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Kiss [PDF / EPUB] Kiss I've heard that you can learn everything you want to know about a man's heart through just one kissWe'll see about that I've heard that you can learn everything you want to know about a man's heart through just one KissWe'll see about that.

  • Paperback
  • 183 pages
  • Kiss
  • Francine Pascal
  • English
  • 18 October 2016
  • 9780671773441

About the Author: Francine Pascal

John Pascal July January and her brother was Broadway lyricist.

10 thoughts on “Kiss

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    One of the best books in the series it's nice to see Gaia's softer side in this one

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    Basic Plot Thanksgiving break commences Gaia spends time with Mary Heather finally knows Sam has fallen for Gaia A sideplot about a plastic surgeon tracking down Gaia goes nowhere Our heroine is rushed to the hospital after going unconscious in Sam's dorm and Gaia is left to wonder if the night with Sam really happenedDespite that plot description I gave you nothing much happens in this book In fact I'm willing to say that even Twisted had events happen in it disregarding how facepalm inducing they were This book was so lackluster and boring I was reminded why I initially stopped reading this series in the first place1 I feel like the plastic surgeon plot was put in just to make the book longer If you took out his subplot the book's content wouldn't change at all He doesn't even succeed in catching Gaia His character is hardly built upon and all that's left is a just page lengthener of events that don't add up to the rest2 Why would Ella think putting in just ONE tracking device in Gaia's jacket is going to be a 100% no fail scheme? I can get that the devices can be expensive especially when it was revealed to be a bomb but Ella could have went the extra effort in planting multiple trackers in all of Gaia's jackets She only nearly succeeded because Gaia stuck to just one jacket instead of alternating between 2 4 different ones3 Gaia claims in her opening narrative that Somebody tries to kill me at least once a week At least one event David was because of her own stupidity and wanting to track down and eliminate The Gentleman If Gaia hadn't ran into David she could have slipped under his blonde radar among dozens of other potential victims he'd kill instead4 I love how Gaia still claims she went on her real first date of my life without bothering to wonder why some random dweeb she crashed into in the school hallway asked her out or hang out with David before the actual date I already mentioned this in my previous review but it still irks me5 Kiss yet again brings up the sexist statements against men by claiming they're all sex obsessed Although this one time it's justified since the chapter was in Ella's POV6 I'm starting to wonder why George and Ella are married in the first place if she's such a vapid woman with barely any likeable traits7 Why does Ella resort to attempting to shoot Gaia after she gets one punch to the face? She was kind of asking for it after verbally abusing her beforehand8 The story claims Gaia punched Ella out cold yet in the actual chapter it happens in Ella gets up shortly after getting punched Possible annoying retcon?9 Loki still attempts to be anonymous yet keep in mind trackable email communication is likely still going to keep taking place between him and Ella10 Speaking of Loki how's he managing to see all the events that happened For example when Ella was placing the tracking device in Gaia's coat pocket? Are there hidden cameras in the house or something? This makes no freaking sense in the slightest11 In the parade subplot one of the balloons are mentioned to be a Random Rugrat without ever saying which character from Rugrats it is at least two times This could have been a copyright issue but then how did the book get permission to mention Spiderman Snoopy and Clifford all on the same page? To me it just comes off as the author lacking basic knowledge about Rugrats a classic and well loved Nicktoon12 Francine Pascal doesn't also seem to think pumpkin pie has it's fans even though there are plenty of people that enjoy it13 Why would Mary randomly send MMs in with her letter to Gaia? It stupid enough and not to mention the chocolate has a chance of melting if it’s hot enough in the package or mail van rendering the letter unreadable14 According to Ella Gaia's been to the hospital twice so far in the series Where was Ella the first time Gaia ended up there?What a boring read but I wonder if the next book will be 1% better

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    This one wasn't as good as the other ones have been I felt horrible for Gaia she had a horrible Thanksgiving holiday Ed was visiting family Mary her friend from book four she caught doing drugs and all the happiness that had filled Gaia left and she ran away for second time The first time was when Ella her so called foster mother mentioned about her mom who's dead she had already been pushing and pushing t Gaia and she is out to hurt her she tried to shoot her and if Gaia hadn't left she would have been dead At train station Gaia has taken on what believe was pimps and were attacking another girl Gaia she which is how she gets mutilated by a plastic surgeon who Ella hired to hurt Gaia so that Loki could get at his twin brother Tom Gaia made to Sam's down by once again breaking in and she showered and was in his bed he got back after finally ending it with Heather who he tried to earlier but the girl is dense and Sam wasn't specific on who it was over and never started with Gaia gets her first kiss too bad that she can't remember because if her head injury and Ella lied to her that she never saw Sam Poor Gaia Just wasn't as into this one Hope six is better cause liked the first four

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    Some satisfying action seuences Better than the other two of this series which I read

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    In the fifth installment of Gaia Moore the girl 'born without the fear gene' she runs away manages to escape a fatal slashing without knowing it has fun on a giant MM balloon and even manages to get her first kiss I think that this book was one of the best Not only does Sam and Heather break up yes but Gaia also gets her kiss from Sam even though she hit her head uite badly and doesn't know if it's real or not She also manages to escape a killer again although this time she does not know it The great thing about Fearless is that there is so many character POVs so we can not only get Gaia's the main character POV but also other characters Even though it didn't really have that much adventure the kiss made up for it I still do not know whether to go on Ed or Sam's sidehmm but it was uite interesting for Ed not to be in this book since he was at his grandparent's house I wonder what will happen between Gaia and Mary and Gaia and Sam HmmRating95100

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    this book is part five of my favorite series the fearless books As always gaia moore gets her self in to trouble trying to find her under cover spie father and living with a family friend who she hates and thinks might just be a bad guy in this book a girl mary comes to town and shockingly gaia becomes friends with her mary turns out to be a lesbian which does not affect gaia but everyone thinks that they are an item when mary decides to come out to her family she brings gaia along and gaia's crush sam i there and he thinks that gaia has switched teams he leaves disappinted and she finally shows her true feelings for him with a kiss when i read that they finally kissed i was so happy i have been thinking for so long that he should just leave his mean rude girlfriend and they should date and finally they took a step towards it i would recomend this book to anyone who likes a book with action love and a bit of good verses evil

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    I've read this series over ten years ago But I remember it being very good For the first 18 books After that the it lasted the worst it got I stopped at book 32 These days I wouldn't give it than 20Back to the good stuff I found that Gaia was a good strong pretty but still flawed character She was special without being annoying It's just that once the author stopped looking over the shoulder of the ghost writer Things went down the drain pretty fastLast note The series may be in boxes but I won't be giving them away any time soon She's a good example of an interesting main character in an interesting premise

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    DISCLAIMER I'm actually cheating on my Goodreads annual book challenge I'm actually reading a compilation of the Fearless series and I realized that because Kiss was published than 10 years ago and I've read the new edition and it's like modernized in a way I mean iPhones and Bieber? HAHAHAAnyway this story introduced us to Mary cool character thought she wouldn't be interesting Also Gaia and Sam's weird room encounter Weird in a way I dunno you'll get it when you read itAGAIN I'M CHEATING ON MY CHALLENGE HAAA GOODREADS YOU CAN'T TAME ME LOL

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    Kiss is the 5th installment in the marvellous Fearless series by Francine PascalThis time around we get to know the new character Mary better an upper class girl who wants to get to know Gaia better At the same time her foster mother wants Gaia disfigured Is she going to succeed with her evil plan?Another epic tale I'm sooooo in love with Gaia see the series reduces me to pathetic gushing I never do that I'm in love with all the characters in fact And not only the evil onesI recommend this to anyone who appreciates slow but steady character developpment and long series

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    Just because I want to do something different I'm going to write the reviews in a Friends episode format Enjoy The One With Gaia's First KissGuys there's barely any action in this one Because it's all about Sam and Gaia Gaia finally gets her first kiss from Sam Moon Whoo And a new character is introduced Mary Moss She's reckless and wild A perfect match for Gaia And Heather is wondering on where her relationship with Sam is going Shup up whinyOne of the best so far

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