made him a better person You should never give up a dream you have to fulfill because of a threat or remark someone else said about your ability If you want to do something the only person who can stop you should be yourself Don’t let anybody ruin your dreamsOpinionI loved the book I really connected with the characters and understood what was happening because I know basketball It always left me wondering what’s about to happen It really made me want to continue reading and the author did a really good job at being able to show how the characters were feeling I really connected with the book and in the end I ended up liking it a lot

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    When it comes to YA there are suspension bridges of disbelief and there are suspension bridges of disbelief This one puts the Golden Gate to shame So if you're a fan of realistic YA in the sports genre you'll probably get a few chuckles out of this and write a two word review Yeah right Three starsBut I'll be kind and take it from the point of view of a middle school aged boy who loves basketball and hates reading loves large font and hates reading and loves happy endings and hates reading From that point of view this is a 3 pointer instead of a 3 star er And it hits from well outside the arc tooFor one it's about two best friends who go to a basketball camp where a near tragedy unfolds endangering lives and NO PARENTS ARE CONTACTED The boys are 14 so I guess you'd expect as much right? JK as they say As for happy endings Mark Fink does not settle for one he runs up the score by taking our protagonist seven years into the future for even good news Whew One can dream I guess and sometimes books are the medium for that dreamingAll that said I'll praise the book on two counts especially As with John Coy you get some easily read but technically accurate description of game action A lot of boys speak that language The other highlight is the humor Fink hits the right note in back and forth badinage and I found myself chuckling at some of the one liners Better yet some of it is put down humor Now there's a writer who knows his audienceFor its demographic STEPPING UP is a wise purchase It's fairly clean with only one or two mild profanities Beyond that and under its bridge the book is about as middle reader friendly as you're going to get and may even appeal to the struggling reader in high school Keeping my inner cynic at arms length then I'd say not bad not bad at all

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    Ernie Dolan and his best friend Mike Rivers got to Camp NothinButNet for two weeks in their summer holidays Mike is very excited for the camp but Ernie feels okay about going to the camp Once they reach camp they almost immediately get to play a game They played a team lead by the best player in the camp at that time Rick Craig Mike played a really good game but it was the opposite for Ernie He choked while taking shots and Rick started to call him Choke After a few days went by Mike started to hang out Rick and his friends and Ernie was trying that that does not happen Ernie and Mike got into a lot of fights and they were not best friends any When the second week started there was a fierce battle for the Basketball Championship and Ernie's team who had Rick in their team were on fourth place top four get to ualify for semiswith two games to go Since Rick and Mike were taking bad decisions they got stuck into a fire in a tent and Ernie manages to save Rick alive From being Choke he would soon be one that people want to hang out with He also features in the TV due to that incident Ernie's team manages to reach the semis and beat Mike's team in the finals to lift the trophy It was fitting that the hero of the camp got to hit the last but the winning point for his team Because of his heroics there was an award named after him in Camp NothinButNet Seven years later he gets a job to do commentary in ESPN for a year After that incident took place he knew that if all the incidents that took place in Camp NothinButNet didn't happen he wouldn't come over his stutter he had seven years ago meet his girlfriend which he had for seven years and hopefully and got such an amazing job

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    This book is a very intriguing story about a boy named Ernie Dolan who is just a normal kid who goes to a camp for basketball When Ernie first arrives he meets a mean boy named Rick who makes fun of him for how bad he is at basketball Ernie misses a few shots and Rick says “way to go choke” and “starts calling Ernie choke” after one game Ernie gets embarrassed and is worried about how he will get through the rest of the camp with Rick bullying him all the time Later on in the week Rick was drinking alcohol when a fire broke out and he fainted in the building Ernie “crawls furiously into the shed” finds Rick and “grabs hold of him and pulls him out” of the fire Ernie saved the bully’s life and the rest of the campers were amazed at how he did it The next day Rick sees the video of the fire and Ernie saving his life Rick “starts crying as he watches what appears to be him dying” and after the video ends he apologizes to Ernie by saying “I was terrible to you” He and Ernie make up and become friends towards the end of the camp and their team goes on to do very well This book is a great story about how Ernie makes friends with the biggest bully at the camp and changes him into someone very friendly by saving his life

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    Ernie and his best friend Mike go to summer camp every year and this year Mike chooses basketball camp Ernie's okay with that until one of the other campers Rick Craig gives him a hard time about his game and about his stuttering saddling him with the nickname Choke Mike excels in basketball and gets along with the other boys well while Ernie struggles I loved this paragraph page 51 Life is not fair if an idiot like Craig can be so popular I wonder what it's like to be the guy everyone respects and wants to hang with Just once I'd like to be that guyErnie gets his chance after Mike and Rick make some bad decisions and Ernie saves them from a fire Ernie rockets to popularity but as with every element in this book this rise is believable and Ernie's reaction to it seems true to life Once again Mr Fink nails the teen age voice describes the angst Ernie feels at a variety of situations with pitch perfect detail AND adds basketball plays to the mix Exactly what I want

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